Health Benefits of Gulkand

In the world of Ayurveda, Gulkand holds a cherished position for its potential health benefits. This traditional Indian preserve is a captivating concoction of rose petals and sugar that can be a vibrant addition to your desserts and a healthy inclusion to your diet.

Beyond its delightful taste and captivating aroma, gulkand whispers promises of a healthier you. From aiding digestion to soothing summer discomforts, reaping the benefits of gulkand could be a natural path to a more balanced well-being. Let’s jump in.

What is Gulkand?

Gulkand, meaning "rose candy" in Persian and Arabic, boasts a rich history dating back centuries. Traditionally prepared with fragrant Damask or Rosa Centifolia roses and sugar, gulkand transcends its role as a sweet treat. Gulkand's captivating aroma and delightful taste make it a popular addition to Indian desserts and snacks.

From traditional laddoos and barfi to contemporary fillings for gujiya and modak, gulkand adds a touch of elegance and potential health benefits to your plate. Let's delve deeper and explore the fascinating advantages of gulkand.

Nutritional Value of Gulkand

This traditional Indian preserve, made with rose petals and sugar, offers more than just a sweet treat. Let's delve into the surprising nutritional profile of gulkand, exploring its content of vitamins, minerals, and fibre.


Nutritional Value of Gulkand




70.4 g 


0.2 g 

Vitamin C 

0.2 mg 


3.7 mg 


1.2 g 

10 Benefits of Gulkand

Gulkand benefits your health in multiple ways like aiding digestion to keeping you cool in the summer, gulkand might be the hidden gem you've been missing. Explore 12 reasons why gulkand could be a new addition to your everyday routine.

1. Treats Acidity
2. Relieves Constipation
3. Helps Treat Mouth Ulcers
4. Relieves Cough
5. Prevents Body Odour
6. Helps Improve Sleep Quality
7. Helps Remove Toxins
8. Reduces Inflammation
9. May Improve Heart Function
10. Prevents Bacterial Infections

    1. Treats Acidity

    Research suggests gulkand may help fight acidity and heartburn as it has natural cooling properties, which might soothe the burning sensation in your stomach. Also it can act like a protective layer in your digestive system, reducing irritation caused by stomach acid.

    So, next time the heartburn strikes, try a teaspoon of gulkand, it might just be the relief you've been looking for.

    2. Relieves Constipation

    Due to its high fibre content, gulkand can act as a gentle laxative, promoting regularity and keeping your digestive system moving smoothly. Studies have shown that the natural sugars in gulkand can also help draw water into your intestines, softening stool and making it easier to pass.

    3. Helps Treat Mouth Ulcers

    Another one of the Rose gulkand benefits is that it helps reduce inflammation and promote healing in mouth ulcers. Additionally, its cooling properties can offer much-needed relief from the discomfort. Try applying a small amount of gulkand directly to the affected area to get instant relief.

    4. Relieves Cough

    Traditionally used in Ayurveda for respiratory issues, gulkand's soothing properties can help ease irritation in your throat and calm coughs. Some studies suggest that the honey often added to gulkand preparations can also contribute to cough relief. So, the next time a cough disrupts your day, consider a spoonful of gulkand. Its gentle soothing properties might just bring relief.

    5. Prevents Body Odour

    Traditionally used as a cooling agent, gulkand's properties might help regulate body temperature, potentially reducing sweating, a major contributor to body odour. Additionally, some believe its natural cleansing properties could help eliminate toxins that contribute to unpleasant smells. Thus, adding gulkand to your routine could be a natural way to stay fresh throughout the day.

    6. Helps Improve Sleep Quality

    Known for its calming and cooling properties, gulkand can help ease anxiety and promote relaxation, making it easier to drift off to sleep. Additionally, some studies suggest that the natural sugars in gulkand can help regulate blood sugar levels, which can also contribute to better sleep quality. So, if insomnia is keeping you up at night, consider taking a small amount of gulkand before bed for better sleep.

    7. Helps Remove Toxins

    One of the many benefits of gulkand is that it can help stimulate the liver, potentially promoting the removal of toxins from the body. Additionally, its high fibre content can help keep your digestive system moving smoothly, further aiding in the elimination of waste products. Thus, it could be a natural way to support your body's detoxification process.

    8. Reduces Inflammation and Swelling

    Studies suggest that anti-inflammatory properties of Gulkand can potentially help reduce inflammation and swelling throughout the body. This could be beneficial for conditions like arthritis, muscle soreness, or even headaches. The cooling properties and benefits of gulkand might also offer additional relief from discomfort.

