How to Set The Table For Your Tea Party

Inviting loved ones over for a cup of tea is an age-old tradition in Indian culture. A high-tea is what it is called nowadays — a more refined term to describe the same.  It can be challenging to host a tea party that is loved by all. However, it is not an impossible task. A simple set-up can leave your guests impressed. The goal is to set up your table and tea party crockery perfectly.

Continue reading to learn how to set up your tea party table quickly and creatively.

Easy Ways Of Setting A Tea Party Table

A tea party is not just about tea and snacks. It is the time to reconnect with your loved ones by having a heart-to-heart conversation. As necessary as it is to know the different teas to serve, it is essential to set your table correctly. After all,  your table will be where your loved ones will spend most of their time. 

There is no one way of setting your tea table. You can make changes according to season, occasion, or theme. Here are a few things to remember while setting a tea party table.

  1. Use An Attractive Tablecloth

Once you finalise your guest list and decide on the type of table to use, you need to look out for an attractive tablecloth. You can choose a tablecloth that matches the tea cups and saucers you plan on using at your tea party. For instance, you can use a light-coloured organic cotton tablecloth with ceramic tea cups. Choosing an eco-friendly tablecloth is an excellent way to support the environment while being fancy. 

  1. Placing The Crockery

Crockery is the centre of attraction of any tea party, and the right pieces will add to your table’s beauty. You can easily get handcrafted and beautiful crockery, which looks great for such events. You can also try the upcycled wooden tea cups for a lasting impression.

  1. Using Napkins

One of the most important things to remember while setting a tea party table is to keep napkins, which your guests will need often. So, placing napkins in the right place is essential. Keep a few napkins in the tea serving tray for added convenience. 

  1. Using Tea Sets

Tea parties are usually small get-togethers with a snack being served besides tea. Instead of using different plates and utensils, invest in ceramic tea sets that look gorgeous and attractive. You can find a tea jug set in different colours and styles and buy it as needed.

  1. Decorating The Table With Flowers

Though this step is optional, decorating your table with fresh or dried flowers adds to the charm. You can use a glass flower vase and keep the flowers for an elegant look. A transparent glass vase will look stunning with your crockery. You can use a ceramic tea pot set with bright-coloured flowers such as carnations or lilies. 

Hosting The Perfect Tea Party

From baby showers to birthdays, a tea party can fit any occasion. Any time is an excellent time to host a tea party. Sitting with friends and family on a relaxing afternoon or evening over tea sounds exciting and fun.

Do not stress yourself over the table setting; use the above ideas for an enhanced experience. Purchase tea cups, tablecloths, and a wooden tea tray before sending the invites if you don’t have them already. Follow the right dining etiquette and ensure every guest is well-attended. 

Sum Up


  1. Setting up your tea party table creatively will leave your guests impressed.
  2. Colour-coordinated tea sets will look great on your tea party table.
  3. Simplicity is the key to setting up your tea party table.
  4. It is essential to follow the dining etiquette at the tea party table. 

Tea parties have taken a new twist these days. Everyone wants to do something new and unique to set themselves apart. Planning a tea party and arranging different crockery is fun with the right essentials. Buying crockery nowadays is easy. You can purchase tea mugs online and other crockery items very easily.

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