Why Switch To Natural, Organic Bedding This Summer?

Summers can be scorching and tiring in most parts of India; thus, choosing outfits and products that provide comfort is vital. One way to do so is by opting for organic bedding instead of the synthetic fibre one. As interesting as it gets, you can get these bedding options available in naturally dyed herbal colours, for instance, organic bed sheets in indigo-dyed colours. 

Naturally dyed organic cotton bedding can offer you many benefits compared to ordinary ones. Let’s understand how it can help and impact your lifestyle.

What Do You Mean By Herbally Dyed?

When your textiles and fabrics are dyed exclusively using plant-based herbs and natural ingredients, it is called a herbal-dyed product. Nowadays, many companies offer an organic bedding set in a naturally dyed manner. You can check out an organic cotton bed sheet in neem dyes for your regular use instead of an ordinary, chemically dyed bed sheet.

The process involves using herbs with medicinal properties that can benefit your skin. This herbal dyed concept is derived from Ayurveda, an ancient Indian healthcare method. Additionally, instead of using chemicals to bleach these beddings, the companies are exposing them to direct sunlight, thus preventing the use of chemicals in the entire process.

Benefits Of Using Naturally Dyed Bedding

Using a naturally dyed cotton bedsheet or any other product has social and environmental benefits. These benefits are good for both your health and the environment. These bed sheets come in beautiful prints like dabu print, making them look great and stylish. Here are some of the benefits of switching to naturally dyed bedding this summer:

  1. All these beddings are naturally dyed with zero chemical contact. It would mean that people making it and those using it will be protected from harmful chemicals.
  2. These beddings are made using natural ingredients such as turmeric. When you buy a turmeric-dyed bed sheet, you promote a zero-waste policy and save the environment.
  3. Since these organic bed sheets and pillow covers are biodegradable, you can either use them as a reusable cleaning cloth or compost them in the soil when you are finished using them.
  4. All these organic, naturally dyed bedding are non-toxic and do not release harmful substances into the environment like other synthetic dyes.
  5. Moreover, if you use a sandalwood-dyed bed sheet or any other naturally dyed, your chances of catching an allergy will be eliminated. 

  1. Organic cotton requires less water for growing and harvesting purposes. Hence, the products made from organic cotton are more environmentally friendly.
  2. Natural dyes also possess antimicrobial properties making them incredibly safe for kids. Instead of giving your kids synthetically made bedding, offer them organic cotton kids dohar and save them from harmful chemicals.
  3. Since these bedding are made of natural ingredients like flowers, sandalwood, plants, and herbs, they have a vibrant colour and look. For instance, look for an organic cotton bed sheet in dabu print made of indigo and compare it with any other ordinary indigo-coloured bed sheet and feel the difference.


Natural Dyed Products For Gifting Purposes

You can gift bedding made of organic and naturally dyed materials on birthdays, anniversaries, and many other occasions. It would look great to give an organic bed sheet in dabu print and pair it with a cotton cushion cover to complete the set. You can find various organic bed sheets with or without covers. If we look at how our world is going through many environmental challenges, moving on to organic and natural products at the earliest will be fair. 

Bottom Line

Switching to naturally dyed herbal bedding this summer will protect your skin and help save the environment. Next time you plan on buying or gifting bedding, look out for these fantastic products.