Chemical-free Household Cleaners

Household cleaners play a crucial role in keeping the environment clean and healthy. With so many natural cleaner options claiming to remove all kinds of dirt, dust, and stains, it's tough to choose and know which will deliver the required results.

Home-owners have become a little concerned about the cleaning detergents they use on floors, clothes, and other parts of their homes. Most people want to avoid products that lighten the surface colour and leave a permanent stain. This usually happens if the products have a high amount of toxic chemicals as its ingredients in it.

We at Amala Earth, have compiled a list of organic household cleaners to help you pick the most reliable and effective cleaning products for your household. Have a look at Amala Earth's vast range of cleaning products to choose just the right one.

Natural Floor Cleaners

Non-toxic and chemical free household cleaners can wash away all the dirt and stains in a single application. You can use the eco-friendly floor cleaner for spotless cleaning. This cleaning solution is made from natural oils and is strong enough to seamlessly remove dirt, stubborn stains, bleach marks, and other spots. 

It keeps your floor neat throughout the day and prevents germs and bacteria. The product is safe to use on bamboo, vinyl, marble, wood, and laminate floors. Earth-friendly cleaning products are also pet and children-friendly, making them the best choice for active families. 

Dishwashing Liquid

Unlike those harsh petroleum-based cleaners, this natural dishwashing liquid contains a plant-derived formula that efficiently removes grease from metal, glass, and other materials. Your dishes will be 100% clean and free of any unwanted residue and the after-scent of lemon is what keeps your utensils bacteria-free. The natural kitchen cleaner contains no artificial colours, dyes, chlorine, ammonia, or any chemical that leaves germs or stubborn stains on your dishes.

Refills for Surface Cleaning

A relatively new and simple method of cleaning dirty and stained surfaces is by using these cleaning refills. These are small capsules you can dissolve with water in a spray bottle and spray all over the contaminated surfaces. These are zero-waste, multi-purpose, natural house cleaners that work on all kinds and sizes of surfaces. From rooms to your kitchen floors and from bathrooms to stairs, you can use them anywhere.

Room Freshener

A household disinfectant or room freshener is a must for homes with kids and pets and in general for people who like to keep their homes smell fresh. This herbal lemon room freshener has a fresh lemony fragrance that helps you eliminate the pungent smell in any room. It makes the air breathable and refreshing.

It's a much better and safer option than chemical-based room fresheners. The sweet sandal, lily, lemon and lavender scents help you feel at ease and make the room smell super fresh. It is recommended to use it every day to keep your room smelling good. 

Laundry Detergent

The best laundry detergent consists of powerful ingredients that lift the dirt and dust away from your clothes and leave the fabrics looking fresh and free from bacteria. With chemical laundry cleaners, there's a high risk of the fabric getting torn.

The harsh chemicals in detergents remove all stubborn stains easily and ruin the material. The best non toxic laundry detergent won't just remove stains from your clothes but will ensure the soft fabrics are intact. You can also explore other non-toxic laundry detergents made from vegetable oils and plant-based materials.

Scrub Pads

Coconut scrub pads are excellent alternatives to plastic scrubs. These are made out of waste materials and are entirely safe to use without worrying about toxic microplastics entering in your utensils. Designed for sensitive skin and stubborn stains, these scrubs are gentle on your hands and tough on dishes that have accumulated dark stains. 

You can scrub the dishes and kitchen surfaces with these coconut scrub pads. Apply a small amount of house cleaning liquid on the surface and use these pads to scrub the area gently. 

Final Thoughts

These were some of the best, 100% organic, and non-toxic cleaners for home usage. Each comes from a reputable organic brand that will help keep your home fresh, clean, and stain-free. You can try the cleaning solutions that fit your needs and are perfect for your place. With countless cleaning products on Amala Earth, you will always have options which only get better.