Copper, Clay And Stoneware: The Ayurvedic Approach To A Sustainable Future

Clay pots sitting in a corner, surrounded by shiny, polished red-brown copper glasses, are defining features of a traditional Indian home across regions. However, did people know besides being part of Indian households for centuries, copper and clay also offer Ayurvedic benefits?

Plastic has slowly crawled its way into the world of kitchenware ever since consumerism became a buzzword. The fact that plastic can have detrimental effects is common knowledge today. From plates and tiffin boxes to glasses and bottles, many products used in Indian households are plastic items. Plastic products were flooding the markets steadily, replacing their brass, copper or clay counterparts.

The harmful effects of plastic are known to everyone. Besides polluting the environment, plastic contains Bisphenol A, a toxic chemical which causes health problems; the list includes ailments like diabetes, obesity, fertility issues, and behavioural problems. In addition, when left under the sun, plastic releases cancer-inducing chemicals called dioxins. These toxins and chemicals are practical hazards that affect the immune system. 

With more and more consumers adopting sustainability, businesses are doing their bit to save the environment. Sustainable traditional alternatives made of clay, copper, brass and stone have started replacing plastic in more numbers than ever. 

Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, has been propagating copper, clay and stoneware for ages. Ayurveda is known widely as a goldmine of sustainability-centric knowledge, from medicinal herbs to a plant-based diet. As consumers embrace sustainability, ditching plastic, ancient Indian practices like Ayurveda are leading the change yet again. The following sections offer insight into the health benefits of copper, clay and stoneware as suggested by Ayurveda.

Time to make conscious choices? 

Health Benefits of Copper Bottles

Ayurvedic texts refer to the advantages of using copper-made vessels. From copper bottles to copper mugs, traditional items are helping us live lives by the principles of Ayurveda. For instance, when water gets stored in a pure copper bottle, copper ions from the bottle mix with the water, enriching it. In addition, it also boosts the formation of Haemoglobin and cell regeneration.

Using copper items is especially beneficial for the older generation. As people grow older, joint pain and the probability of arthritis increase. Copper’s anti-inflammatory properties can relieve such pains and aid in bone-strengthening. The metal also helps clean plaque and dilate blood vessels, lowering the risks of heart-related problems. 

For children, copper enhances brain efficiency. The human brain sends signals to the rest of the body through electric impulses. By strengthening these impulses, copper aids cell communication and improves brain function.

Ready for the switch to sustainable copper products? Why not start with something sleek, and sustainable? Try the wooden copper bottle from the Amala Earth range. A combination of two natural elements - copper and natural wood - the bottle oozes style, regardless of where it is used, at home or at the gym. 

Health Benefits of Clay Vessels

In India, traditionally, clay pots are used for storing water or cooking recipes such as the ‘Dum Biryani’. But little is spoken about when discussing the health benefits of clay pots. To begin with, cooking and storing food in clay pots helps retain the nutritional value of food. The porous nature of clay allows steam and heat to circulate through the food, resulting in nutrition-rich yet aromatic food. Free of Alkaline, clay perfectly balances the acidic pH of our body, keeping acidity issues at bay.

Besides their health benefits, clay pots are best known for keeping water cold for a long time. The cooling feature of clay pots prevents heat strokes and dehydration. 

Clay pots are also more durable and affordable than their plastic counterparts, which need frequent replacing.

At Amala Earth, one can find a range of clay vessels. One such product is the blackened clay pot. Stylish and sustainable, it is made to withstand high temperature and is, therefore, durable. 

Health Benefits of Stoneware

Stoneware, also known as ‘heirloom cookware’ in Indian kitchens, is pottery fired under extremely high temperatures to make it more durable, non-porous and inert (non-reactive). 

Besides enhancing the taste of food, which justifies its historical use and relevance today, it helps distribute heat and moisture throughout the food. Another distinguishing feature of stoneware is that it absorbs less oil. Cooking food in low oil is beneficial for the heart and, therefore, endorsed by Ayurveda. By using less oil, consumers also get to save fuel. One essential quality that makes stoneware sustainable is that they are toxin-free and chemical-free.

Ayurveda talks extensively about mixing herbs in a stone mortar and pestle to create healing concoctions. The modern-day proponents of Ayurveda, from chefs to life-coaches, are encouraging the use of age-old products like the mortar and pestle in order to switch to a simpler lifestyle. The grey handcrafted mortar and pestle on Amala Earth is the perfect embodiment of holistic living principles. Place an order today to make the most out of this holistic product!

How to Incorporate these Materials into the Everyday Lifestyle?

Emptying that drawer dedicated to storing plastic bottles and containers seems like the most appealing method to adopt a sustainable, Ayurvedic approach. However, it is advisable to take monthly intervals between regular use of copper water bottles or copper water dispensers so that your body can adjust and balance the copper intake. 

Cooking in unpolished or unglazed clay pots and earthy clay bottles is an effective way to change habits at home. 

Stoneware, on the other hand, is best-used in baking, where it is crucial to preserve heat. Stoneware casseroles and deep dishes apply heat distribution to ensure stunning results. 

Amala Earth is a brand that promotes sustainability and holistic living through a range of eco-friendly, affordable and organic products - from shiny copper mugs to rustic black clay pots and beautiful and delicate hand-crafted stoneware plates. The brands featured on Amala Earth are committed to sustainability and eco-friendliness. So, place the order today and pledge to make this planet sustainable and healthy!