Smart & Practical Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions (That You Can Keep!)

If you're like most of us, you've probably given up on the pointless efforts of making and keeping new year's resolutions by now. Sooner or later, reality sinks in; we realize that life is still as taxing as it was before the clock struck midnight. If the changes are not apparent, what good can a resolution do, right? 

But have you ever wondered why the conviction diminishes so soon? Why do we fail almost entirely by the time it's February? It's because we often prioritize things that don't matter in real life, essentially setting ourselves up for a big failure. Even while knowing this truth, it's hard to get started and follow the right path. It is a reason big enough to put people off trying at all. 

Looking around yourself can give you a good hint about what needs your immediate attention, which needs to be set right now. Small changes in your life can go a long way in protecting the planet; it is slipping into a dismal state at present. 

So, this new year, let us all explore eco-friendly ways to change our lives, caring for the environment while we care for ourselves. 

12 Best Eco-Friendly New Year Resolutions for 2022

Trust us; you won’t get bored while keeping these resolutions. 

  • Change The Way You Travel

Traveling to the office, school, college, etc., via personal vehicles puts a great deal of stress on our resources. Don't think that your contribution is too small or insignificant to bring a change. 

Start finding ways like using a cycle or traveling by public transport rather than taking your car out every day. Walk to places wherever feasible, and join carpool groups to take the initiative in doing something good for the environment. 

  • Time For a Personal Waste Audit

To cut down on using things that are not eco-friendly at all, you first need to know what you are using in the first place. A waste audit is a process where you check your waste output to identify the amount of non-degradable stuff you're using currently. 

It's not a difficult thing at all. You can do it effectively with only a week's worth of waste generated. 

Once you've noted your usage of plastic disposables, try finding reusable alternatives for the same. This way, week-by-week, you'll progress towards a point where your dependence on plastic items would reduce significantly. 

  • Say No To Showering

Taking a shower wastes water quite a lot. Of course, there shouldn't be any compromise with bathing every day (yes, we are talking to you!), but using a bucket to do so is undoubtedly a more sustainable way. 

Further, even with bucket bathing, ensure that you don't spend too much time enjoying the bath while wasting away water like anything. 

  • Cultivate The Habit To Donate

One man's meat is another man's poison. Not intended to mean anything literally, but the point remains that understanding the role of donations in sustainable living should not be overlooked. 

All of us get rid of certain items every month that may have lost the charm for us. But they are still decent enough for donating, if you think a little conservatively. It won't just help someone in need, it would also prevent them from buying more of such things that tax Earth's resources. 

If you start composting your food scraps and other waste materials, you'll produce some invaluable manure and also do proper waste disposal. 

Besides, cultivating a habit of indulging in gardening will serve as a great pastime besides adding more plants. This particular resolution will be enjoyable, memorable, and easy to keep. 

  • Go Digital

Since we're already whiling away hours by scrolling through our phones (doomscrolling, to be honest), shifting to an 'everything digital' world won't be challenging for us. So, be a little considerate and avoid printing things wherever possible. 

Taking a flight, going for a movie, or anything whatsoever, prefer showing tickets on your phones. Trust us; it’s just a habit for most of us that can be changed, allowing us to save tons of paper every year. 

  • Think Second-hand

Not contesting the joy and pleasure of buying new stuff, but do checkout shopping websites for second-hand goods occasionally too. 

Often people are willing to sell things that are still in decent condition. These things have almost the same kind of utility as a new one. So, this new year, scout for such items online, saving some money for yourself and not adding to the stress on Earth's resources. 

  • Try Becoming A Vegan

Since we're talking about bringing very personal changes in here, making efforts to go vegan can be on your list too. 

Now, don't pay heed to those 'vegan is boring' naysayers. Lack of imagination is what's making them say that, we suppose. Needless to say, vegan lifestyles contribute a lot to the environment by protecting both animal and plant resources. There's a lot to explore in veganism—not forgetting the benefits it offers and the changes it can bring to your life this coming year. 

  • Do Away With Phantom Energy

Quit the tendency to use devices that drain energy even while not in use. Devices that automatically go into a “standby” or "sleep" mode end up wasting more energy than they save. 

The electricity bills in households where we use these devices are about 10% higher than average. Your resolution should also prioritize buying and using more energy-efficient appliances that are compliant with environmental-safety guidelines. 

  • Switch to Greener Everyday Essentials

Products like cleaning supplies and cosmetics come from plastic elements like microbeads. Unfortunately, these ingredients do not degrade naturally, and their release into the oceans causes harm to aquatic life. 

Hence, as a small yet meaningful gesture, try and use essential care products made with natural ingredients.

  • Joining Awareness Groups

Joining and building a community to raise awareness about environmental protection is essential. Reach out to like-minded people working towards making sustainable living a reality. 

Think of yourself as an active member of the community and contribute in every way possible to bring others on the right track—a great way can be to sign relevant petitions throughout the year to raise environment-related issues strongly.

  • Learn A Skill: Sewing

Since sustainable living is the key to conservation strategies, learning skills like sewing will definitely be impactful in helping you out. 

Repairing or upcycling clothes will be possible with this skill, preventing you from generating any waste or spending unnecessarily on new clothes. 

Over to you!

You can technically start eco-friendly resolutions anytime, but certainly, the best time is now. The aim is to make your resolution a habit by the end of the following year. 

Remember, it's not about saving the planet. It’s about saving ourselves because if we do not take any meaningful action today, we will drag all species into a life of suffering. 

So, making a simple, yet effective adaptation on a personal level is the right place to start. The right motivation and determination to adhere to our resolve is the key to success.