Sustainable Travel Essentials for Your Next Trip

We all look forward to taking a break from our daily schedule and finding ways to relax. Travelling can do wonders and can offer you an experience of a lifetime. However, you will need a few essentials to ensure a hassle-free journey.

People have grown more conscious of sustainable products and therefore prefer them. Besides quality, the carbon footprint has become an essential criteria in shopping. Buying sustainable travel accessories won’t just reduce your carbon footprint but also save you some money.

For example, plastic bottles are thrown straight into the trash in a brief period. Replacing them with reusable copper bottles is a sustainable choice which is safe for you and healthy for the planet. Copper bottles are highly recommended because of their antibacterial properties and many health benefits. 

Please check out our sustainable travel accessories list crafted explicitly for eco-conscious travellers. 

Travel Bags

Plastic bags are the most common choice for packing clothes and other things. For a sustainable experience, it is advised to ditch your packaging in plastics. Instead of polythene bags, pack your footwear in a newspaper or a sustainable travel accessories bag. 

Do check the jute sling or canvas sling bags for ease of travel. They are a perfect addition to your eco-friendly travel checklist. These are made of natural materials, which can decompose easily. You can also reuse them creatively to support zero-waste practice. 


A pair of unisex sunglasses is another travel essential that you just cannot do without. It is among the must-have travel accessories for men and women. These handcrafted Bellary glasses by Sasha are an attractive choice for women. Different shades of sunglasses are available on Amala Earth, including black, brown, and grey.

Sunscreen Gel

It’s best to wear sunscreen irrespective of the weather condition. You can find sunscreen made with herbal and natural ingredients, designed especially for people with sensitive skin. This SPF 35 moisturising sunscreen gel is a 2-in-1 formula for those who want to be carefree under the sun. It keeps your skin hydrated and nourished.

It offers excellent protection against UV rays. Sunscreens containing harsh chemicals can cause collar bleaching and ocean acidification. It’s important to check the label before buying. It’s best to use 100% natural and non-toxic sunscreen lotions that cause no harm to your skin as well as the environment.


The list of travel accessories for women is incomplete without a hat. A sustainable cotton hat offers ultimate comfort in all seasons. It is also easy to pack in your luggage or handbag. You can pair it with sunglasses and a canvas shoulder bag to complete your look. Made of cotton, it’s an eco-friendly and premium travel item for your national and international trips.


Reusable Bottle

If you drink a lot of water while travelling, you can easily collect 10-15 plastic bottles daily. These bottles are then thrown away after a single use. To go greener, you can use reusable bottles and cups.

A copper bottle can save you from accumulating waste and is the safest option for kids and adults. If you are travelling with a baby, copper bottles are an excellent choice compared to plastic ones. A reusable bottle made from copper tops the list of travel accessories for baby. 

Cotton Scarf

A cotton scarf is another significant travel essential for women. A cotton-striped scarf can sometimes add a styling touch and enhance your attire. You can use this hand block printed scarf by wrapping it around your neck.

If you want something fancy, this blue-printed tie scarf made of recycled plastic is a brilliant choice. It’s 100% sustainable and made from cruelty-free and sustainable materials. You can style it in different ways and give an edge to your look.

Final Thoughts

Last-minute packing can be a real hassle. If you are looking for a zero-waste travel accessories kit, you can buy this travel kit on Amala Earth. It’s an ultimate addition to a traveller’s luggage.

Besides the above essentials, keep a mosquito repellant and travel pouch handy for an excellent travel experience. Amala Earth is indeed your one-stop solution for travel essentials and has everything you will need.