Looking for Unique Gifts This Festive Season? Choose Upcycled Gifts from Amala Earth

Where to look for a unique upcycled Diwali gift? How about finding an online store where all sustainability enthusiasts can explore and buy upcycled gifts made of the finest quality material? Incredible, right?

If one believes in gift-giving as a language of love, affection, and care to show their loved ones how they feel about them, gifting upcycled festive gifts exhibits to their loved ones that they are being thoughtful about the environment. 

AmalaEarth offers a range of upcycled products and consistently tries to maintain a sustainable fashion in this contemporary era. So, what does it offer? The conscious shoppers can access an extensive range of apparel, natural cleansers, personal care, child care, grooming products, and more.

What are upcycled products?

Upcycled products are those that have been repurposed from waste materials. Rather than being thrown away, upcycled products are given a new life and transformed into something else entirely. For example, upcycling can turn an old coffee mug into a planter, or a used tire can be made into a piece of furniture.

Upcycling is not only good for the environment but can also save money and create unique items. Upcycling is a great way to ensure a green lifestyle, minimising the volume of discarded materials and waste sent to landfills each year. 

Best Diwali gift and Bhai Dooj gift products | Upcycled gifts

Here is a list of handcrafted upcycled products that can become an excellent choice for Diwali gifts or Bhai Dooj gifts:

  1. 1. Aquamarine Upcycled Plastic Eco-Pots

These pots are perfect for green living. Crafted with an eco-conscious design and possessing the best heat-insulating characteristics, they will ensure that the plants grow steadily in any climate they are sown.

These upcycled plastic eco-pots, designed with the environment in mind, are great for eco-conscious plant parents. These pots are made of recycled 100% virgin plastic material that will transform the look of the balcony or garden. Also, these pots are available in three different elegant colours, which any nature lover would love!


  1. 2. Charcoal Upcycled Plastic Eco-Pots

These plastic eco-pots can survive extreme summers, thanks to their heat-absorbing characteristics. They are good for those worried about losing their plants kept in the open during summer. The insulation properties of these plant pots will ensure that the plants grow steadily throughout the year, regardless of the weather; these are the perfect festive gift material for those who love their plants.


  1. 3. Blue & White Stripes Upcycled Cotton Flared Dress

This unique dress can be worn as a shirt or outer layer, with slight gathers on the sides for added shaping at the chest area. The outfit is the best option for a Diwali gift for those who want to add something new and environment-friendly to their wardrobes. Each of these dresses varies in look as they have been made using upcycled clothes; however, their overall look remains the same.



  1. 4. Blue Panelled Upcycled Linen Shirt

Upcycling is a great way to use old fabric and craft something new. It helps save the environment while elevating one's style statement. This shirt is made by recycling factory waste to ensure that no part of this production goes towards polluting the planet.

This garment comes in different styles, but its overall price does not change since they're all part of a limited-edition collection.




  1. 5. Cotton & Upcycled Plastic Chevron Tray | White & Gold

The Chevron tray is a way to add flair to the home! With its luxurious white background accented by gold ropes, this piece can be the perfect accessory during parties for serving food.

No matter how one decides to use it, the beautiful hand-woven design will be appreciated by everyone. This tray can be an excellent Diwali gift for your loved ones!



  1. 6. Convertible Tote Bag | Upcycled Denim | Blue

Jeans are quite popular, but does anyone know how much jeans manufacturing impacts the environment? This is where upcycling of jeans comes in. Upcycling old denim has resulted in a fresh look for the bag and prevented parts of this clothing from ending up in landfills.

The excellent hygiene and washing standards are maintained while giving it an authentic vintage feel that's never been seen before. Every tote bag is unique, so that the buyer may receive different shades on their purchase, but one thing is assured: the bag they get is upcycled from high-quality materials.


  1. 7. Eco-friendly Gifts | Upcycled Gift Box

An Upcycled Gift Box is an ideal Diwali gift for the environmentally conscious individual. The kit includes everything required to make a home sustainable, including an eco-friendly canvas pouch made from upcycled materials.

One can use the upcycled coconut bowls as serving dishes or even plates when not being eaten off of (perfect for use at parties).

The kit has candles that emit zero toxins because they're made of 100% natural soybean wax instead of paraffin oil. It also contains a bamboo toothbrush and cutlery set.


  1. 8. Foldable Pouches | Upcycled

Carrying all necessary items becomes easy, thanks to these bare upcycled pouches! Pouches for all the essentials in a style that will make an individual stand out from the crowd. 

One can choose between a zipper or a flexible tie-up case. All the lining fabrics and braids are made from scrap textiles/fabric ends that would otherwise find a place in the landfill. The products are perfect Diwali gifts sourced from small vendors and handmade by local women. The pouches are washable, reusable, and compact.


Wrapping up

Conscious shoppers are usually looking for a handcrafted gift! They must check out Amala Earth which will empower them to find the perfect Diwali gift or Bhaidooj gift today! Environment enthusiasts can find various items from upcycled materials created by talented artisans. So, bring a smile to a special one by gifting an upcycled product from their wide variety of collections exclusively from this platform.

Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for earth-friendly beauty, fashion, home, food, wellness products, festive gifting and much more! Shop from a wide range of upcycled gifts that are not only exquisite but thoughtful, only on Amala Earth.