Healthy Children's Snacks for Tiffin

Choosing what to give in a child’s tiffin may be confusing due to time constraints. Sometimes children can also get picky about what they want to eat, and their preferences keep changing from time to time. If you are unsure what to include in your child’s lunchbox, here are a few tasty and healthy children’s snacks for tiffin.

Providing healthy snacks to children is important for their growth and overall development. A healthy snack will ensure adequate nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are consumed by your child. Check below creative lunchbox ideas for kids to help them maintain appropriate energy levels throughout the day.

Something Filling:

When discussing filling snacks, the availability of texture, flavour, and variety will leave you surprised. From peanut butter to pasta salad, here are the best quick and healthy kids’ snacks.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Spread Sandwich

Peanut butter and chocolate spread is one of the best protein-rich snacks for kids. It is full of proteins and fibres and is an energy booster for your child. You can make a sandwich using the spread and pack these homemade snacks for school lunch. Give your child a taste of nutritious food at an early age with such tasty treats.

Banana Oats Pancakes

Banana oats pancakes are a source of fibre, proteins, and nutrients. You can use banana oats to make pancakes for more sustainable and healthy options. Look for a suitable banana oats pancakes recipe based on your child’s likes and dislikes, and prepare nutritious tiffin snacks for children.

Pasta Salad

You can add a few green veggies and nuts to your gluten-free pasta to make it a healthier snack for your child. It is lower in calories and serves as a nourishing dish when made with the right ingredients. Make pasta salad for kids and see how they finish their tiffin in no time.

Noodle Cutlet

If you think noodles aren’t healthy, you haven’t met the beetroot or buckwheat noodles. They are protein-dense noodles and low in unhealthy fats and added sugar. You can try easy noodle cutlet recipes using these noodles and provide your child with a mix of taste and health.

Something Light:

Heavy or greasy snacks may be discomforting for children and lead to indigestion. Besides, light snacks help control portion size and prevent overeating. Let’s discover a few light and tasty snacks.

Date Chocolates

The chocolate-coated dates are sure to leave your child mesmerised. Dates blended with chocolate and nuts provide a wholesome and flavourful experience. You can consider date chocolates for kids and provide a luscious and smooth snacking experience.

Baked Crackers

Don’t want to give your children too much fried food? Baked crackers for school snacks make a perfect alternative. From spinach to beetroot, they are available in various flavours and offer the perfect crunch. They are high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and help strengthen the immune system.

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Granola is a nourishing and natural snack option filled with protein and high-fibres. Loaded with fruits and nuts, they will power up your kid’s breakfast or lunch. Granola bars for children are highly recommended due to their gluten-free and vegan characteristics. These delicious energy bars can be used any time of the day to satisfy your child’s cravings.

Gluten-Free Candy

Give your children gluten-free candies and be guilt-free. They come in flavours like orange, strawberry, and lemon. The velvety soft bite of these candies makes these gummies perfect. You can choose gluten-free candy options for tiffin for a sweet-tooth fix.

Veggie Chips

Veggie chips for kids’ lunchbox, like beetroot and ragi chips, offer a convenient energy source. They are excellent for everyday snacking and contain 50% less oil than regular chips.

Healthy Drinks:

The best way to choose healthy drinks for kids includes cutting down on products with additives and artificial sugar. Here are a few drinks to keep your child hydrated and healthy.

Badaam Milk

Badaam milk for kids is a source of Vitamin E. You can give it every day to your child and help them maintain a healthy heart and improved immune system.

Ragi Milk

You can use the instant ragi milkshake for children for a quick and nutritive drink. You only need some hot water to mix the powder and prepare it instantly. It is an ideal option for kids with dietary restrictions.

Hot Chocolate

From cinnamon to vanilla, there are endless flavours for hot chocolate. Pick a hot chocolate recipe for tiffin and prepare it in a way your child will love.


Squash works as an antioxidant agent and has a high level of nutrition, facilitating blood production. You can try lemon or mint squash for your child as a refreshing drink.

Bottom Line

When your child regularly consumes healthy food, they will make better food choices throughout their lives. It will eventually lead to an overall healthy lifestyle and improved fitness. Choose from our wholesome kid’s snacks for a delightful experience and give your child the taste of good health.

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