Celebrating the Changemakers of Sustainability at Amala Earth

The Amala Earth Day Awards 2024 serve as a platform to honour and amplify the voices of those who are driving positive change in our society. With these awards, we aim to celebrate the contributions of brands and individuals who are working towards and inspiring others to join the movement towards a more sustainable future. Here we present to you the first category - ‘The Changemakers’

Honouring the Changemakers of Sustainability

With ‘The Changemakers Award’, we wish to celebrate the brands that are bringing a positive change on a social, global and environmental level. Thus, we have divided the award into the following sub-categories:

  • Social Impact
  • Environmental Impact
  • Global Impact
  • Women-led Artisan Brands

At Amala Earth, we believe that being earth-friendly goes beyond just selling eco-friendly products. It is equally important to celebrate those who are driving systematic change with their efforts to create a better future. Read further to learn about the brands that have been nominated for the different sub-categories and stay tuned for the announcement of the results on 22nd April on the occasion of Earth Day 2024.

Social Impact

This sub-category honours individuals and organisations that have significantly contributed to addressing social issues through sustainable initiatives. Whether empowering the local communities, promoting education and healthcare access, or fostering inclusivity, these changemakers are catalysts for positive social change.


A women-centric start-up based in Kerala that creates sustainable and reusable products from discarded coconut shells. These unique pieces are handcrafted by local artisans, preserving traditional craftsmanship and promoting environmental conservation.

Check out Thenga at Amala Earth

2. Fermoscapes

A sustainable home and lifestyle brand driven by artisans, combining traditional and modern aesthetics for your home. Their products are skillfully handwoven by women artisans across India, ensuring a fair trade that empowers them to earn a livelihood.

Check out Fermoscapes at Amala Earth

3. DeBelle

A clean beauty brand that strives to provide the highest quality cosmetic products infused with natural extracts. They also support an orphanage every 6 months with clothes, funds, and basic food supplies.

Check out DeBelle at Amala Earth


A brand that makes innovative upcycled products from pre-existing material into lifestyle products that encourage a clean, green and conscious lifestyle.

Check out SCRAPSHALA at Amala Earth

5. The Good Gift

The Good Gift helps women from rural and indigenous communities of the Nilgiris by upskilling with craft forms and enabling them to produce handmade dolls using textile waste.

Check out The Good Gift at Amala Earth

6. Praakritik

A mindful food brand that is passionate about providing high-quality organic products. They have a wide range of honey, ghee, superfoods and more with certifications and approvals from FSSAI, NPOP, NOP, USDA, and USFDA.

Check out Praakritik at Amala Earth

Environment Impact

The Environment Impact sub-category celebrates those who are leading the charge in environmental conservation and eco-friendly innovation. These changemakers are dedicated to preserving our planet's biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

1. Bare Necessities

A social enterprise with a zero-waste policy that produces personal and lifestyle products and creates everyday necessities that are designed to not land in oceans and landfills.

Check out Bare Necessities at Amala Earth

2. OnEarth

A sustainable lifestyle products brand of handcrafted, durable, and eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic products. ONEarth believes in the motto of ONE Earth, ONE Life, ONE Health, and aims to rebuild the planet for better health and lives.

Check out OnEarth at Amala Earth

3. PureCult

A brand that revolutionises the home care industry by offering eco-friendly and plant-based cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and the environment.

Check out PureCult at Amala Earth

4. Oodaii

A sustainable home and textile brand built upon the foundational values of innovation, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

Check out Oodaii at Amala Earth

5. Toy Trunk

A kids' brand that is designed to encourage creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. They have a wide range of toys and games made from natural and safe materials for every age and varied interests.

Check out Toy Trunk at Amala Earth

6. Phool

An eco-friendly brand that collects pious floral waste from the temples, which is then flower cycled by women artisans and handcrafted into different natural pooja essentials for your home.

Check out Phool at Amala Earth

7. Peepal Farm

Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, and an awareness organisation, working to help animals heal and be heard. Additionally, they employ women of their village to make a diverse range of organic products, all by hand.

Check out Peepal Farm at Amala Earth

Global Impact

The Global Impact category aims to honour initiatives that transcend borders and make a difference on a global scale. From pressing global challenges like climate change, poverty, and inequality, to initiatives promoting cross-cultural understanding and cooperation, these changemakers are shaping a better world for all.

1. Two Brothers Organic Farm

A farm-to-table food brand that produces fresh, natural and healthy foods and helps secure rural livelihoods by teaching them organic farming. They also do farming in a regenerative way to heal soil life and soil nutrition to create food devoid of chemicals and full of nutrition.

