The Right Way to Travel - Kits and Travel Essentials

These are some travel essentials one must carry, whether going camping, on a road trip, city hopping or travelling full-time. The exhilaration of the day preceding the trip is unrivalled. However, with the increased excitement and tension, one is bound to overlook a few necessary travel items.

The convenience brought by cash pouches and travel toiletry bags is undeniable. Investing time in travel preparation isn't just plain sense. It's also a necessary aspect of becoming a more sustainable traveller.

Let's get started with an essential travel list that will prepare travellers for whatever travel throws at them.

1. Canvas backpacks

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A perfect travel backpack should be light, secure, and functional. These backpacks help secure travel essentials such as passports, tickets, keys, travel documents, and more and add to the style quotient. 

Check out this amazing Canvas Shoulder Bag on Amala Earth if you want the ideal backpack to hold all the travelling essentials. This handcrafted tan jute backpack comes in handy for all travel items and adds to the overall style quotient.

2. Travel utility pouch

Travel pouches allow one to store their cosmetics, shaver kit, makeup, travel toiletry bag, sanitiser, medicines, and other miscellaneous accessories. This pouch keeps things safe and secure in one spot, eliminating the need to go through the entire luggage every time, making it the perfect travel kit for men and women.

Check out this beautiful Canvas Utility pouch handcrafted from jute. It can comfortably fit all the travel essentials to become a handy, easy-to-use travel kit. These pouches come in elegant designs and colours having enough space to carry all the men grooming ware as well. These pouches can be cleaned easily and will last long enough!

3. Bathroom essentials

Since a toothbrush is a vital oral care product, it must be kept clean and germ-free. Maintaining proper oral hygiene requires keeping dental care products clean, especially when travelling. A bathroom kit has enough space to fit in with other dental hygiene items and all the bathroom essentials when travelling.

 Amala Earth's Bamboo Bathroom Essential kit comes with a toothbrush, hair comb, bamboo straw with cleaner, tongue cleaner and earbuds. Made of fine-quality bamboo, one can recycle this eco-friendly toothbrush or decompose it naturally by returning safely to the soil. 

4. Sun protection

When travelling, the skin is exposed to UV rays, which are detrimental to the skin. It is not possible to reduce exposure to the sun, but one can always be prepared to mitigate its ill effects. Applying sunscreen, thus, becomes an essential part of travel preparation.

Check out this splendid Carrot Sunsafe Sunscreen Lotion offers sun protection products for every skin type that will prevent tanning and skin damage when travelling.    

5. Bottle

Staying hydrated while travelling is essential for health, but it can be difficult, especially if one plans to do a lot of sightseeing. A bottle is an excellent method to remain hydrated when travelling while saving money as well. Bottles are also useful for carrying beverages.

Check out this health-friendly and useful copper bottle. There are several colours and styles to choose from.


6. Shampoo

Haircare is as important on a trip as it is while at home. Giving one's hair, the best nourishment gives them an instant suave look and also provides the best treatments for their hair.

Check out this organic anti-dandruff shampoo and more on Amala Earth.


7. Sunglasses

Pulling off a perfect pair of sunglasses, while on a trip, pays off its worth. Not only does it protect one from pollution and harmful sunlight, but it also adds an adequate amount of style quotient to the look.

Check out these handcrafted wooden sunglasses on Amala Earth.

Amala Earth promotes earth-friendly living. The products from Amala Earth make the perfect additions to a travel kit for men or women, helping them stay organised and prepared for every eventuality. Making an eco-friendly purchase is the cherry on top. Check out these and many other travel essentials on Amala Earth and prepare a travel kit. This is functional, chic and sleek for all travel expeditions.