The Best Moisturizing Products for the Winter Skin


Winter is a glorious season. But not so for the skin. The lack of moisture in the atmosphere causes dry and flaky skin, not to mention signs of early ageing. As for the lips, dryness is just the beginning; if care isn't taken, cracks and bleeding will soon follow. 

Winter skincare is vital in these months, as the skin needs optimal care and nourishment. Any product won’t do, as harmful moisturiser chemicals can do more damage than good. 

So, what’s one to do? These fantastic natural products are just right for winter skin.

  1. Body Butter with Vanilla Bean 

With a generous infusion of vanilla bean in cocoa butter, this enticing elixir also contains mango butter. Make this soothing product a part of the winter skincare routine.

What it has going for it 

  • Hemp oil is great for battling signs of ageing
  • Jojoba oil soothes chafing and dry skin
  • Extra virgin coconut oil 
  • Arrowroot powder 
  • Vitamin E and essential oil blend protect skin from free radicals

The skin is in safe hands with these exciting natural ingredients in the mix. What's more, it feels luxurious too!

  1. Face Moisturiser Vanilla Bean Drench 

Nature’s bounty is a treasure trove of nourishing ingredients. A bit of this and a bit of that can produce exciting skin moisturising creams for a soft and smooth texture. So, winter skincare products are a must.

What it has going for it 

  • Aloe vera, Cleopatra’s favourite elixir 
  • Jojoba oil tames chafing and dryness 
  • Raw, unrefined cocoa butter 
  • Glycerin and sweet almond oil 
  • Vanilla and hazelnut fragrance oil 

With these exciting ingredients, the skin never had it so good! 

  1. Banana Mulethi Face Pack Mask 

Bananas are delicious and great for health too! Well, the skin can do with some of this goodness too! A banana mulethi pack is just what the doctor ordered. It is an excellent way to manage the winter skin tone. 

What it has going for it 

  • Banana pulp-rich in potassium, the pulp hydrates the skin 
  • Mulethi prevents sun damage and keeps wrinkles at bay 
  • Sunflower seeds-rich in vitamin E 
  • Raw milk for a natural glow 
  • Yoghurt moisturises and brightens

Winter skincare woes are a thing of the past with this delicious whip! 

  1. Aloe Vera Gel Facial Massage 

Aloe vera is a gift from the gods. It’s been used as a beauty aid since time immemorial. Take a leaf out of their book and try this fantastic face massage facial. 

What it has going for it 

  • Soothes, hydrates, and calms, just the thing for winter skin 
  • Aloe vera is well-known as a beauty aid 
  • The cucumber cools and hydrates 
  • Perfect winter skincare routine for oily skin too
  • Cold-pressed grapeseed oil moisturises and tackles fine lines 
  • A blend of natural oils and herbs invigorates the skin 

This soothing and hydrating massage is ideal for dry and chapped skin in winter.

  1. Argan Shea Butter Body Lotion 

Argan oil is just the thing the skin needs for deep hydration. It moisturises and protects from sun damage, giving the skin a youthful appearance. 

What it has going for it 

  • Shea butter moisturises and soothes skin while keeping breakouts at bay 
  • Argan oil moisturises, controls sun damage and is anti-ageing 
  • Jojoba oil controls chafing and skin drying 
  • Lavender oil induces calmness 
  • Ideal for winter skincare for dry skin

This argan shea butter concoction is the perfect partner to fight winter skincare woes. 


  1. Beetroot Lip Scrub for Chapped Lips 

The cold winter months play havoc on lips. If left untreated, the chapping can lead to painful cracks and bleeding. A beetroot lip scrub tackles dry skin, ready for a soothing lip balm. 

What it has going for it 

  • Beetroot is rich in vitamin C and protects from damage 
  • The walnut content removes tan and pigmentation 
  • Cocoa butter hydrates, protects and brightens 
  • Shea butter softens and soothes, tackling dryness 
  • Coconut oil heals the skin

With this treasure trove of goodies, the pout never looked better! 

  1. Choco Lip Balm for Dry Lips 

Lips are very tender and the first to get affected in winter. The delicate touch of lip balm is all that is needed to get that generous mouth pouting again. 

What it has going for it 

  • Castor seed oil is an excellent humectant and retains moisture 
  • Olive oil hydrates lips keeping them soft and supple 
  • Cocoa butter, a rich emollient, moisturises and nourishes 
  • Sweet almond oil and hazelnut soothe and nourish 

Lips need care in the cold months. Choco lip balm is the perfect balm for them. 

  1. Rejuvenating Body Oil 

A good body rub with wheat germ and geranium oil will plump up skin with its nourishing and moisturising ingredients. For winter skincare for glowing skin, this is a good option.

What it has going for it 

  • Soothes the skin
  • Geranium oil reduces breakouts and controls skin irritation 
  • Grapeseed oil moisturises the skin, reducing fine lines 
  • Almond and olive oil moisturise and give the skin a radiant glow 

A good body rub is soothing and relaxes tired muscles. However, when the oil contains rich ingredients such as wheat germ, almond and geranium oil, it's guaranteed to nourish the body and soul.

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