Puja Essentials for Holi


Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated with much fervour in India. A day before the celebrations with colour, Holika Dahan puja takes place. This is essentially a bonfire that is kindled to signify the victory of good over evil. Renowned as a spring festival, Holi forms an essential part of Indian celebrations.

The festival brings people together and adds the fragrance of vibrant hues to our lives. Holi is a festival of spreading love and brotherhood, combining traditional puja and fabulous celebrations. 

Legend behind the Holi Puja

Holika Dahan is a tradition of celebrating the legend of burning Holika, a demoness who sat on fire with her nephew Prahlada. The legend signifies the victory of good forces over evil and has been celebrated for many years. 

Here are some must-have products that can add perfection to your Holi puja and festive celebrations.

Herbal Gulaal

  1. For an earth-friendly Holi celebration, go for herbal gulaal instead of the chemical-laden varieties available in the market. This herbal gulaal is made of dried flowers, is eco-friendly, pet-friendly and is not harmful for skin and hair.

Pooja Thali

As per Hindu traditions, no pooja is complete without mentioning brass, renowned as a pure metal with minor impurities. This is why things made up of brass top the list when accumulating essentials for the pooja. 

  1. Start the pooja with an exquisite brass pooja thali, endowed with all the necessary pooja items, such as brass kum kum holder bowls, flowers, agarbatti holders, diyas, etc. However, ensure not to scrub the thali harshly or with a hard substance, as it can leave behind scars. 

Pooja Flower Basket

No pooja is complete without good, fragrant flowers, and Holi Dahan is no exception. Sensing the popularity of accumulating flowers for the pooja, many brands have designed mesmerising flower baskets to help you manage them effectively. 

  1. The brass flower basket comes endowed with a beautiful design etched on it which lends a feeling of auspiciousness to the environment. 
  1. Imagine the beauty of your Holi pooja  embellished with beautiful flowers kept in the flower basket or decorated in a brass urli bowl. This setup will surely win every devotee's heart at Holika Dahan.

Pooja Diya

Another essential item to be taken care of during the Holika Dahan is the pooja diya. As per experts, pital ka diya or brass diya  is considered highly auspicious during any religious event. The reason is that brass is renowned as a good conductor of positive energy and thus attracts only positivity and dispels any negativity. 

  1. Thus, it becomes mandatory to keep a brass diya during any religious event. Now, it is purely up to your wish whether you want to get a brass diya with stand or go for a cumulative brass diya gift set. This gift set includes four fabulous diyas kept in a superb box for use. 

Pooja Essentials

  1. In addition to the above mentioned things, some more essentials are important for your pooja. These include a pooja havan kit, pooja basket, decorations in the form of Banana paper bandarwar and brass flower basket with handle

These kits include every minor thing that performs an essential task in the pooja. Thus, you do not have to waste time getting individual things, but you can get these kits and rest assured. 

For example, a pooja havan kit contains 30 small but highly important things for the religious event. In addition, you can also go for a pooja basket with a handle to make the task of carrying flowers more effortless for you. 


Final Words

India is a country of various festivals which makes this country a joyous land to live in. Holi is integral to North Indian festivities and is celebrated enthusiastically. So, prepare all the essential things and make Holi celebrations all the more fabulous for you and your loved ones. Here's wishing you a joyous and happy Holi!

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