Types of Loungewear (That is Different from Your Typical Sleepwear)

Are you looking for stylish clothes that are as comfortable as your sleepwear? If yes, then this blog caters to your fashion and comfort needs, at the same time! Loungewear can be described as a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn at home for relaxation and other leisurely activities. While sleepwear is usually restricted to bedtime, loungewear can be worn throughout the day for various purposes.

From kaftans to co-ords, our list comprises stylish loungewear outfits India. Here are a few examples of loungewear different from your sleepwear that will help you with a relaxed fit and cool look.


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Kaftans are primarily loose-fitting clothes made from lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton. You can get a 100% cotton white short kaftan and achieve a contemporary and elegant look. You will easily get kaftans in India that blur the lines between daywear and loungewear. You can wear them as standalone pieces or pair them with leggings or other comfortable bottoms. 

If you want to add more style, you can pick a kaftan with hand block floral print. It is an ideal option for hot summer days and tops the list of designer loungewear for women. You can get them in different necklines, lengths, colours, and patterns, depending on your taste. 


Coordinated sets or popularly known as co-ords are matching two-piece outfits. They have a top and a bottom in the same fabric and design. Loungewear should prioritise comfort, and co-ords excel in this department. Co-ords loungewear India options include sets made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen. A cotton linen shirt pant co-ord set fits any role from work to play. You can also try a set made from cotton crochet fabric for a unique loungewear experience. 

Co-ords indeed make comfortable loungewear for women as they allow ease of movement. Besides, you will not have to compromise on your style statement with these fashionable pieces. So, quickly grab a piece for an easy put-together cohesive loungewear outfit.

Airy Dresses

Did you know you could consider airy dresses for lounging for a cool and comfortable experience? Additionally, you can transition your airy dresses from loungewear to casual wear in no time with slight modifications. A simple earring or jewellery addition will prepare you to set out for shopping in minutes. From short airy dresses to long ones, you can get one made from fabrics like cotton and bamboo.

These dresses provide an effortless look without needing multiple pieces or complicated outfit combinations. A sense of relaxation and femininity accompanies these dresses and ensures you are comfortable whether reading a book or watching TV. 

Lounge Sets

Lounge sets are designed keeping in mind comfort and are curated from soft and breathable materials. From lounging at home to running errands, they will fulfil more needs than one. Lounge sets online India include prints like flamingo, camel, etc., and fabrics like cotton, jamdani, linen, muslin, etc. 

Having a lounge set in your wardrobe will save much time as you will not have to run around to match separate pieces. They can be extremely convenient when looking for quick, convenient, and comfortable loungewear pieces. A cotton lounge set will not restrict movement and ensure proper air circulation. Purchase from trendy loungewear brands in India to simplify deciding what to wear for lounging. 

Wrap Up

Takeaway -

  • Loungewear offers stylish and comfortable alternatives to typical sleepwear.
  • Popular loungewear options include kaftans, co-ords, airy dresses, and lounge sets.
  • Consider loungewear made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo, etc., for a breathable and comfortable experience. 

Loungewear can be an excellent way to define your personal style and express yourself. Choosing pieces that reflect your preferences will make you feel good and boost your confidence. So, choose from affordable loungewear online India to maximise comfort and maintain your style statement. The right loungewear can make a significant difference in how you look and feel. 

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