Host the Perfect High Tea Party at Home

Indians and tea are a match made in heaven. Tea party invitations can lead to long-lasting relationships with friends, family, or neighbours. If you have always loved organising tea parties at home, try doing it differently this time. 

Next time you host a tea party, host the very famous, High Tea. Organising high tea is taking your tea parties to the next level. There are different ways you can amp up your regular tea parties into a high tea by just a little change in the crockery and table setting. You can use a ceramic bowl instead of your regular one to add to the charm of your party. You can even use ceramic mugs or glass mugs instead of your plastic ones and create a better and aesthetically pleasing setting.

Let's look at some of the other ideas.

Cutlery Options

High tea is usually an afternoon affair. You can use ceramic plates to serve delicious snacks. Pure linen napkins can be added to your plate to make it more glamorous. You can even use ceramic kulhars instead of cups and mugs. If you plan to organise this high tea in an outdoor setup, use table runners to cover your table to give it a nice and elegant look. You can also use a woven tray, cotton and metal tray instead of a plastic tray to give it a royal look.



Themed High Tea

Organising your party according to a dress, character, or occasion theme is advised. Place handblown glass as decoratives, and if you have a colour-specific theme, use colour-specific ceramic plates to serve your food. Your guests will be left speechless with your hospitality. 

Decoration Items

Decoration plays a significant role in any party, so always choose products matching your theme and style. High tea is complete with a proper setup and decoration. A woven placemat or coaster can be used to adorn the table. You can place small jars for sugar and milk for further enhancement. You can even use handmade crochet as coasters for keeping the classy stoneware mugs. It is advised to go for a coconut tea cup set to give a tropical look to your tea party.

Serving Ideas

The next thing that goes into deciding the high tea is how to serve it. There are different varieties of cutlery that you can go for; for instance, go for a brass cutlery set to match your iron cake stand for serving cake. You can use a ceramic platter to serve your cold sandwiches and salads. Keep an iron gold buffet organiser to keep all food items in one place for easy access for your guests.

Different Sets For Different Tea

In India, there is a wide variety of different teas one can find. On top of it, a few people are particular about different mugs and cups for their tea. You can use glass teapot sets and hand-blown glass teapots for people who like to keep their tea leaves infused for a long time. Later serve the tea in a double-walled hand-blown glass mug for a complete experience. 

And for people who don't like tea and are still invited, choose a ceramic filter coffee set. Serve their favourite beverage in a glass and wooden tray to make it look more elegant. Remember to keep table napkins on your tables matching your teapot sets.

Table Setting

After deciding on the menu, tea, crockery, cutlery, and other things, it is time to decide how you would like to set your high tea table. You can use cotton table mats and a sand timer to make it look more beautiful. Your table can always be filled with some munchies in stainless steel and brass bowls that your guests can continue to munch even after the tea is over.

Return Favours

Providing return gifts to guests is optional, but you can still do it. You can choose a ceramic quarter plate set, ceramic teapot set, or even a brass water jug as souvenirs for your elegant high tea party.

Bottom Line

High tea is a great way to meet old and new people and expand your social circle. If done right, you will be remembered as a perfect host. It is advised to checklist the above points before planning your first high tea party.