10 Effective Natural Ingredients to Keep Pesky Insects Away

From pesky itchy bites to swarming over food, a horde of insects is not just a nuisance but is also a carrier of a number of diseases. Although you find a variety of insect repellants on the market, these are usually laced with chemicals that are harmful to both you and the environment.

At Amala Earth, we believe in adopting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. And therefore, all our products are natural and organic, including our insect repellants. In line with our ideology of staying as natural as possible, we list down ten natural insect repellants that have been proven to work.


You’d be surprised to know that peppermint oil in high concentrations can keep mosquitoes away. As a natural mosquito repellant, peppermint is effective in also destroying mosquito larvae and keeping your surroundings free of existing mosquitoes, while further clearing their breeding ground.


Don’t we love a dash of lemongrass in our morning cup of tea? You will love it even more when you use it to keep your house mosquito free. In fact, Amala Earth’s natural Indoor Thermal Fogging Solution uses lemongrass as a primary ingredient. All you need to do is add it to water and use a fogging machine to fog indoor areas.

Bhutika oil or Cymbopogon Citratus

Bhutika oil is a fantastic organic insect repellant. Along with a mixture of other natural oils, such as Devadaru oil and Nimba oil, this can keep a variety of insects away. Whether you have bed bugs or are worried about the creepy crawly lizard scurrying away from one wall to the other, this natural product is perfect for keeping your house insect free. These oils also form the basis of Amala Earth’s Herbal Lizard Repellant and Bed Bugs Spray.


Clove is one of the most popular and commonly used kitchen ingredients. Besides finding a permanent place in our everyday meals, clove has also proven to work amazingly well in repelling insects, especially against yellow fever-causing mosquitoes. Use them as an ingredient in your essential oil and give yourself a good night’s sleep or a peaceful mosquito-free afternoon siesta. You can add a drop of crushed cloves or clove oil to a wicker lamp or any small burning lamp and sleep peacefully.

Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood is known for its insect repellant properties and is even FDA approved for use in food items to keep them bacteria and fungus free. Cedarwood oil, when used in the right concentration can keep many types of insects away. It is used as a herbal bed- bug repellant and even to keep mosquitoes at bay. The Amala Earth Herbal Floor Cleaner has a concentrated amount of this ingredient to keep your house easily and effectively free from bugs.

Neem oil

Neem is known for its numerous medicinal properties. From being an essential ingredient in natural skin-care products to being added to medicines for various types of ailments, neem has always had an important place in ayurvedic medicine. When it comes to an insect-free zone, neem can be your trusted go-to ingredient that keeps these annoying bugs at bay. Mix neem oil with some water and use in a fogging machine or simply spray it on the walls, the smell keeps the mosquitoes and other insects away. You can also mix it with coconut oil and apply it to the exposed areas of the skin before stepping out.

In fact, neem oil, when combined with other potent ingredients can also work effectively against termites. The Amala Earth Natural Termite Repellant has a combination of Neem, Bhutika, and Devadaru oils that can be used to keep your furniture safe from termites.


Camphor too has a prominent place in Indian households and for decades, we have been using these to keep our winter wear safe from termites and other wool-eating bugs. Camphor also is a natural mosquito repellent. In fact, it has been proven to have the longest-lasting repellent effect on mosquitos. Burning camphor in a closed room and shutting it for some time will kill the mosquitoes in the room and further prevent more mosquitoes and flies from entering.


The next time you fix yourself an omelet, don’t throw away the shells. The eggshells are known for keeping lizards away. While it may have certain drawbacks when it comes to usage, for instance, you can’t keep eggshells on the wall, you can, however, put them near the kitchen window or on the kitchen counter to deter lizards from roaming around in the kitchen.


A powerhouse of natural ingredients, Eucalyptus oil spells versatility. From being extensively used in Ayurvedic, as well as pharmaceutical medicines to finding a place in the right dishes, eucalyptus oil also has calming properties. And it seems to be a fantastic way to keep your house free of filarial mosquitoes. Burning Eucalyptus oil can effectively drive away mosquitoes from indoor spaces and give you a restful night’s sleep or peace of mind during a hectic workday.


This common kitchen ingredient can actually keep roaches away from your kitchen and your house. The citrus acid content of the lemon helps to deter cockroaches from its vicinity. Another effective way to keep cockroaches away is through a combination of certain essential oils, such as neem and Bhutika. Amala Earth’s Natural Cockroach Repellent uses these ingredients extensively to keep your house roach free.

Citronella oil

Citronella oil, in combination with other ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil and coconut oil, is the perfect mosquito repellent that you can just lather on and step outside. This trio of powerful ingredients keeps mosquitoes away and is also gentle on your skin. Amala Earth Natural Mosquito Repellent Roll-on uses all three oils to keep you safe from mosquitoes every time you step out, whether it is for work or a hike in the woods. And it’s hundred percent plant-based, so it’s good for the environment and even better for you.