    9. Improves Heart Function

    The presence of antioxidants in gulkand could help protect against heart disease by reducing inflammation and improving blood vessel health and might also help regulate blood pressure. While more research is needed, incorporating gulkand into your routine, alongside a healthy lifestyle, could be a natural way to support your heart health.

    10. Prevents Bacterial Infections

    Due to its potential antibacterial properties, gulkand could help fight off certain types of bacteria. Studies suggest that the rose petals used in gulkand might possess some antibacterial properties. Thus, gulkand into your routine could be a natural way to support your immune system and potentially prevent bacterial infections.

    Gulkand Benefits for Skin

    Organic Gulkand Jam

    Organic Gulkand Jam by Amrutam

    Packed with antioxidants, there are many gulkand benefits for skin. It helps fight free radicals that damage skin and contribute to those dreaded lines. Studies suggest gulkand might even boost collagen, the magic ingredient for youthful, plump skin.

    Its potential detoxifying properties could help eliminate impurities, leaving you with a clearer complexion. Also, its cooling and potentially anti-inflammatory nature might soothe sensitive or irritated skin. Reape the gulkand benefits for skin by using a DIY face mask.

    Gulkand Benefits for Weight Loss

    Unlike sugary treats, gulkand is a low-cal option (around 30 calories per serving). This makes it a smarter choice for managing your calorie intake. Also fibre in rose petals, a key ingredient in gulkand, can keep you feeling full, potentially reducing cravings and helping you manage your appetite.Some studies suggest that rose water, often used in gulkand, might even help regulate blood sugar which can lead to fewer cravings for sugary treats.

    Gulkand Benefits for Females

    Beyond its benefits for skin health and stress relief, there are many gulkand benefits for females:

    Regulating Menstrual Cycle: Traditionally used in Ayurveda, gulkand is believed to help regulate menstrual cycles. Its cooling properties might soothe discomfort associated with periods.

    Digestive Support: Gulkand's fibre content can aid digestion, which can be helpful during menstruation when bloating and constipation are common.

    Gulkand Benefits for Males

    here's how gulkand's general properties could potentially be helpful for males:

    Improved Circulation: Enhanced blood flow, could theoretically improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles during workouts and prove to be one of the effective gulkand benefits for males.

    Reduced Muscle Soreness: Gulkand's anti-inflammatory properties might help reduce muscle soreness after exercise, allowing for quicker recovery and potentially more frequent workouts.

    How to Use Gulkand

    Gulkand Rose Petal Jam

    Gulkand Organic Rose Petal Jam by Satmya

    As you've discovered, gulkand offers a treasure trove of potential benefits. Here are a few ways to incorporate gulkand into your routine:

    • You may have gulkand directly.
    • You can mix gulkand with water and chew it.
    • You can add some gulkand to milk and consume it.

    As there are multiple benefits of gulkand with milk at night, here's a simple recipe. Mix the 1 teaspoon gulkand in the milk, Add a pinch of turmeric, a pinch of Pepper & Jaggery as per the taste and have it daily in the post dinner time before sleep.

    The Takeaway

    Dive into the vibrant world of gulkand, a delicious and potentially health-boosting rose petal preserve. Gulkand goes beyond its delightful taste, offering a range of potential benefits. From aiding digestion and promoting relaxation for better sleep to potentially reducing inflammation and supporting your immune system, gulkand might be a natural ally for your well-being.

    So, Why not give gulkand a try? Explore various other mindful eating and Ethical beauty products at Amala Earth and embark on your wellness journey today.

    FAQs of Benefits of Gulkand

    What are the disadvantages of gulkand?

    The sugar content in gulkand can be a concern, especially for people with diabetes. People with allergies to rose petals or other ingredients should also avoid it. Additionally, some studies on its effectiveness are limited, so it's best to consult a doctor before using it for any specific health condition.

    Is gulkand hot or cold for the body?

    In Ayurveda, gulkand is considered a cooling food for the body. This means it can have a calming effect and potentially reduce heat-related discomforts like bloating or indigestion. So, if you're feeling hot, gulkand might be a natural way to cool down.

    What are the benefits of gulkand in summers?

    Ayurveda considers gulkand a cooling food, potentially reducing summer woes. It's believed to help manage internal heat, ease digestion during hot weather, and might even prevent nose bleeding, a common summer issue. So ditch the summer discomfort and enjoy a refreshing taste of gulkand.