Declutter & Reorganise Your Home with Earth-friendly Options

Takeaway -

  • Storage boxes and trays are versatile for organising books, stationery, and cosmetics.
  • Multi-functional bamboo and wood shelves are great for decluttering outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • Wall shelves are a space-saving option with features like key holders as well.
  • Kitchen organisers with multiple panels and hooks can efficiently arrange kitchen belongings.
  • Multi-functionality and compact size of decluttering products make them highly efficient.

Whether downsizing or making lives simpler, decluttering is quite a job. The process includes picking up what to keep and how to keep it. Organising a space helps in creating a healthy and stress-free environment. You can also be more productive at daily tasks when things are in the right place. However, the most crucial step of decluttering is finding the right products. We have listed top products, from artisanal trays and storage boxes to functional wall shelves.

Learn how to reorganise your home with these products and make it look neat. 

Storage Boxes and Trays

A handcrafted multi-functional storage box is a perfect living room or bedroom accessory. It can be used to keep the items of daily use close without being clumsy. This metal and cotton storage box is spacious and can be used to organise your books, stationery or even cosmetics. Other options include a grass hamper basket, bamboo basket, etc. 

An organiser tray comes equally handy and can be placed in a kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. Try this upcycled jute and metal tray that serves as a unique decorative piece besides just for storing items.

Multi-functional Shelves 

A bamboo shelf offers durability and helps declutter your living space. This bamboo double storage shelf is lightweight and fits any home or office space. 

Similarly, a wood shelf is also simple yet functional. This wood walnut planter is handy for storing books, plants, and other decor items. You can also get a wooden ladder shelf indoors and outdoors for the old-school feel. You can fold it easily and move it around if needed. 

Wall Shelves

Put your walls into the work by adding a wall shelf. A wall-mounted shelf saves space and provides an easy spot to fit your letters and magazines. Some shelves also come with a wood keychain holder combining aesthetics and utility. This sheesham keychain holder wooden wall shelf is handcrafted, multi-functional, and durable.

You can also add a wooden bathroom shelf to organise the toiletries better. Some shelves also come with a toilet paper holder if you are explicitly looking for it. 

Kitchen Organisers

Add a unique design to your kitchen without taking up much space using this pinewood kitchen organiser. The multiple panels offer the ultimate space required to arrange the kitchen belongings. A multipurpose holder with hooks can hold the cups, kitchen towels, etc. A kitchen wall stand with hooks also offers a space-efficient design. 

Apart from these top picks, you can also check the corner wall stand, wooden shoe rack, bamboo storage stack, wooden corner stand, and wood home bar cabinet. These products adore your space, besides helping in organising your things. These pieces have been thoughtfully curated and serve different purposes like organising footwear, maintaining home bars, housing plants, books and other decors. 

Bottom Line 

The multi-functionality and compact size of the decluttering products make them highly efficient. The right products make organising easy and enhance the look of the home.

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