Non-toxic cookware: Types and brands

Thanks to the media, we are now quite aware of the nutritional value of different foods. There is also a body of knowledge on how to keep these nutrients intact during the process of cooking. However, there is very little awareness about the importance of using the right cookware. 
It is not just about how clean your pots, pans, and spoons are but also about how they hold up when heated at high temperatures. Not many know that the coating on some of the kadais, pans, grilling, and baking equipment at high temperatures release chemicals known as PFA (poly-fluoroalkyl substances), which get mixed with the food, albeit in minute quantities. 
However, regular intake of these toxins over a period of time can cause serious health complications. Using the right kind of cookware will not only prevent the food from hazardous toxins but will also aid in preventing nutrient loss.

Types of non-toxic cookware
So what are the safe types of cookware? While good-looking and durable cookware is easy to find, it is important to be cautious of the material used to make them. Several pieces of research have shown that metals such as steel, iron, copper, bronze, and brass make safe cookware. One needs to use oil as food can get stuck inside it at high temperatures and get spoilt. Also, some varieties of these metals have the tendency to get over-heated, which can end up burning your food. 
Mainly, it is the earthly items such as clay, mud, red sand, ceramic, etc., that make the best cookware. They are energy-efficient as well as sustainable, ensuring that people are using an environmentally responsible product.
So, one should choose cookware very wisely. Fortunately for you, non-toxic cookware is easily available online. Over the last few years, many brands have started using hybrid materials to make cookware that is safe, energy-efficient, and lasts long. Amala Earth is one such platform that promotes responsible choices by selling earth-friendly, sustainable products across different categories. 

Best non-toxic cookware brands online
Here is a list of brands that produce safe, durable, and eco-friendly cookware that one might want to consider. At Amala Earth, people can find a huge collection of non-toxic and sustainable cookware sourced from all these reliable brands. 


  1. Indian Bartan

  1. Using 100% pure products and engaging highly skilled metal working artisans, Indian Bartan is revolutionising cookware and kitchen utensils. It offers handcrafted copper, brass, and kansa utensils to provide immense health benefits to people. The copper and brass frying pan are must-haves for every Indian kitchen and are perfect for cooking a number of Indian dishes.


  1. P-TAL

  1. P-TAL offers an astounding range of innovative cookware and other kitchen utensils made using brass and copper. The brand name is derived from the word ‘peetal,’ which is Hindi for brass. P-TAL’s brass tawa is something every Indian kitchen should have, as chapatis and parathas form an important part of the Indian diet. The healthy metal nutrition intact, and the size of the tawa helps make chapatis easily. Another essential item offered by P-TAL is the brass kadhai, which is not only non-toxic but also beautifully made with a vintage look. Not to forget the handcrafted brass paraat, which reminds one of Indian food heritage. Its large flat surface is ideal for proper kneading of flour. 


  1. Nurture India

  1. Nurture India is at the forefront of enabling environmentally conscious ways to cook food. It mainly offers cookware items made from wood. It has a handcrafted neem wood spoon set which is a healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic or steel spoons. The teak wood chopping board is another revered item from Nurture India. The material is food-safe and has an oil finish.


  1.  Nutrion

  1. Nutrion makes cookware which can retain the taste as well as the nutritional value of food. It offers the perfect cast iron cookware products, which are designed and cast according to global quality standards. Its cast-iron frying pan has a non-stick surface with a long handle, and the size of the pan is ideal for everyday use. Another item of daily utility is the cast iron tadka pan which lets you prepare different Indian curries and dal. It has a wooden handle which makes it easy to hold. All Nutrion products can be used on a stove-top, OTG, induction, and even over campfires. 


  1. Green Heirloom

  1. Green Heirloom brings us a fascinating platform with eco-friendly cookware from artisans and creators from across India. It offers everything one can need in their kitchen. Its stoneware mortar and pestle are inspired by the traditional mortar and pestle, which has been used in India for ages to powder spices. One can also find dosa tawa, flat bottom kadai, and appam pan made from superior quality cast iron, which has the ability to quickly absorb heat and is induction-friendly. Green Heirloom also offers pots and pans made from blackened clay. 

Earthenware has been a part of rural households  for a long time and is increasingly being adopted by urban households as well. It is eco-friendly and is known to retain more nutritional value of food.  
The above list is just a glimpse of what Amala Earth has to offer. It brings together many more brands and expert craftsmen from across India on its platform to provide the best earth-friendly products. Those who are health-conscious should definitely explore the cookware collection of Amala Earth