Natural Fragrances Types and Uses


Fragrances are an intrinsic part of daily life. All it takes is a spritz here or a spray there to give one the confidence to step out in style. This final touch in the dressing-up regimen is taken for granted. However, there is much more to perfumes and deo sprays than meets the eye. And while a lot of thought is spent buying a fragrance, few people know the difference between attars, deo sprays, oud, and mist.  

Perfume organic floral fragrances are a beauty staple, and a better understanding of the subject allows for an informed decision while shopping. Let's plunge into the heady world of the best natural perfumes.


Synthetic versus natural—what's the difference? 

Synthetic fragrances are derived from chemicals, while natural fragrances are made from plant material. Ingredients such as petrochemicals, phthalates, and undisclosed allergens make synthetic fragrances.

However, with natural fragrances, if it says lavender, it probably is. Also, while synthetic fragrances linger on garments, natural scents react differently on individuals and fade away after a while. Best floral perfumes are romantic and mysterious, as thousands of petals will be needed to make an ounce of fragrance.  

So, what are attars? Or ouds? And how are they different for perfumes? Let's find out. 

What is oud? 

These attars were used in ancient times. Evidence by way of scriptures shows they existed in various ancient civilisations. The practice of agarwood fumigation to add fragrance to homes and clothes existed in Islamic culture and is still practised in many Muslim countries.  

  1. Records show that it was also widely used in Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. Oud slowly made its way to Europe and was used by French royalty.  

Oud is formed when the wood of the agarwood tree gets infected with a specific mould. As a defence mechanism, the tree produces resin to protect itself. Oud is derived from this resin. There are many agarwood species, but only a few develop the mould, leading to resin production. This resin is processed and distilled to give a distinct oud aroma.  

How to use: Using the stick in the bottle, rub off the excess on the rim. Apply on the wrist or behind the ears.

What is attar? 

  1. Attars are essential oils sourced from natural ingredients. These essential oils are extracted using hydrodistillation or steaming. By and large, these floral scents are derived from flora and fauna. These essential oils are distilled and left to age in wooden-based receptacles such as sandalwood. The ageing process can take anywhere between a year to ten; a lot depends on the source and what is desired.  

How to use

Apply a few drops of the invigorating attar behind the ears, wrist, and other pulse points.

What are deo shots? 

  1. Deo shots are quickly absorbed into the skin; they are great for armpits, even in muggy weather, as they have a subtle fragrance. These solid perfumes can be used by men and women and are easy to carry around. The concoction soothes the armpits while allowing the natural secretion of sweat. Best natural deodorant shots are skin-friendly and neutralise body odour. Most safe, natural deo shots contain essential oils, and while the scent may fade within a few hours, there is no offensive odour for up to 24 hours.  
  1. Herbal deodorant shots are better than the synthetic version as they absorb sweat. Standard deodorants contain harsh chemicals that block perspiration and can be harmful.

How to use: Take a dab of the product on the fingertips. Apply to dry armpits, neck, or wrist.

What are mist sprays?

Mists are light and have a lower concentration of body perfume. Mists are designed to give a refreshing feel without the overwhelming scent of the perfume. Synthetic mist may use several artificial agents to get the desired results.

On the other hand, natural mists are made from fresh flowers and fruits. The ingredients are steam distilled to derive a natural product. The perfume is rich and enticing as natural body mists are fermented in grain alcohol, along with extracts of substances such as Nargis, rose, sandalwood, or herbs.

Mists can be used for the whole body; a bit of it can be dabbed on the nape of the neck or the inside of the wrist. Natural mist for the face is invigorating too. A great advantage is that it can be layered with the perfume of choice without affecting the odour of either.

How to use: Spray directly after a shower on damp skin. It can be applied to pulse points also.

What are essential oils?

  1. Essential oils have many uses for aromatherapy or as a beauty aid. Scented candles with essential oils are relaxing too. A soak in a lavender-infused bath is calming and induces sleep. Essential oils are said to have many health benefits, but research is still on.

So, how are essential oils derived? These are compounds sourced from plant extracts. The essence of the plant is captured in the process. Each essential oil has a characteristic bouquet that makes it unique. These oils are obtained using a distillation process via water or steam. Mechanical methods such as cold pressing can be used too.

The aromatic essence of the essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil before it is used. The extraction process is vital; if chemicals are used, the essential oil can not be called a genuine product. These oils make the best floral perfume of all.

How to use: Dilute essential oils in a carrier oil. Apply directly on the skin. Essential oils can also be added to bath water, shampoos, or body wash.

Winding up

Natural perfumes and oils have a unique bouquet that spells class and sophistication. So, step out of the house in style, breathing in the scent of natural scents.

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