Glam Up Your Pujo Look with These Artisanal Durga Puja Outfit Ideas

Red-bordered sarees, elaborate pandals, and the celebration of divine feminine mark the festival of Durga Puja. Needless to say, dressing up in the colours of festive joy is an important aspect of this festival.

From red and white festive sarees to brass jewellery, you will find people dressed in traditional attires to pay homage to the Goddess. So, if you are looking for Durga Puja outfit ideas, keep reading and explore Amala Earth's earth-friendly designs that are carefully selected to make you look graceful and chic.

Elegant Durga Puja Outfit Ideas to Look Festive-ready

Durga Puja attire is a way of expressing devotion to the divine along with cultural pride. Hence, choosing your Durga Puja special dress involves a lot of thought and reverence for the occasion. Read the suggestions below for some outfit ideas and accessories to create a graceful Durga Puja look that will fetch you multiple compliments.

Handwoven Sarees

When you think of Durga Puja, the first image that pops up might be of women wearing white sarees with red borders and dancing with joy. This is because a traditional durga puja look typically includes an elegant white saree with a red border. Here are some artisanal options in the collection of handwoven sarees at Amala Earth.

Jamdani Saree

Jamdani weaving is extremely intricate and inspired by themes of nature, mythology and culture. Hence, Jamdani sarees are a great Durga Puja outfit idea as they exude festive energy that is ideal for the pujo season. You can find a wide array of colours and prints in Jamdani sarees at Amala Earth and make an earth-friendly and fashionable choice.

Handloom Cotton Saree

If you’re looking for simplicity draped in elegance then a handloom cotton saree is the perfect fit for you. These sarees often feature intricate patterns and artistic borders that make them appropriate for the celebration of divine power. Thus, a cotton saree can help you create a simple yet elegant pujo look.

Handblock Chanderi Saree

Chanderi sarees often feature extreme attention to detail, making them a perfect choice for a festival as culturally significant as Durga Puja. What’s more, Chanderi sarees are extremely breathable and lightweight and allow you to stay comfortable throughout the festivities.

Check out the curated collection of handpicked artisanal sarees at Amala Earth that are responsibly made keeping sustainability in mind. 

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Sustainable Jewellery

A festive outfit is incomplete without the right accessories and jewellery. Thus, while getting ready for the Durga Puja festivities, you must add exquisite and meaningful ethnic jewellery pieces that complete your Durga Puja outfit. While selecting your jewellery, look beyond the aesthetic appeal and make a more ethical choice by going for brass jewellery that is upcycled and sustainable.

Brass Jewellery

Whether you are looking for a statement necklace to be the centrepiece of your pujo look or some dangly earrings to complement it, you can find everything in the handcrafted brass jewellery collection at Amala Earth. Choose from a wide variety of traditional and contemporary designs that are made with earth-friendly materials and help you look your best this festive season.

Chemical-free Makeup

Another element that can elevate your Durga Puja attire is using chemical-free makeup that is skin and environment-friendly. Whether you like elaborate glamorous Durga puja looks or you’re a fan of minimal no-makeup looks, you can create them all by using chemical-free and ethical beauty items available on Amala Earth.

Attar Perfume

Last but certainly not least is adorning a heavenly organic fragrance that will make heads turn. Choose an attar perfume with a delicate scent like lavender or patchouli that leaves behind a wave of mild and fresh scents. Whether you like sweet, floral or earthy scents, you can find a myriad of natural fragrances on Amala Earth that will leave everyone enchanted.

The Takeaway

This pujo season, put your best foot forward with these Durga Puja outfit ideas and be mindful of the environment by opting for responsible fashion by Amala Earth.

Explore the handpicked collection of handwoven sarees, cruelty-free makeup and delightful fragrances at Amala Earth, where fashion meets sustainability.

FAQs on Durga Puja Outfit Ideas

What is the traditional dress for Durga Puja?

The traditional dress for Durga Puja is a red and white saree for women. From jamdani, chanderi, linen and cotton sarees, you can opt for a beautiful red-bordered saree in any fabric of your choice. Moreover, you can pair your saree with some brass earrings, chokers or rings that will perfectly tie the look together.

What are Durga Puja outfit ideas for men?

When it comes to traditional Durga Puja attire for men, you can choose from classic garments like a linen kurta pajama or even opt for a traditional dhoti that symbolises simplicity and respect for the festivities.

What to wear in Ashtami Puja?

Ashtami Puja denotes the eighth day of Navratri and is dedicated to Maha Gauri. Traditional attire in vibrant colours is the best choice for this day. Women often don red, pink and purple sarees while men wear kurta pajamas as a sign of respect and devotion during this auspicious event.

Which colour saree is best for Durga Puja?

During Durga Puja, it is customary for women to wear traditional sarees in auspicious and festive colours like red and white, white and gold or pink to symbolise purity and devotion. Some other colours that can be seen during this festival are yellow and orange.

What are the best Durga Puja outfits for pandal hopping?

Pandal hopping is a significant part of Durga puja season. And for Durga Puja pandal hopping, people should wear comfortable yet elegant outfits with a festive vibe. Women can opt for traditional wear including handloom sarees, while men can opt for kurtas in vibrant colours.

Where can I find sustainable clothing options for Durga Puja online?

Find a plethora of options in outfits for Durga Puja that are made with sustainable materials and processes at Amala Earth. Choose from a handpicked collection of women festive wear in different colours, fabrics and designs made by local artisans for this incredible festival.