About Us

Amala Earth is a way of conscious living built on a foundation rooted deeply in the Indian origin. It brings together brands, products, experts and individuals that create a world where all living beings can co-exist harmoniously.

Amala Earth gives great importance to a value-based community. We treasure the authenticity of locally produced products that are conscious alternatives to be used at home and around us. We hope to make this a collective movement that will be the driving force in creating change in consumer behavioural patterns by providing alternative solutions for a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Vision

“To create an earth-friendly community that connects and inspires a way of conscious living.”

Our Mission

“To build a platform where responsible choices are supported and transformation is embraced.”

Our Philosophy

"To create, promote and sustain everything earth-friendly."

Our Essence

AMALA is derived from the Sanskrit word amal which means ‘clean and pure’.

EARTH is central to our purpose of living consciously.

“The language of the earth becomes the language of love.”