The Best Men's Grooming Essentials on Amala Earth


The dress shirt and branded jeans may be a look to kill for, but when they are paired with scruffy hair and an unkempt beard, things go down the hill faster than one can say ‘Harry’s Uncle.’  

Inarguably, men’s grooming is just as essential as a well-thought-out wardrobe. Hair and skin care products are not a women’s domain anymore. Looks matter, and so does style irrespective of gender. So, whether it’s a job interview or a hot date, grooming takes precedence.  

Yes, it’s the little things that make a difference. So, what is men’s grooming? And what men's grooming products are on offer? Let's find out. 

A slap-dash approach doesn’t cut it 

Slathering some gel into the hair, and slapping some aftershave on the face doesn’t cut it. Grooming is a lifestyle choice and speaks of understated elegance. Factors such as skin care, the right hair wash, and a trimmed beard are all part of a well-groomed look. Remember, the candlelight will magnify the sloppy hair and the acne when sitting opposite a hot date. So, here goes with some grooming essentials for men.  

Cold showers 

Cold showers have more than one use. A cold shower doesn’t dry out the skin as a hot bath would. The cold water retains moisture in the skin and preserves the sebum. This lubricating barrier protects hair and skin. Also, cold showers improve blood circulation, revitalizing the skin.  

  1. However, if this seems a lot to take, an ayurvedic shower gel is vital with a warm bath. Opt for natural products, as they don’t damage skin tissues. For skin brightening, a body washes with turmeric is a man grooming essential.

Hair care 

  1. Regular shampoo is essential to deal with accumulated dirt and grim. Try working a twice-a-week hair wash day into the schedule. For conditioning the hair, a good oil massage is great for getting the circulation going. Try grooming products such as revitalising hair oil that controls grey hair and dandruff.  
  2. For curly and unmanageable hair, a hair mask is ideal as it works deep into the follicles, conditioning the hair. The result? Soft and smooth hair that is oh, so manageable! 

Make time for regular hair salon visits 

  1. While the hairstyle may look great in the mirror, the little curls of hair resting on the collar can kill the well-kempt look. So, avoid putting off a visit to the barbers. The hairstylist will give it a refined look, just what is needed for a well-groomed persona. So, ideally, keep the hair growth spurts in check. Keep a male grooming kit handy when a visit to the salon is not possible. 

Shaving takes skill 

A clean-shaven look is not difficult to achieve. However, hurrying through the process isn’t going to give a good result. Use a before shaving oil so that the razor glides smoothly over the surface. Be sure to tackle tricky areas under the nostrils or near the ears for a clean shave. Haste makes waste and bits of bloody plaster from cuts are not the ideal looks.

  1.  A good razor is essential for perfect execution. Letting the hairstylist tackle the shaving once in a while isn’t a bad idea.  Also, it's advisable to swap the razor cartridge regularly for a smooth shave.

 Little things make a huge difference 

Unsightly growth of nose or ear hair can be off-putting. The sooner these vagrants are tackled the better. Nose hair clippers or electric trimmers are a handy way to deal with this tricky issue. The same goes for bushy eyebrows. If the idea seems tricky, the hairstylist can help tackle the growth. To make it simpler, buy a men's grooming kit.


  1. Issues such as acne and blemishes can be a downer. No matter what the hair looks like, a breakout can maar the way a person looks. An Anti-acne face wash is ideal for such issues.
  2. Exfoliation is a necessary part of the skin care regimen. Try charcoal-based scrubs and masks for glowing skin. 

For a sexy look, the beard needs TLC 

  1. Beards are an indulgence if proper care is not possible. Try to trim the beard regularly, for neatness and style. For an immaculate look, beard styling is not something that should be ignored. If the whites in the beard hair are bothersome, a beard colouring product is a great option. Natural browns work the best. For lush beard growth, beard oil is a perfect option.

Beard wax can be used to hold the hair in place. This is ideal for the workplace setting, and also for formal social events.

Investing in a beard grooming kit with different heads makes sense as it becomes easy to maintain sideburns, goatees, or moustaches. Remember, for the beard to look stylish, one must walk that extra mile. So, if beard maintenance seems like a hassle, opt for a clean-shaven look instead. Organic men's grooming products are a good bet as they are safe to use.

Body odour 

  1. All the grooming in the world doesn’t work if there is body odour. The best way to deal with it is, to shower regularly, preferable twice if the weather is muggy. Body hair encourages bacteria. So, shave or wax hair growth. Use antiperspirants to keep foul odours at bay. Attar perfumes are an excellent way to titillate the senses.  
  2. Men's hygiene products designed to take care of intimate cleaning are a must to control body odour.


Winding up

Whether it's a job interview or a hot date, with perfect grooming, half the battle is won. Also, grooming is so much more than impressing other people. It's about feeling good about oneself.

Eco-friendly men's grooming products are great for the user and the environment. Finding these products is easy. Just log in to the Amala Earth website, for earth-friendly products for home, food, wellness, and beauty.