Check out Two Brothers Organic Farm at Amala Earth

2. Mr. Makhana

A guilt-free snacking brand whose vision is to bring quick snacking that is easy on the body to provide a wholesome alternative to unhealthy bingeing with the motto of guilt-free snacking.

Check out Mr Makhana at Amala Earth


An artisan-backed brand for sustainable home decor and lifestyle products promoting the values of Indian culture and heritage for globally conscious buyers. They also provide online/tech-based design support and skill development training to women artisans from rural communities with craft skills.

Check out Sirohi at Amala Earth


A homegrown sustainable brand that offers unique and versatile designs made from earth-friendly and comfortable fabrics. They promote ethical practices that give their clothes a meaning.

Check out MATI at Amala Earth

Woman-led Artisan Brands

To acknowledge the invaluable contribution of women in the world of entrepreneurship, this sub-category highlights woman-led artisanal brands that are not only creating beautiful sustainable products but also clearing the path for more women entrepreneurs. These changemakers are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and inspiring others to follow.

1. Mouse In The House

A brand offering handcrafted kidswear full of cool and functional designs, inspired by different stories. Their gender-neutral clothes are made of premium, natural fabrics that are kind to their delicate skin.

Check out Mouse In The House at Amala Earth

2. Masaya

A kids' brand that has a vision of creating a greener future while providing a sense of comfort and security for children to freely be themselves. Their goal is to communicate with children through art by creating natural bedding and plushies.

Check out Masaya at Amala Earth

3. Cot and Candy

An organic kids' brand with minimalist essentials made from the softest and certified organic cotton fabrics. Their GOTS certification ensures that their clothing is made using eco-friendly materials, promoting a healthier environment for future generations.

Check out Cot and Candy at Amala Earth

4. Greendigo

An organic baby clothing brand that designs sustainable products that are made to last, easy to maintain, and yet stylish and luxurious. They make GOTS-certified organic cotton clothes and nursery essentials for children that are safe, comfortable and eco-friendly.

Check out Greendigo at Amala Earth

5. Abel House

A lifestyle brand that stays connected to the Indian heritage and craftsmanship while embracing all things vintage. Their product offerings range from kitchenware, décor, and furnishings.

Check out Abel House at Amala Earth

6. Aplito

A home brand with handcrafted linens made using age-old hand quilting techniques and needlework. The brand personally selects only the best materials with an eye towards high quality and responsible production.

Check out Aplito at Amala Earth

7. Sātmya

This food brand follows slow and traditional methods and tends to produce handmade products to preserve the utmost purity of all the ingredients. They are trying to bring back the age-old practices and medicinal foods of Ayurveda into our daily lives for their immense healing benefits.

Check out Satmya at Amala Earth

8. Aamra

Here is a preservative-free condiments brand since 1964 that makes pure hand-ground masalas and traditional pickles by the women artisans of India.

Check out Aamra at Amala Earth

9. Neutraleaf

A brand that develops healthy and easy-to-consume supplements to ensure that we make nutrition a daily part of our lives. They offer natural, organic and vegan superfoods to create natural remedies for the modern customer in the form of holistic, expert-backed supplements.

Check out Neutraleaf at Amala Earth

10. Ohria Ayurveda

An organic and natural skin and beauty brand which has natural Ayurvedic products. They source the most sacred herbs and plants from the Himalayas, nurturing and developing every product with love and passion.

Check out Ohria Ayurveda at Amala Earth

11. Quirksmith

A handcrafted silver jewellery brand that creates designs that spark conversations. Their team comprises over 60% women and has created employment for over 50 artisans and their families across India.

Check out Quirksmith at Amala Earth

12. Tangerine

The 1st bio-jewellery brand designed to work with 100% recycled materials. They design and conceptualise their jewellery using technologies to exalt raw materials which are made of natural elements.

Check out Tangerine at Amala Earth

13. Suta

A sustainable design house that centres on creating a range of attire with a blend of tradition and modernity. SUTA or thread, the basis of the brand's inspiration is a reminder of the ancient craft traditions of India.

Check out Suta at Amala Earth

The Takeaway

Vote for your favourite sustainable brands in the Amala Earth Day Awards 2024 that are bringing a change with their invaluable efforts. Stay tuned for more categories that honour the earth-friendly brands that you can find on our platform. Celebrate Earth Day by making a difference and voting for the pioneers of sustainability.