Trending whites for your sustainable summer wardrobe

White is pious, white is auspicious, and white is beautiful. This may be why it is the most worn colour even on the festival of colours like Holi. Though many festivals of diverse kinds are celebrated in India, Holi undoubtedly stands apart from the crowd! The vibrant hues, colourful desserts, bright faces, and rainbow water splashed everywhere make this time of the year memorable. With Holi, the summer season is officially started and white can be your colour for the sustainable wardrobe this year. 

Now, people may sometimes get confused about the options in clothes for wearing white. Some may feel that white is a simple and dull colour and may not look good on them, while some may not be definite about the dress type that goes best with this colour. However, Amala Earth solves this issue and with a variety of options for clothing in white colour for you to choose from. 

Clothes For Women

Women need help to think of something stylish yet elegant and it has to be comfortable because of the summer season. How about a linen saree that can surely match these style requirements. Imagine wearing a beautiful linen saree with a blouse endowed with hand applique work! The clothing will add grace to your surreal personality even in the high temperature, and keep your mood light & breezy. Also, if you want to wear something more casual and comfortable, you can wear a cotton white saree.

Another white coloured dress that can be worn in the sunny season is a white cotton kurta. This pure cotton kurta merged with a pure white kaftan makes a deadly combination to match the festival's gaiety. This is why you can find splendid options for white kaftan and white kurta for women, especially during Holi.

Clothes for Men

Why should men be left behind in the race to wear good white-coloured clothes during summers? Well, one good choice can be a white kurta for men, designed to offer comfort and style.

The white kurta on Amala Earth comes endowed with full sleeves and front potli buttons. Also, you get the advantage of a concealed pocket and a band collar. The kurta is so elegant that you can wear it easily for the festivities or any occasion!

Another brilliant option can be the hemp double breasted kurta, designed while keeping the male body in mind. As the name suggests, the kurta has a double-breasted front and contrasted pocket. The kurta is designed as an epitome of comfort and grace. 

Clothes for Kids

This is a common question for mothers: What should the kids wear in summers that is comfortable as well as suitable to different occasions? The dress should be beautiful but, at the same time, should be easy enough when they want to run here and there or want to play. Girls can easily carry the chanderi silk kurta set, as designers have ensured that the dress does justice to a kid's innocence while keeping their comfort in mind. 

The kurta set is a comfortable fit so that the kurta does not become a hindrance when your little girl plays with her friends, and it also has soft elastic pants. Also, the cotton lining of the kurta reduces any chances of allergies. 

When choosing dresses for boys, you can go for the cotton boys kurta pyjama set and cotton kurta pyjama nehru jacket set. These kurta sets again are designed to make your kids stand apart from the crowd while enjoying the festival to the maximum level. 

Final Words

Well, good clothing sense is what makes us Indians quite famous in the entire world and white, the colour representing our elegance makes our clothing all the more perfect! This summer season, add a lot of white to your wardrobe, keep it natural and sustainable and stay comfortable throughout the season. 

Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in BeautyFashionHomeFoodWellnessFestiveGifting and much more! Shop from a wide range of responsible fashion choices at  Amala Earth.

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