How to Keep Your Home & Clothes Smelling Fresh in Monsoons
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Jul 04, 2023

The word ‘monsoon’ reminds us of the light drizzles and a warm sip from our tea cups. While these things perfectly define the season, this is not all. Due to the increased dirt and smell, your home, clothes, and surroundings require special attention and care. The increased humidity during the monsoon leads to a musty or damp smell. 

With the monsoon approaching, we will help you prepare beforehand and take a few steps to ensure your home and clothes feel fresh. From monsoon laundry tips to home cleaner recommendations, here is everything you need. 

Read more to enjoy the rains in the best possible way by taking care of our clothes and home. 

Natural Laundry Detergents & Conditioners 

A significant role is played by natural detergents and conditioners to keep clothes fresh during the rains. Natural laundry detergents for rainy season contain ingredients like essential oils and plant-based enzymes. They are crucial in eliminating the odour coming from not properly dried clothes. However, follow healthy practices like drying and storing clothes properly for effective results.

Clothes during the rainy season can carry bacteria if they are still moist. Using chemically-infused conditioners can leave residues on the clothes and may lead to a stale smell and allow bacteria breeding. However, the best natural laundry conditioners infused with green tea and lavender reduce such risks. 

Floor Cleaners

It is common for dirt and mud to be tracked indoors with rainwater. However, using appropriate floor cleaners will ensure the stains are removed, and your floors stay clean and fresh. Besides, using natural floor cleaners will leave a pleasant scent behind post-cleaning. Popular monsoon floor cleaner recommendations include lemongrass, lime, jasmine, rose, and other plant and citrus-based.

The rainy season helps create a favourable environment for the growth of germs and bacteria. Natural floor cleaners contain disinfectant properties that not only kill harmful microorganisms but also eliminate odours. They neutralise any unpleasant smells coming from germs, dampness, or humidity. Regularly cleaning your floors with natural cleaners helps remove dust, dirt, and allergens promoting cleaner and fresher air. 

Home Fragrances

Did you know you could use a home fragrance kit to spray a fine mist on the corners of your home to keep it fresh? Yes, it is true! Home fragrances made from substances like green apples, aloe vera, etc., impart a fresh scent. Besides, candles made from lavender, vanilla, jasmine, etc., can add a touch of beauty and a pleasant aroma.

Home fragrances for rainy season freshen up homes during the monsoon and create a space that is warm, fresh and welcoming. Several people are switching from paraffin to beeswax candles due to their natural and eco-friendliness. These fragrances can be sprayed or placed in different parts of your home to play the role of natural air fresheners.

All Purpose Cleaners

All-purpose home cleaners are essential for effectively cleaning surfaces like floors, countertops, bathroom fixtures, etc. They remove dirt, grime, and stains properly and leave your space clean and fresh. All-purpose cleaners for monsoon home cleaning are important to remove the musty smell due to the rains. Besides, they will leave the surface shiny without leaving any chemical residue behind like regular cleaners.

Features like these make these natural all-purpose cleaners safe for kids and pets at home. Their non-toxic and eco-friendly nature ensures they do not contribute to indoor or outdoor pollution. Natural cleaners are milder and have lesser chances of causing any reactions, making them ideal for sensitive individuals. 

Bottom Line

Takeaway -

  • Using natural laundry detergents and conditioners during monsoon help eliminate odours from damp clothes.
  • Cleaning floors with natural floor cleaners removes stains, neutralises odours, and promotes cleaner air during the rainy season.
  • You can use natural home fragrances or candles made from natural ingredients to add a pleasant scent to your home during the monsoon.
  • Natural all-purpose cleaners effectively clean surfaces, eliminate musty smells, and avoid chemical residue.

Moisture attracts mosquitoes, ants, and other insects, leading to increased health risks. Using natural detergents and cleaners, you can reduce the health and hygiene threat associated with moist surroundings prominent during monsoon. You can use the above tips for fresh-smelling clothes and home in monsoons and stay clean and sweet-smelling. 

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