Improve Your Quality of Life by Using Sustainable Home Décor

Everyone likes to create a space of their own. When decorating their homes, people tend to become very involved and get very specific. This tendency is understandable, as their homes say a lot about them and how they like to live. Most people create a corner or a space just for themselves in the house.

But decorating the home is not an easy task. Since there are countless ways to liven up the spaces, one can easily get confused. Moreover, home décor is an ongoing process, and one likes to change the space settings or replace the old items with new ones, which are in trend from time to time. This can create a lot of waste. Nobody would like to decorate their space in a way that damages the planet; that is why it is essential to be responsible and use home décor items made from sustainable and earth-friendly materials.

To make the task of home décor easy, exciting and joyful for people, Amala Earth brings a rich and vast collection of handmade home décor items. One can find products that enhance the beauty of spaces and can be utilized for specific purposes.

There are some beautifully crafted home décor items online at Amala Earth

Here is a list of some handmade home décor items to make one’s home a bright and lively space where one can enjoy living.

Curtains are essential items and will always be required for homes to dress up the doors and windows. One can put curtains with bright colors and beautiful prints to uplift the whole mood of the house. Innumerable varieties are available in terms of prints, colors and materials.

There are hand-block print curtains made from sustainable materials available at Amala Earth. One can find cotton block print curtains made from the very soft mulmul cotton of premium quality. Such cotton-printed curtains have beautiful floral prints and motifs inspired by the palace paintings of Jaipur and Mughal art. These are hand-block printed by local craftsmen and have loops for easy hanging. One can also find handcrafted cotton curtains tie back in different colors at Amala Earth to add a touch of elegance to the room. 
The readymade block print curtains can immediately give a beautiful organic feel and brighten up the space, according to one’s taste.

A wooden shelf is a must-have to keep or hang things. It helps to keep the place tidy and organized. Amala Earth has some great options in wooden shelves, which are multifunctional in nature. The wood wall shelf with hooks looks elegant and can be used to hang bags, coats, keys, etc. In addition, the top shelf can be used to place any home décor items, such as photo frames, vases or even small potted plants.

One can also find the handcrafted wood planter stand and multifunctional shelf, a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. It is lightweight and can be placed anywhere and used for a number of purposes.

Photo frames are one of the most common home décor items. Photos capture the best memories of people, and keeping them around in the house, makes one feel happy and uplifts one’s spirits. Amala Earth has a beautiful collection of self-standing picture frames to help people keep their happiest memories alive.

The handmade pine wood photo frame is an elegant piece of work to keep old memories. It can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. This frame with bold round edges has a look that goes with any corner of the house, be it the study or the living room.

Another popular option is the brown rattan striped photo frame which has a unique look and is made from sustainable materials, such as rattan and recycled brass.

People who love to read in their leisure time and have a great collection of books and magazines need a space to keep them. This is where a magazine holder comes in handy. Most people have a bookshelf, but this amazing and unique handmade magazine holder gives a different look to the wall. It is a great space saver and can be placed in the living room, bedroom, study or any entrance. In addition, it helps in decluttering the space and making it organized.

Indoor plants are very popular items for home décor. They are not only aesthetically appealing but also purify the indoor air. Therefore, a planter is one must-have home décor item. It looks amazing wherever it is placed and instantly uplifts the look and feel of the space.

At Amala Earth, one can find the beautifully designed fibre glass planter which comes with a drip plate to protect from water leaks.

A clock is an essential accessory for homes. One can find beautiful eco-friendly wall clocks made from acacia wood at Amala Earth. The white acacia wood wall clock is a fantastic piece of work that is handmade. It has an icy white epoxy finish that looks like frozen water.

Several types of wall hangings with different dimensions and designs are available at Amala Earth. Wall hangings can beautify the walls and lend a unique personality to the entire room. For example, the macrame cotton Cleopatra wall hanging gives a unique bohemian feel to the space.

If anyone is interested in giving their home décor an upgrade or a transformation, the collection at Amala Earth is worth exploring. One would definitely fall in love with their elegant, unique and handcrafted pieces of art made from earth-friendly materials. So start living an environmentally conscious life with Amala Earth!