Celebrating Earth Day at Amala Earth

As we celebrate the third anniversary of Amala Earth on this Earth Day, join us as we honour the homegrown brands that have helped us reach this special milestone. From sustainable fashion to handcrafted home decor, natural beauty products and organic foods, each product on this platform reflects our dedication to creating a more sustainable future for all.

Celebrating Earth Day at Amala Earth

At Amala Earth, we are committed to offer products that honour the planet that sustains us all. Therefore, on the occasion of Earth Day 2024, we have decided to show our gratitude by organising the Amala Earth Day Awards that celebrate the brands and founders that share our ethos of slow living and are making a positive impact on the planet.

Mindful Eating Brands at Amala Earth

We believe sustainable living begins with your kitchen, which is why we feature a wide range of mindful eating products by homegrown brands such as:

1. Mr Makhana

A guilt-free snacking brand whose vision is to bring quick snacking that is easy on the body to provide a wholesome alternative to unhealthy bingeing with the motto of guilt-free snacking.

Check out Mr Makhana at Amala Earth

2. Two Brothers Organic Farm

A farm-to-table brand that produces fresh, natural and healthy foods & helps secure rural livelihoods by teaching them organic farming. They also do farming in a regenerative way to heal soil life and soil nutrition to create food devoid of chemicals and full of nutrition.

Check out Two Brothers Organic Farm at Amala Earth

3. Aamra

A preservative-free condiments brand since 1964 that makes pure hand-ground masalas and traditional pickles handmade by the women artisans of India. Aamra is not only a healthy and mindful eating brand but also a community-led brand that is making a difference.

Check out Aamra at Amala Earth

4. The Whole Truth Foods

A mindful brand makes food so clean that they proudly declare every single ingredient that goes into it. They speak the whole truth because they are transparent in their ingredients and safe in their processes.

Check out The Whole Truth Foods at Amala Earth

5. Gudmom

A brand that has 100% organic and fresh farm produce. Their vision is to make millet & organic foods accessible to all. They have empowered 5000+ organic farmers, certified them, provided them with seeds and training which is necessary to engage in organic farming.

Check out Gudmom at Amala Earth

Sustainable Fashion Brands at Amala Earth

If you’re always on the lookout for fashion pieces that make a statement and reflect a commitment towards the earth, visit Amala Earth. You can find homegrown brands that offer responsible fashion choices and do their part for the environment. Some of our favourite sustainable fashion brands include:

1. Suta

A sustainable design house that centres on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and contemporaneity. SUTA or thread, the basis of the brand's inspiration is a reminder of the craft traditions of India.

Check out Suta at Amala Earth

2. BANANA Labs

A traditional and sustainable fashion brand whose passion for Indian culture and this tradition has stood the test of time. With their modern and contemporary twist, while retaining the authenticity of the craft, they have heritage styles handcrafted by artisans of India.

Check out BANANA Labs at Amala Earth

3. Tangerine

The 1st bio-jewellery brand designed to work with 100% recycled materials. They design and conceptualise their jewellery using technologies to exalt raw materials which are made of natural elements.

Check out Tangerine at Amala Earth


A homegrown sustainable brand that offers unique and versatile designs made from earth-friendly and comfortable fabrics. They promote ethical practices that give their clothes a meaning.

Check out MATI at Amala Earth

5. Saphed

A responsible fashion brand that is focussed on creating quality linen wear and supporting sustainable fashion choices. Drawing inspiration from India’s geography and culture, they hope to stretch the boundaries of world-renowned Indian heritage and contribute to the global linen renaissance.

Check out Saphed at Amala Earth

Joyful Home Decor Brands at Amala Earth

Elevate your living space with handpicked home decor pieces that are made with eco-friendly materials and practices. Explore earth-friendly decor brands that can turn your house into a joyful home.

1. Sirohi

An artisan-backed brand for sustainable home decor and lifestyle products promoting the values of Indian culture and heritage for globally conscious buyers. They also provide online/tech-based design support and skill development training to women artisans from rural communities who have existing craft skills.

Check out Sirohi at Amala Earth

2. Green Heirloom

A non-toxic kitchenware brand which is reflective of the Indian legacy and makes cookware in natural materials like bronze, clay, brass and cast iron.

Check out Green Heirloom at Amala Earth

3. Everything Beautiful

A mindful brand that curates locally sourced products which enhance our home and kitchen experience, offering not just quality but also affordability, ensuring that everyone can revel in the beauty of everyday life.

Check out Everything Beautiful at Amala Earth

4. Nakshikathaa

A home brand that restores and preserves the crafts of India that are diverse, rich in history, culture and heritage. They have embarked on a journey to bring back the authentic craftsmanship of India in the form of decor products made from natural materials.

Check out Nakshikathaa at Amala Earth

5. Lazy Gardener

An eco-friendly and sustainable brand that has hassle-free products and solutions for urban gardeners. Their wide range includes organic soils & fertilisers, pots, plants, gardening tools, and more.

Check out Lazy Gardener at Amala Earth

Ethical Beauty Brands at Amala Earth

From natural skincare essentials to eco-friendly makeup and beauty products, here are some brands we love that prioritise sustainability and transparency in their formulations. Find these homegrown ethical beauty brands at Amala Earth.

