Men’s Ethnic Clothing that Boasts of Style and Elegance

There used to be a time when people thought ethnic wear was limited to women alone. It’s only when they look closely at this notion that they realise men have always had their own ensembles and unique style ever since the time of the ancient kings. Indian ethnic wear for men differs from culture to culture and among various family traditions. Colour, cut, and style determine how well-dressed and comfy men may look in their traditional attire.

Men’s ethnic wear meaning has transformed over the years in such a way that there are a variety of styles available now more than ever. Before one assumes that only western wear can confer men with stylish looks, one should check out how Indian fashion works even better on them. Right from Kurta Pajama in textured fabric, either plain or with detailed motifs, to Nehru jackets that exude elegance and grace, there is no dearth of options for anyone looking to sport a traditional look.

Today, Indian men’s ethnic clothing styles have taken even the International fashion stage by storm. 

The Evolution of Ethnic Menswear

Indians often don traditional clothing for weddings, festivals or other special occasions. As there are a lot of festivals to celebrate, it’s important to have a collection of ethnic fashion wear for men to regulate and style for all different events. In fact, considering how huge Indian weddings are, they should have an exclusive collection of wedding ethnic wear

The way men approach fashion and personal style keeps evolving, which is a sign that the men’s ethnic wear sector is brimming with exhaustive fashion choices. This has created an exciting space for ethnic menswear brands to transform and expand their product range. Today, there are traditional garments available at various price points over several categories for men. Moreover, the entry of many fashion designers who believe in responsible fashion into the menswear segment, together with the creativity and innovation in male outfits, is fueling the eco-friendly men’s clothing sector’s growth. 

Current Trends in Men’s Ethnic Wear 

Most men prefer comfortable and minimal ethnic clothing as they aren’t quite used to wearing heavily embellished menswear. They usually opt for handwoven shirts like cotton and linen shirts. Nonetheless, one is bound to find many options in minimal and elaborate ethnic wear alike. And it’s always good to have a mix of both as they can be repurposed according to the occasion. At Amala Earth, one can find ethnic wear varieties for men of all tastes. 

The old-fashioned kurtas have taken a good place in the world of the latest men’s fashion wear. With new styles and men’s designer clothes coming and falling out, kurtas have been in fashion every second day. Even now, the charm of an Indian man wearing a fresh hand-woven kurta is incomparable. 

Kurtas come in different styles, which ensures that men can wear them for various events. The following varieties of kurtas can be found on any ethnic wear online shopping website

Pure Cotton Kurta 

Nothing compares to the comfort and elegance that a simple cotton kurta exudes. The ease with which one can wear and style them is part of the reason why it is so popular among men. The Cotton Staple provides a number of full-sleeved kurtas handwoven in cotton fabric in different hues such as coral, yellow, maroon, ivory, etc. 

Printed Kurta

Kurtas with prints give modern vibes. For those who find simple kurtas a bit bland for special occasions, there are kurtas available with geometric prints or aligned prints. Check out Translate’s Ikat Long Kurta and The Cotton Staple’s Printed Kurta in pure cotton for inspiration. Since floral prints are in vogue, The Cotton Staple offers hand-block printed cotton kurtas with floral designs in a variety of colour options including brown and blue


Hi-Low Kurta 

Hi-Low Kurtas are the modern interpretations of good old kurtas with contemporary cuts and designs. For those who wish to explore asymmetrical cuts, B Label offers Hemp Hi-Low Kurtas in the shades peach and white. In addition to having concealed buttons, these kurtas come with two pockets as a bonus. The Cotton Staple also provides Asymmetric Style Kurta in pure cotton. 


Short Kurta

When it comes to short-length kurtas, they are of two types. One that is longer than a shirt but shorter than a kurta’s length, that is, a kurta that is long till the thighs like the Ikat Short Kurta by Translate. The other category includes kurtas with the length of a shirt which is till the waist. Bow & Square’s pure linen short kurtas come in both half sleeves and full sleeves. These fusion shirts can make great casual wear attire for men

Short Kurta Pants Set 

The short kurta pants set not only enhances traditional style but also makes the wearer feel light and breezy. Check out this Hemp Short Kurta Pants Set to up the traditional game. This ethnic outfit with a modern touch gives off a sense of style and class. 

People who wish to buy ethnic wear online should check out Amala Earth’s website. Their website is the one-stop platform to avail of traditional clothing offered by a variety of ethnic wear online India stores. The kurtas mentioned earlier are eco-friendly as theirs is a fashion-responsible brand that supports all things natural and organic.