Navratri Decoration

Navratri is a vibrant Hindu festival that lasts for 9 days and is celebrated with utmost devotion to honour the goddess Durga and her nine powerful forms. One delightful aspect of Navratri is adorning your home with colourful decorations to create a festive atmosphere. So, if you are looking for some eco-friendly Navratri decoration ideas, this blog is for you. Let's jump in.

8 Easy Ideas for Navratri Decoration at Home

From diyas made of eco-friendly materials to flowers and wall decor, try out these Navratri decoration ideas at home and begin the festive season the right way:

1. Decoration with Diyas

Illuminate your home with the soft glow of lanterns and clay diyas. Opt for these eco-friendly and decorative lamps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Here are some options in diyas available at Amala Earth.

  • Brass Diyas: Brass diyas are extremely durable and elegant piece of decor that add a touch of sophistication to your space.
  • Clay/Mitti Diyas: Clay diyas, also called 'mitti diyas,' are made from natural clay and are popular for their eco-friendly and rustic appeal. You can place them on windowsills, balconies, or as centrepieces.

2. Flower Decorations

Did you know that Marigolds are the quintessential Navratri flowers? Why yes! Adorning your home with marigolds and other vibrant flowers with orange, red and yellow hues is one of the best ideas for Navratri and garba decoration idea at home.

  • Flower Rangoli: Switch coloured dyes and powders for vibrant flowers to create intricate rangoli designs for your entrances.
  • Flower Torans and garlands: Choose floral torans and garlands for your walls and entrances to create the festive spirit. The vibrant orange and yellow hues of marigold flowers symbolise positivity and prosperity and are perfect for this occasion.

3. Wall Hangings

Traditionally, Torans and Buntings made of marigold flowers, mango leaves, or colourful fabrics are hung at the entrance to welcome Goddess Durga into your home during Navratri celebrations. Here are a few eco-friendly wall decorations you can try.

  • Metal torans: A metal toran is extremely sustainable as it can be used year after year due to its durability. These torans are also believed to ward off negative energy.
  • Fabric torans: Fabric torans are colourful and vibrant door hangings crafted from fabrics like silk or cotton. They are adorned with embroidery, mirror work, or sequins, creating a festive look.
  • Hanging Lamps: Hanging lamps add a warm and inviting glow to your Navratri decorations, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

4. Creating Beautiful Rangolis

Rangolis are an indispensable part of Indian culture and is an art that has been passed on through generations. They not only add aesthetic appeal but are also believed to invite blessings into your home.

  • Rangoli with Non-toxic colours: Rangoli designs can be drawn using non-toxic dyes that are not harsh for the environment.
  • Rangoli with Coloured Rice: Another environmentally friendly way to draw rangoli designs is to use coloured rice and even pulses.

5. Navratri Pooja Thali Decoration

Dedicating time to Navratri pooja thali decoration is an important aspect of the festival. It holds special significance as it invokes the divine presence.

Pooja thalis, adorned with vibrant colours and sacred symbols make your Navratri celebrations even more spiritually enriching.

  • Brass Pooja Thali: You can opt for a brass pooja thali and add different pooja elements like flowers and idols to decorate it for Navratri pooja.
  • Charcoal-free Incense Sticks: Incense sticks are a staple in every pooja thaali. But opting for charcoal-free incense sticks is a way to choose the environment while respecting traditions.

6. Garba Decoration at Home

Another traditional aspect of the Navratri festival is Garba, which is a popular dance form performed during the festival. Garba and dandiya nights involve inviting your inner circle for a night of festivities and dance. A few simple garba decoration ideas involve the following:

  • Vibrant drapes: Dress your windows with vibrant drapes in traditional colours like red, green, and yellow. You can even use stunning bandhani dupattas with tie-dye prints to adorn your mandir or living room.
  • Decoration with bells: The tinkling of bells is believed to ward off negative energy and will add a musical element to your garba decoration ideas.

7. Navratri Mandir Decoration at Home

Navratri Mandir decoration involves creating a sacred space for worship in your home. Pooja essentials for Navratri Mandir Decoration include incense sticks, diyas or lamps, coconut, fruits, sweets, and more. These items play a crucial role in the daily rituals and prayers during Navratri.

  • Brass Idols: Brass idols are ideal Navratri decoration not only for their religious significance but also for their aesthetic beauty and intricate craftsmanship.
  • Plantable idols: Plantable ganesh idols are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for Navratri decorations. These eco-consciousness idols are available on Amala Earth along with many other earth-friendly offerings.

8. Salt Lamps

A unique Navratri decoration at home idea is to place Himalayan salt lamps in different rooms. These lamps emit a soft and soothing glow and create a serene ambience.

You can also find salt lamp candle holders with tea lights which can be used on your puja altar for a calming and aesthetically pleasing aura. Check out the lamps and lighting collection at Amala Earth to amp up your home decor with elegant lighting options.

The Takeaway

These Navratri decoration ideas will help you celebrate this auspicious 9-day festival with style and elegance. Lastly, don’t forget to keep sustainability in mind while decorating your home and celebrating this joyous festival. Amala Earth is your guide for all things earth-friendly and festive. Find a range of sustainable items for your joyful home and immerse yourself in the festive spirit while contributing to a greener planet.

FAQs on Navratri Home Decoration Ideas

What is the significance of Navratri decoration at home?

Navratri home decoration holds immense significance as it helps create a festive atmosphere during the nine days. Moreover, cleaning and decorating the home is also believed to create a clean aura with high vibrations that purify the house and attract positive energy.

How to decorate walls for Navratri?

To decorate your walls this Navratri, you can use colourful and traditional wall hangings like torans, or cloth drapes with intricate designs. Moreover, you can also incorporate different fairy lights to decorate your walls and make your house light up throughout the nine days.

How to decorate the mandir on Navratri?

Decorating the pooja room or home mandir is an essential part of the Navratri celebration. Some easy and creative mandir decoration ideas for Navratri are using flower garlands, printed bandhani drapes and drawing a colourful rangoli. You can also use diyas and lanterns to light up your home mandir during the cheerful Navratri period.

What are some Navratri home decoration items?

Navratri home decoration items typically include vibrant and colourful elements such as torans and buntings, colourful drapes, candles and lights, and flower decorations to adorn the home and mandir beautifully. Some other items for Navratri decoration at home include coloured powders and rice to create rangoli designs on your doorstep.

What are some Navratri decoration ideas for office celebration?

Many organisations adorn their offices with beautiful festive decorations during the Navratri period. Adding a Brass Urli with tea lights and flower petals at the entrance and adding wall hangings and flower decorations can create a joyful atmosphere in the office. You can also organise dandiya night and add garba decoration ideas to create a festive ambience.