Spice Up Your Outfits with Fashionable Overlays! Here's How

Overlays are easy-to-wear and comfy fashion outfits that you can use to accentuate any look for any day of the year. Also called shrugs, overlays allow you to try different layering styles with the same clothes. Whether attending a pool party or a cousin's wedding function, you can use this clothing for various occasions. However, styling depends on the design and pattern of your overlay.

Here you can check out the latest overlay fashion tips to create your own appealing style statement. 

Embellished Overlay for the Ultimate Glam

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One of the best Indian fashion overlay ideas is to wear it over your old Kanjeevaram or Banarasi silk saree. This way, you can also revamp your old saree to a new and elegant look.

As per fashion experts, stylish Indian outfit pair well with a statement overlay. So wearing a sequinned or glittery full-length overlay over your saree can set several heads in a party. 

You can complete your party look with a statement choker and earrings. Or you can add traditional jewellery or a cummerband or belt over your waist. 

Jacket Overlay with Skirt or Lehenga

Best overlays for Indian fashion can help you create an Indo-western look for an upcoming sangeet or engagement party at your home.

Fashion experts advise wearing your lehenga or casual long skirt with a jacket-style overlay during Indian occasions. It will create a perfect yet unique style for the day.

You can look for affordable overlays for Indian outfits in vibrant colours like green, lime, fuchsia, and orange. Besides, overlays with embroidered sleeves or collars can enhance the glam quotient more. 

Regular Office Wear Look

Stylish Indian outfit overlays can even beautify your everyday office wear. You can put on a flowy sleeveless overlay with flared palazzo and kurta. A shirt-style overlay is advisable to wear with a calf-length dress.

Fashion stylists recommend choosing sustainable fashion overlays for a summer or spring office look. The breathable fabric will allow you to pull off the long hours at the workplace with a breeze. It is also good to wear shrugs in light shades for this season to stay fresh throughout the day.

Asymmetrical Overlays for a Casual Day

As the name indicates, this overlay style has a slanted, high-low hemline. Asymmetrical fashionable overlays in India are available in various chic patterns, shades, and textures. Since it gives a casual look, you can layer it with different outfits based on the event. 

For instance, a formal satin shirt and trousers with an asymmetrical overlay are advisable during office birthday parties. This overlay design also pairs well with shorts and a tank top when hanging out with friends. Alternatively, you can match a kimono-style asymmetrical overlay with your regular pair of jeans for a weekend family gathering.

However, it's a rule of fashion to avoid going overboard when styling any look. So you can choose a funky-patterned overlay if wearing clothes in plain colour underneath it. 

Overlays for Beach Style

If you're planning your next beach vacation, packing a laced or crochet overlay can be a great decision. These sheer and flowy wrap-up overlays look beautiful when worn over a strappy top, bikini, or spaghetti dress. 

It's also a good choice for women who want to avoid too much skin show. So you can amplify your feminine charm without compromising on overlay fashion trends.

Black Overlay for Any Day

Black can never go out of fashion. This shade will complement an outfit of any colour, design or style without much thought. Thus, many style icons suggest storing at least one black overlay in your wardrobe.

For instance, matching a black overlay with a red floral crop top and straight pants can create a lasting impression during a cocktail party. Besides, a fringed hemline is the trendy outfit overlays idea for a perfect boho look.

Wrap Up

  • Having an experimental attitude is the crucial element when creating overlay fashion looks.
  • An overlay will help you create a one-of-a-kind fashion quotient.
  • Overlays are available in various forms, including full-length, jacket-style, cropped, or caped.

You can spice up outfits with overlays for any occasion. So by owning a few different styles of overlays, you can breathe new life into your old garments.

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