7 Useful Gardening Tips for the Monsoon Season
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Jul 04, 2023

Cool breeze, nature’s shower, monsoon is the time to take everything easy. Who does not like the monsoons? It is a season loved by people of all ages due to its strong winds and heat-free nature. While it is true that plants grow tremendously fast during the monsoon season, the side effects of rain, like fungus in the trees, may have a significant impact on our beloved greens. Preparing in advance is recommended if you have a little garden on your balcony or outdoor space. 

The below monsoon gardening tips in India will not only protect your plants but also allow your garden to flourish. Here are some practical advice in the following points to care for your plants and beautify your green space. 

Buying New Gardening Kits

Certain seeds are explicitly produced to withstand monsoon gardening in India. They are capable of handling heavy rains, low sunlight and increased humidity. So, what better time than monsoon to plant these seeds and expand your garden? You can opt for eco-friendly essential gardening kits for monsoon season consisting of a biodegradable pot, plant seeds, vermicompost, etc., for an enhanced experience. Popular seed options include tomato, brinjal, okra, green chillies, etc. 

Planters For Seeding Indoors

Whether it is the new or old seeds, shifting them indoors is one of the best gardening tips for the monsoon season in India. It will give the seeds precious weeks for initial growth as the harsh weather may hinder it. You can use bamboo, black stone, brass or even ceramic planters for monsoon gardening to start seeding indoors. Place them in a spot where they will get ample sunlight to witness the best results.

Maintain Proper Drainage

With the rainy season or monsoon comes the issue of waterlogging that may intervene in your plant’s growth. Roots may not receive adequate oxygen in severe cases leading to plant death. The best way to ensure your plant’s safety is by storing them in planters with good drainage capacities. You can also consider growing bags or coco peat that come along with most eco-friendly gardening kits. If you are looking for the best gardening tips for Indian monsoon, maintaining proper drainage is one of them. 

Checking Soil Frequently 

The healthy layer of the soil can easily get washed away with the rains during monsoon. Therefore, checking your soil regularly is among other crucial gardening tips during monsoon. Ensure the soil is porous and water can easily travel through it without clogging near the roots. 

Keep Insects Away With Plant Sprays

While monsoon is known to bring a bounty of fruits and flowers, it also brings several uninvited guests. Insects and pests can damage the plants during monsoons and must be kept away. An effective way of doing so is by using a plant spray. We recommend using an eco-friendly spray composed of aromatic oils and plant extracts. Effective plant sprays for monsoon gardening prevent and control insect and fungus-based breeding in potted indoor and outdoor plants. It will ensure long-term protection and maintain your plant’s shine. 

Support Taller Plants

The rainy season brings strong winds that may result in the falling or breaking of the plants. The most common target of these winds is the tall plants in your garden. However, you can prevent damaging them by installing a support system. You can use wooden sticks and attach them well to the ground to back your taller plants. 

Keep Moving Pots And Planters 

Moving your pots during the monsoon is vital for more reasons than one. From adequate sunlight exposure, waterlogging prevention, and protection from heavy winds to pest control, there are several benefits. While the monsoon weather offers natural watering to your plants, it is important to monitor the moisture levels. If a specific area receives excessive rainfall, relocate the plants to prevent overwatering.

Bottom Line 

Takeaway -

  • You can purchase an eco-friendly gardening kit to grow new plants in the monsoon for an enhanced gardening experience. 
  • Shifting seeds indoors using bamboo, black stone, brass, or ceramic planters in monsoon allows for quality growth in a controlled environment.
  • Using eco-friendly plant sprays made of aromatic oils and plant extracts can keep insects and pests away from your plants during rains.

Monsoon is an excellent time to experiment with new plants and home gardens. You can leverage the season to plan the layout, position your plants, and equip them for the upcoming season. Hope our Indian monsoon gardening guide has cleared the confusion about maintaining your garden in the rainy season. Happy Gardening!

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