Unique Birthday Return Gifts and Favours for All Ages

While children are super excited to eat cakes and chocolates at a birthday party, another thing that adds to their joy is gifts. The happiness of receiving a return gift on a birthday cannot be matched with anything else. Besides, giving return gifts is an excellent way to appreciate the people for taking out some time and making an effort to come. If you are planning your little one’s birthday party and running out of ideas, we have got you! 

Here are unique and thoughtful return gift ideas that children are going to love. We have curated the list based on age to further simplify it for you. So let’s get started.

Birthday Return Gifts By Age

Under 2 years

Birthday return gifts for under 2 years include play mats, wooden rattles, pyramid puzzles, stacking toys, wooden trains, dolls, etc. A playmat will make an excellent return gift for children under 2. Kids at this age are more likely to need a safe space to explore and play, and a play mat can do the work. They can crawl, roll or sit on the mat with ease. Besides, their availability in multiple designs, like a unicorn print, makes them further unique.

You can also consider wooden trains, puzzles and other toys for enhanced sensory stimulation. The smoothness, warmth, and grainy texture of these toys will aid in their sensory development.

For 2-4 years 

Next, you can consider unique wooden blocks for 2-4 years old children. For instance, wooden building blocks will encourage kids to arrange the block in distinct combinations and give their imagination a shape. It will enable them to build unique scenarios and stories for greater fun.

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You can also try wooden toy sets for 2-4 years-old, including a forest tree set, kitchen set or a picnic set. Gifts like these are beneficial in effective pretend play leading to improved social interactions and communication. They allow young ones to share their ideas, take turns, and learn to communicate better. 

For 4-6 years

A play tent house will make creative birthday favours for 4-6 years old. It will be a great addition to a kid’s nursery, room, or playroom. They can party, plan a picnic, hide or simply read books in these play tents. However, it is recommended to choose a tent made from natural materials like canvas for the best experience. 

Another unique selection includes non-toxic wooden stamps. It is a great return gift for young children to explore their inner artists and create something beautiful. 

For 6-8 years 

It is time to pick unique plantable stationery for 6-8 years old kids. It is excellent to give children a hands-on experience of planting. Once used, they can use their plantable pens, pencils or notebooks to grow new plants after it is finished. It will also help them become environmentally aware individuals with awareness around sustainability.

Plantable stationery kits are environment-friendly return gifts for 6-8 years old and help foster a connection with nature. This combination of creativity and science will also have a positive impact on the environment and help combat deforestation.

For 8+ years

There are several trendy birthday return gifts for 8+ years ranging from blackboards to learning kits. Blackboards in different shapes like a princess, hot air balloon, and unicorn can be included in personalized favours for 8+ years old. They make learning fun and joyous and keep boredom at bay.

You can also opt for educational return gifts for 8+ years old, including cognitive skill workbooks, interactive worksheets, etc. A cognitive skill workbook enhances a child’s logical thinking, data-handling skills, etc. A worksheet of different animals, alphabets, numbers, colours, patterns, etc., makes interactive birthday favours for 8+ years old and provides ample fun with learning. 

Wrap Up

Takeaway -

  • For children under two years, play mats, wooden rattles, and stacking toys are ideal return gift options.
  • Wooden blocks and toy sets are suitable for children aged 2-4, promoting creativity and social interaction.
  • Play tent houses and non-toxic wooden stamps are unique return gifts for children aged 4-6.
  • Plantable stationery is an excellent choice for 6-8-year-olds, providing a hands-on planting experience and environmental awareness.
  • For children aged 8 and above, blackboards and educational workbooks make trendy return gifts.

Picking the perfect return gift is not an easy task. However, with our thoughtfully curated return gifts list, the process has been simplified. You can decide based on the recipient's age and ensure they love what they get. With a unique return gift, they will remember your child’s birthday party fostering positive memories and bonds. 

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