1. Ohria Ayurveda

An organic and natural skin and beauty brand which has natural Ayurvedic products. They source the most sacred herbs and plants from Himalayas, nurturing and developing every product with love and passion.

Check out Ohria Ayurveda at Amala Earth

2. Just Herbs

An Ayurvedic beauty brand that creates holistic beauty solutions that are safe, honest and effective. They pair the best aspects of traditional ayurvedic practices with learning from contemporary knowledge to offer skincare, hair care and makeup products that nourish, preserve and protect.

Check out Just Herbs at Amala Earth

3. Faith & Patience

A clean skincare and hair care brand that provides high-quality and cruelty-free products that help women feel confident and beautiful. Their mission is to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and enhance their skin and hair with safe and effective products.

Check out Faith & Patience at Amala Earth

4. Bare Necessities Zero Waste Solutions

A social enterprise with a zero-waste policy that produces personal and lifestyle products and create everyday necessities that are designed to not land up in oceans and landfills.

Check out Bare Necessities at Amala Earth

5. Purearth

An ethical beauty brand that celebrates the deep thread of infinite wisdom from ancient communities, raw, natural beauty free of chemicals and quick fixes, and craftsmanship that nourishes the body, mind and soul.

Check out Purearth at Amala Earth

Conscious Family Brands at Amala Earth

Here are some of our recommended conscious family brands that offer a diverse range of products in baby care, maternity care and more for your loving family.

1. Masaya

A kids brand that has a vision of creating a greener future while providing a sense of comfort and security for children to freely be themselves. Their goal is to communicate with children through art by creating natural bedding and plushies.

Check out Masaya at Amala Earth

2. Forest Child

A 100% cotton and handmade clothing brand for babies, they take their inspiration from a child who enjoys being acquainted with the nature, animals and flora.

Check out Forest Child at Amala Earth

3. Cot and Candy

An organic kids brand with minimalist essentials made from the softest and certified organic cotton fabrics. Their GOTS certification ensures that their clothing is made using eco-friendly materials, promoting a healthier environment for future generations.

Check out Cot and Candy at Amala Earth

4. Baby Jalebi

An organic baby brand that makes smart parenting products including natural baby bedding, nursery décor, diaper bags, play furniture and more. They continuously innovate, check quality and consciously support the environment.

Check out Baby Jalebi at Amala Earth

5. The Good Gift

The Good Gift up-skills women from rural & indigenous communities of the Nilgiris with craft forms and enables them to produce handmade dolls using textile waste.

Check out The Good Gift at Amala Earth

Feel Good Others Brands at Amala Earth

Here are some lifestyle brands that help you lead a fuller life by providing eco-friendly alternatives to many day-to-day essentials. From stationery, mindfulness products, yoga essentials and pet care, you can find different products under these labels.


A brand that makes innovative upcycled products from pre-existing material into lifestyle products who aspire a clean, green and conscious lifestyle.

Check out SCRAPSHALA at Amala Earth

2. Phool

An eco-friendly brand that collects pious floral waste from the temples, which is then flower-cycled by women artisans and handcrafted into different natural pooja essentials.

Check out Phool at Amala Earth

3. BioQ

An eco-friendly brand that develops products that are aimed at helping people make the switch to eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. They dream of a perfect circular system where all that was once waste, can be converted into something of value again.

Check out BioQ at Amala Earth

Women-led Artisan Brands to Support

Women-led artisan brands have been immensely impactful in bringing the discussion of women empowerment to the forefront. Let’s have a look at some of the top women-led brands you can find at Amala Earth.

1. Satmya

This food brand follows slow and traditional methods and tends to produce products to preserve the utmost purity of all the ingredients. They are trying to bring back the age-old practices and medicinal foods of Ayurveda into our daily lives for their immense healing benefits.

Check out Satmya at Amala Earth

2. Quirksmith

A handcrafted silver jewellery brand that creates designs that spark conversations. Their team comprises over 60% women and have created employment for over 50 artisans and their families across India with unique craftsmanship and designs that set them apart.

Check out Quirksmith at Amala Earth

3. Abel House

A lifestyle brand that stays connected to our Indian heritage and craftsmanship while embracing all things vintage. Their product offerings range from kitchenware, décor, and furnishings.

Check out Abel House at Amala Earth

4. Neutraleaf

A brand that develops healthy & easy-to-consume supplements to ensure that we make nutrition a daily part of our lives. They offer natural, organic and vegan superfoods to create natural remedies for the modern customer in the form of holistic, expert-backed supplements.

Check out Neutraleaf at Amala Earth

5. Mouse In The House

A brand with handcrafted kidswear full of cool and functional designs, inspired by different stories. Their gender-neutral clothes are made of premium, natural fabrics that are kind to their delicate skin.

Check out Mouse In The House at Amala Earth

The Takeaway

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, Amala Earth reaffirms its commitment to promoting sustainable living and empowering consumers to make more mindful lifestyle choices. By supporting these homegrown brands, you can start your journey towards sustainability and contribute to the growth of local artisan communities.