Exclusive Sustainable and Ethical Jewellery for Modern Women

Simply put, any jewellery made with less or no impact on our environment is called sustainable jewellery. The term is often referred to as ethical or recycled jewellery because it is crafted in a socially-responsible manner and leaves minimal or no carbon footprints on our mother earth. Some examples of ethical jewellery are jewellery made using estate diamonds, sustainable pearls, wood, recycled brass, handcrafted jewellery, and more. 

Recently, the conversation around sustainable, ethical, and handmade jewellery has tremendously increased, and for good reasons. Such conversations create awareness about the destructive nature of mining and urge the need to use sustainable materials whenever possible. If you are thinking about joining hands to save the environment, buying sustainable jewellery can be a significant step. 


Benefits of using Sustainable Jewellery

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in sustainable, handcrafted jewellery:

  • Sustainable and long-lasting
  • Cost-efficient and practical designs
  • Environment-friendly and minimal waste
  • Elegant, organic, and unique collection 
  • Toxin-free and recyclable 
  • Fashionable, stylish and health-friendly
  • Minimal carbon footprints and recyclable 
  • Ethical and socially-responsible production 

Amala Earth is a leading marketplace for brands that produce sustainable fashion jewellery that do not hurt our environment and communities. Here are some handcrafted jewellery options made ethically and sustainably:


Top Sustainable, Ethical, and Handmade Jewellery in India


  1. Recycled Brass Gold Toned Braided Chain : It is a gorgeous piece of jewellery featuring intertwining and layering detail. Artisans have carefully crafted this tresser chain on brass materials plated with gold-tone, giving an extra edge to the chain. Pair this recycled necklace with different outfits to elevate your style statement. 


  1. Recycled Brass Earrings: For women, handmade earrings are an integral part of their fashion, and when it comes to sustainable fashion jewellery, nothing can beat this elegant piece of recycled brass earrings. These handmade earring designs are inspired by leaves and showcase the essence of nature around us. 


  1. Raw Silk Embellished Blue Contemporary Choker: If you are searching for that perfect contemporary-looking choker for any occasion, your search ends here. Amala's raw silk handmade choker studded with rare base elements and beautified with pretty embroidery provides all you need. The backing of soft cotton gives it that extra comfort to wear. 



  1. Handmade Brass Gold Finish Ring: Handmade ring by the best artisans in India, this beautiful piece is made out of brass with an after coating of golden colour. It is not a regular-wear ring. It is an exclusive piece crafted for the women who dare to stand out of the crowd - fearlessly and boldly. 


  1. Recycled Brass Gold Toned Bangles: This handmade jewellery design derives its inspiration from Japanese and Korean crafts and culture. The lightweight, handcrafted jewellery is also called the empress bangle and has the textures of tree bark. The process of making this piece is called 'planishing'. 



  1. Wooden Beaded Thread Necklace: If this handmade jewellery online does not remind you of your childhood's freedom and colours, almost nothing will. This light, simple-to-wear jewellery is perfect for your spirited and colourful self. Aptly referred to as a mela or carnival is your ideal partner for those fun occasions. 


  1. Silver Star Clip-on Nose Ring: When you have decided that the nose ring is your attire for the event, why go conservative? Go bold with this beautiful yet simple 92.5 silver piece. Don't sweat it to stand out; press on and brighten up any room. Be the eye-turner you were born to be. 


  1. 92.5 Silver Maang Tika: This beautiful silver maang tika is where the traditional feel meets the contemporary look. Do not let anyone tell you that tradition is boring or outdated. Wear this 92.5 silver maang tika and dazzle the naysayers. Be who you are, and wear your uniqueness with pride. 



  1. Handcrafted Embossed Tassel Hangings Bracelet: Looking for the best gift for your partner? Get her this magical piece for all the magic she brings to your life. Wearing this handcrafted bracelet makes the flower bloom open as she does with her thoughtfulness in life. Gorgeous flower embossed discs for the one you love now and always. 


How to Care for Sustainable Jewellery 

All jewellery comes with its own set of instructions on maintaining it. Whether you buy handmade jewellery online or at a store, you must follow specific instructions for the piece to last longer. Here are some do's and dont's you do to protect your priceless jewellery:


  • Wash your jewellery once a week to ensure that it remains clean. 
  • Clean your jewellery using lukewarm water with soap with a soft toothbrush. 
  • Please take out the jewellery and keep it safe before attempting any physical activities like gardening, swimming, etc. 
  • Always use a light, soft cloth to wipe the jewellery clean.
  • Store it, preferably, in a Ziplock back. 
  • Make sure to keep it away from any skin care products.  
  • Separate gold jewellery and silver jewellery and store them separately.
  • Use mild dishwasher soap to clean the jewellery if it appears too dull.


  • When not in use, ensure you store your jewellery in a safe and dry place. 
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun. 
  • Please don't leave it on wooden furniture.
  • Try not to overuse a single piece of jewellery, even if it is your favourite. Keep changing it. 
  • Do not try cleaning it with toothpaste or any other cleaning liquid.


Buying sustainable and ethical jewellery can be an exciting process, as you have a sense of satisfaction in doing your bit for the environment and not compromising on the quality of the product. However, it would help if you shop only from a trusted online marketplace. At Amala Earth, you will find exclusive sustainable jewellery for every occasion with the best quality. Explore the site now