Enrich the Soul with Mindful Switches This Year!

More often than not, new year's resolutions bite the dust before the month is out. And let’s face it, getting out of bed on a cold morning to hit the gym doesn’t sound like a good idea in hindsight.  

But, while these hard-to-achieve resolutions are a struggle, it’s not difficult to make the switch to eco-friendly products such as metal straws and lessen the carbon footprint. On the plus side, these items become talking points to encourage your friends to protect the environment.

So, how does one make the switch, and what products are worth a second look? Let's check out some interesting bamboo cutlery and other eco-friendly items to make the home environment-friendly. Let's dive in.  

Bed linen 

  1. Not a lot of thought is put into the fabric or its origin when shopping for duvet covers. As long as it's soft and matches the décor they satisfy the needs. Organic cotton is produced safely and with care for the environment. Also, it's not difficult to pick organic cotton duvets when shopping. And why not check the other natural household fabric accessories such as bamboo straws when shopping?

Eco-friendly cookware 

The ancients knew what they were talking about when they used earthen vessels to cook their meals. The flavour of dal cooked on a coal fire in an earthen pot is unbeatably flavoursome. While coal fires in the kitchen are not possible, amazing flavours can be achieved using eco-friendly cookware. While non-stick cookware does the job just as well, the flavour you get from earthen or metal cookware is unique. So, what are the options? Let's take a look at these interesting options: 

Earthen pots 

  1. The biggest advantage of earthen pots is that they retain oil, giving moisture to the food and making it easy to cook with less oil. As clay pots add nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium to the food, they are a healthy way to put food on the table. And while you are at it, add a set of bamboo cutlery to your shopping list!

Bronze kadai 

When you cook food in a bronze kadai it retains a lot of the nutrients in the food when cooking. This wonderous product is said to improve digestion, boost immunity, and have anti-inflammatory properties. As it’s a good conductor of heat, less time is spent in the kitchen and there is energy saving too.

Cast iron pan 

  1. Not only are cast iron pans very durable, but they are chemical-free and add iron content to the food, all the more reason to make a switch from non-stick pans.

Go the whole way with these amazing kitchen necessities 

Apart from these eco-friendly cooking utensils, there are many other items such as bamboo straws and metal straws that one can add to the kitchen to bring in the flavour of natural and green products.  

  1. Gorgeous brass patili and ladles are extremely appealing. Make sure to get a set for the next time there is a party.
  2. A stone mortar and pestle can enhance the flavour of the spices. Spices and herbs often lose their flavour while grinding them in a high-speed mixer.  
  3. Get the natural vibe going with a delectable enamel masala box made out of wood. This is one item that can be showcased when guests come over.  
  4. Metal straws give an ethnic touch to the décor, and are good for the environment too. Bamboo straws are loads of fun for kiddy parties! 
  5. A straw chapatti box is an out-of-the-box idea to serve guests. This matches perfectly with the brass patili and the ladle. Also, if you like you can add bamboo serving mats and bamboo cutlery to add to the ambience.

    Final say... 

    Making eco-friendly choices isn’t difficult once the concept is grasped. Every bit helps, and while it may seem expensive, it’s not difficult to make the switch, one step at a time. What's more, the beauty of natural products such as bamboo cutlery is sure to make the exercise worthwhile.

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