How can festive and puja rituals be made sustainable?

A Puja or the worship of God signifies our devotion to a higher power and how conscious we are towards nature. In this fast-paced world, we often forget or do not pay heed to the responsibility we have as earthlings. We need to be more aware of our surroundings and realise that we are just a part of the universe. If we do not live harmoniously with other beings and protect nature, we will have no road ahead. 

Puja consists of the use of holy items, which are then discarded in flowing water after usage. But are these holy rituals sustainable enough? In other words, discarding holy items has been causing undue stress on our surroundings. Let's find out how we can control this.

What is a sustainable puja?

A sustainable puja is one where we are aware of the items being used for the holy ceremony and also discard or use them most sustainably. For example, the use of reusable brass diyas for all pujas and ceremonies. This helps conserve our natural resources and prevents water pollution. More such examples will now crop up in your mind, helping you realise the importance of sustainable living. Here we will discuss how one can have the most eco-friendly puja in their homes and in the community.

How can we conduct puja in a sustainable way?

There are multiple ways and items that one can use to have a sustainable puja like the ones listed below:

  1. Brass diyas
    Traditionally, brass has been used in pujas and homes to promote health among family members and be completely safe while handling and when in use. You can get hold of different shapes and sizes of brass diyas. Some are also available with a stand to hold them during pujas. One can give them as gifts for Diwali.


  1. Copper utensils
    A beautiful copper bowl with a designer cover can be used to store holy water in your mandir and can also be used during a puja to pour water. These are handcrafted and are sustainable for every day as well as occasional use. You may buy many more such copper utensils for your house and mandir at Amala Earth.


  1. Brass ornate boxes
    Brass ornate boxes can store your auspicious Haldi and kumkum. These beautiful boxes come in small, medium, and large sizes and intricate designs. They can be utilised and reused for ceremonies and are ideal as a Housewarming gift, a Teej gift for wife, and as Diwali gifts.


  1. Brass home-purifying Lamp
    Handcrafted and made out of brass, a home purifying lamp works in more than one way. A brass home-purifying lamp generates positive energy into your house; a dhoop can be easily diffused by giving one a heavenly fragrance. These can be the best return gift for Dussehra.


  1. Handcrafted wooden puja thali
    A handcrafted wooden pooja thali offers many advantages in terms of being a healthy option to serve prasad to all devotees; it has antibacterial properties and is completely eco-friendly. It is also anti-rust and Non-corrosive, making it sustainable for long-term use. It can be used as Pooja Thali For Ganesh Chaturthi.


  1. Brass fumer
    A fumer helps diffuse or spread heavenly fragrance into your house. One can put attar, dhoop, and agarbattis in this fumer and can be kept anywhere without the potential of harm to any object. Buy Brass fumers from multiple online stores on Amala Earth.


  1. Copper Jug
    A copper utensil made from the hands of fine artisans is the best way to have water from. It promotes health and well-being among all family members. One can use it in the mandir to store holy water, gifted as Navratri gifts for ladies and/or use it in offices and other spaces to completely avoid plastic jugs or containers.


  1. Soy wax candle
    Made from 100% organic soy wax, these candles are biodegradable and eco-friendly as well. Use these soy wax candles in holy places, offices, and homes as decoration or prayers. These can be ideal as Christmas gifts.


  1. Organic cow dung diyas
    The cow dung used to make these diyas make them highly biodegradable and eco-friendly. These Organic cow dung diyas are also embedded with Marigold seeds, so when these are used and burned out, you can break the shell and plant these in a pot of soil. You will see beautiful marigold plants blooming in your garden in the next few days. Buy the best Diwali diyas online at Amala Earth.


  1. Plantable Ganesha Idol
    Yes, you read that right. Plantable Ganesha idol come with Tulsi seeds embedded in the idol. So when you do visarjan and plant it in the biodegradable pot given in the kit, you will see a Tulsi plant growing in your garden. This is the unique eco-friendly Idol For Ganesh Chaturthi. to make things easier, search Amala earth for "Pooja Essentials For Ganesh Chaturthi".


  1. Amrutam Raahukey Oil for Pooja
    Amrutam Raahukey Oil for Pooja is made from organic materials like Gulab Rosa, Badam Prunus Amygdalus, Til Sesamum indicum, Erand tail Ricinus communis, Ratan jot Geranium wallichianum, etc. You may light a lamp with this unique, organic oil into five diyas to invoke a peaceful and meditative environment in your house.


  1. Natural Incense sticks
    These incense sticks are made out of recycled flowers, giving them an earthly and natural fragrance of flowers. Natural incense sticks are also charcoal free and are handmade. Use these sticks during your pujas to minimise waste due to ashes and give your house the most natural fragrance.


  1. Kansa puja thali
    A Kansa thali comprises 78% copper and 22% tin mixture. This highly organic and healthy mix of materials is good for your health and promotes a peaceful surrounding. You can buy these healthy Kansa thalis at Amala Earth, where you will find many more such puja samagri.