Safe and non-toxic ways for cleaning toys

Do you want to keep your children's toys safe and clean without using toxic chemicals? Are you wondering what non-toxic ways there are to sanitise your little ones' beloved playthings? Look no further! Amala Earth has curated a few easy and eco-friendly solutions that will get the job done without the need for harsh chemicals. They have curated some of the safest and most non-toxic products to clean toys so you and your children can play without worrying about toxins.

What Are The Benefits Of Non-Toxic Ways Of Cleaning Toys?

Safer For Babies And Toddlers: 

Because they may be tempted to put their playthings and toys in their mouth, you may worry about toxins or bacteria from dirty toys. You can be sure that your little ones are safe without harsh chemicals.


Standard cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can burden the environment. Non-toxic cleaning helps reduce the amount of these hazardous chemicals released into the air and water.

Less Harsh: 

  1. Standard cleaners can risk their eyes and skin if they have children who may come into contact with their toys. Non-toxic cleaning agents are gentler and less likely to have a negative effect.


  1. Eco-friendly cleaning methods are usually more cost-effective than chemical-based products. These methods are especially beneficial if you constantly need cleaners to ensure your toys are safe.

Improved Air Quality: 

Along with reducing your environmental impact, you can also improve the air quality in your home, as chemical-based cleaners often cause strange smells. Non-toxic ways of cleaning are much less smelly and will help keep your home fresh and clean. 

What Are The Best Non-Toxic Ways To Clean Toys?


  1. Natural disinfectant is a great non-toxic way to clean plastic toys or other surfaces. You can use a Natural Cleaning Kit. It is gentle enough not to harm babies or toddlers but effective enough to disinfect your items. It is devoid of toxins and harmful chemicals, so that it can be safely used on toys.


  1. The natural disinfectant spray works best on surfaces like furniture and easy-to-clean toys. Its non-toxic formula will leave the surface spotless and smelling clean without chemical cleaners. The Floor & Surface Cleaner Kit is made up of coconut oil-based ingredients. Therefore, it is entirely eco-friendly and secure for children and animals.

Natural Detergent:

A natural detergent is a great non-toxic alternative to get rid of dirt, grease, and grime. This eco friendly disinfectant is formulated from plant-based ingredients. The Home Cleaner - Baby Protection is optimal for cleaning toys, as it will get rid of dirt and bacteria without leaving any traces of residue.

Surface Cleaner:

  1. The natural surface cleaner is a compelling cleaning solution that works best on hard surfaces like shelves or tables. You can use the Floors Cleaners for surfaces where kids may come into contact with the toys. Its formula comprises plant-based ingredients that help remove dirt and leave a fresh, natural scent. 

What Are The Additional Tips That Can be Adopted While Cleaning Toys?

Check The Labels: 

Before cleaning toys, always check the label to see what the manufacturer recommends. Following this can help ensure you use the right product and method to sanitise the toys.

Use Gloves: 

When using any cleaning product, it's best to wear gloves to protect your hands from any potential irritants.


When cleaning toys, you can easily pre-soak the item in your non-toxic cleaner for 10 minutes before scrubbing to make it easier to remove dirt and grime.


    After cleaning toys, allow the item to air-dry completely before giving it back to your kids. This step will ensure that it's thoroughly cleaned and safe to use. 


    When cleaning your children's beloved toys, you can rest assured that Amala Earth has covered you. With various non-toxic solutions, you and your family can enjoy playing without worrying about harsh chemicals. So why try out a few eco-friendly solutions today and see the results yourself?