Handloom Sarees
Esha Dhawan
Feb 14, 2024

Indian culture has revolutionised in the past two decades, but if there's one thing that remains unchanged, it is our love for handloom sarees. These are intricately designed garments that are handcrafted by talented local artisans. The handwoven fabric is beautiful, feels comfortable on your skin, and lasts longer than regular sarees. So, if you are wondering what makes handloom sarees better than other regular clothes, you've come to the right place.


Eco-conscious buyers who want locally handcrafted sarees should try this handloom Jamdani saree. It's a plain white saree designed for ladies who want to add another stunning piece to their sustainable wardrobe. You can pair it with just about any accessories and wear it to any occasion or even as handloom sarees for office wear.

The material is breathable, comfy, and durable, making it a perfect handloom piece for your summer saree collection. Buying Kota Doria sarees or sarees made of other handwoven fabrics is the best way to do your part for the planet.


One of the many benefits of handloom sarees is that they are durable. Whether you choose a designer piece or a simple regular-wear saree, a handloom product is more durable and long-lasting than its power loom counterpart.

The material requires minimal maintenance. You don't need to wash it frequently, nor will you lose its quality, colour, and texture from regular washing. Whichever handloom fabric you choose, you can rest assured that the saree will last for years without losing its beauty.

Attention to Detail

Handloom sarees, like the Jamdani silk saree and cotton silk saree, are designed with care. Every piece takes months to be woven and stitched correctly, but you will love the intricate details once it's designed.

Anyone can spot the difference between a machine-made and a handwoven saree. Weavers pour their hard work, experience, and passion into weaving every piece, making it more beautiful than regular sarees.

Perfect for all Occasions

The linen embroidered saree and Kota cotton sarees are the best examples of fancy wear that look perfect for parties and other informal events. Contrary to popular belief, handloom sarees are not limited to the cotton fabric that looks good at home and casual get-togethers.

Sarees with intricate details, like hand embroidery, look flawless at wedding receptions and other parties where you must dress fancy. These handloom sarees' beautiful motifs and stunning designs make them perfect for all occasions. Simplicity at its peak.

Minimalists love handloom sarees because of their simplicity and traditional charm. It's a perfect way to keep our culture alive while looking fabulous. Cotton, silk, linen, and any handwoven fabric look marvellous on nearly any occasion. It adds an old-world charm to your look, no matter which fabric you choose.

Wide Range of Choices

There's a common misconception that people wearing handloom sarees have limited choices. However, you can find a beautiful selection of handwoven fabrics and stunning handloom sarees designed with love and care at Amala Earth.

These sarees are designed for all age groups and all budgets. You can find pure linen checkered saree, pure cotton saree, cotton silk saree, and so on. You can find designer pieces as well.

The Takeaway

A handloom saree is more cost-effective than the machine-made versions. Buying a handloom saree is a way to support the Vocal for Local campaign and the empowering the local artisans to continue making these flawless pieces.

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