How I Cut My Bathroom Waste By 80%: Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Today!

We spend a lot of our time daily in the bathroom. From our showers to brushing our teeth to engaging in beauty regimens, the bathroom is the ideal place. Therefore, all of us would like to design our bathrooms in a way that will not only make us feel better but will also be clean and tidy. But we often tend to clutter our bathrooms with unnecessary things like mops, broken buckets and a whole lot of trash, which is not at all eco-friendly. You would want to know about how to design a bathroom in an eco-friendly manner by cutting away all bathroom waste by nearly 80%. Here are 10 ways how you can create an eco-friendly bathroom today:

1. Use eco-friendly style and design: Have you ever thought about what happens to the trash in your bathroom? Can you reuse or recycle them? Are they made of biodegradable materials? These things are very important to keep in mind when you are thinking about designing an eco-friendly bathroom.

You can design your bathroom with recycled tiles and bamboo products. Bamboo is extremely eco-friendly and biodegradable. You can throw away all the items that are made of plastic or other harmful materials. You can use toilet paper, towels and even bathroom sets made of bamboo. You can use moss bath mats or even herbal cotton towels which are 100% eco-friendly and natural.

Start including materials like marble sets, organic bamboo cloth pegs etc. that lasts longer and doesn't cause environmental distress as well. Use soap dishes made with coconut shells & wooden toothbrush holders as it adds aesthetic and keeps your bathroom free from plastic materials. 

2. Use eco-friendly cleaning products: Most of our household cleaning products are composed of harsh chemicals which are not only toxic to us but the environment as a whole. You should look for alternative products that not only protect your family from the toxic ingredients but also create an eco-friendly bathroom for you. Use safe, eco-friendly cleaning liquids and sanitizers to remove stains from tiles, taps and shower handles.

Not only cleaners, but you should also avoid beauty and skincare products that are not eco-friendly. Replace all the harmful products in your bathroom with natural and herbal products. You can use eucalyptus, neem and organic cleaners that are not only natural but also eco-friendly and do not pollute the environment with toxic chemicals.

3. Keep a compost transport container in the bathroom: We have been composting food scraps for quite some time now. But don't forget about the trash that you keep accumulating in your bathroom dustbin. It's time that you do something eco-friendly for your bathroom!

You can use a compost transport container in your bathroom. You can compost toilet papers, hair, Q-tips and many more waste materials in the compost transport container. You will be surprised to find how much trash you can compost in one of these containers. It will also make your bathroom eco-friendly and clean.

4. Change your showerheads and faucets: You can purchase an eco-friendly showerhead that will have a low flow of water, thereby saving a lot of water in your bathroom. It will not only change the look of your bathroom but will save a lot of water from being wasted. You can also change your regular faucets with motion-sensing faucets.

You can save ten gallons of water by changing your showerheads and faucets. You can also fit tap aerators which add air to water thus making water flow smoothly. Don't you think that by saving water, you can effectively create an eco-friendly bathroom!

5. Switch to LED bulbs and tube lights: LED bulbs are a great way to save the world because they are 80-90% energy efficient. Conventional bulbs and tube lights are only 20% energy efficient. They produce more heat than light. Therefore, change all your high-power bulbs and install LED bulbs that will not only add beauty to your bathroom but will make it eco-friendly.

6. Replace vinyl shower curtains: Get rid of all your vinyl shower curtains because they are not recyclable. They emit harmful fumes if burnt. Vinyl shower curtains are not harmful to your health but they poison the environment also. Have you ever thought about what happens to the vinyl curtains when you throw them away after use? They are non-biodegradable and stay in the environment.

If you want an eco-friendly bathroom, use a shower screen instead of a vinyl curtain. Shower screens are easier to maintain and are not harsh on the environment. You can easily recycle glass shower screens when required.

7. Say no to chemical skincare products: You should discard all skincare products that have chemical ingredients. Certain shampoos, moisturizers and face wipes contain harmful chemicals which are toxic to the environment. To create an eco-friendly bathroom, you should use natural products that contain ingredients like aloe vera, patchouli, cucumber, clay or sea minerals.

Instead of buying bottles for shampoos and body washes, you can use bars that are easily disposable because bottles add to the already existing trash in the environment. Natural products are a great way of saving the environment. You can replace your artificial beauty accessories like loofahs, face towels for organic materials.

8.  Get a steel bathtub: Discard your acrylic bathtub because acrylic is made by burning fossil fuels. A better alternative is a steel bathtub because steel is a naturally occurring element. Steel bathtubs are the perfect choice for creating an eco-friendly bathroom.

Steel bathtubs are also chemical-resistant and will last longer. Therefore, if you are planning to cut your bathroom waste, first get rid of your acrylic bathtub. An acrylic bathtub cannot be recycled and it adds to the waste of the planet.

9. Check for leakage in pipes: If your bathroom pipes are leaking, you can waste 900 gallons of water, which is detrimental to the environment. If you are planning to create an eco-friendly bathroom today, get rid of all leaking bathroom pipes and fittings.

You should check all your fixtures and pipes regularly. If you face a problem, either fix them or get rid of them. Install new pipes and fittings for an eco-friendly and sustainable planet.

10. Try menstrual cups instead of tampons: Tampons need nine months to biodegrade according to research. A non-organic pad stays in the environment for nearly 500-800 years. A major step in the creation of an eco-friendly bathroom is getting rid of tampons and non-organic pads.

You should switch to menstrual cups, which are not only biodegradable but also eco-friendly. You do not need to discard them in the bathroom trash bin. They are reusable and recyclable.

Making a change to your normal habits isn't easy. It takes time and patience. Similarly, creating an eco-friendly bathroom and maintaining it is not an easy task. Creating an eco-friendly bathroom is your way of contributing to the betterment of the environment.

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