5 Delicious And Unique Teas To Try This Winter Season


Winters are here! The days are getting shorter, winds are getting cooler, temperatures are dropping, and the sun is mostly hiding behind clouds. On such chilly winter days, only a cup of hot tea can bring you comfort and much-needed warmth. From sweet cinnamon to bitter neem, lime, and mint, there are plenty of aromatic and flavourful teas that can soothe you and keep you warm and cosy.

Apart from giving warmth to your body, these teas provide much-needed health benefits. From treating cold symptoms and boosting immunity to keeping your weight and sugar levels in check, these teas pack a lot of wellness in them.

Here, we have a list of 5 delicious and unique teas to try this season and add colour to otherwise grey winter days.

  1.       Turmeric Latte

This hand-made blend is produced by women artisans from Uttarakhand. The local farmers source kachi haldi, pahadi haldi, and other ethically grown spices to create this latte. This infusion works wonderfully in boosting immunity and curbing infections.

Health Benefits

  •           Anti-viral
  •           Anti-fungal
  •           Anti-bacterial
  •           Anti-inflammatory effects
  •       Reduces blood pressure
  •       Improves gut health


  •       Pahadi Haldi
  •       Dalchini
  •       Jaiphal
  •       Elaichi
  •       Pahadi Adrak


  •       Scoop 1 teaspoon of turmeric latte powder from the jar and add it to a mug of hot milk.
  •       Alternatively, you can also take a saucepan, add milk and latte powder, and whisk gradually over low heat.
  •       Once it is hot, transfer them into mugs and enjoy.


  1.       Neem Giloy Brew

In ancient texts, giloy has been referred to as the ‘root of immortality’ or ‘Amrit’. Neem Giloy Brew is packed with the goodness of giloy leaves and stems. The brew is sourced from the giloy creeper, which is extensively grown on an age-old Neem tree, which adds the benefits of Neem to it.

Adding to the nutritional factor is purple basil (shyama tulsi) and harsingar (parijat), which are excellent sources of vitamins, antibacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory supplements.

Health Benefits

  •       Boosts immunity
  •       Helps tackle stress
  •       Aids in following a robust lifestyle
  •       Fights respiratory problems
  •       Keeps flu, cough, and cold at bay


  •       Neem
  •       Giloy
  •       Parijat leaves
  •       Shyama Tulsi


  •       Add 1 teaspoon (or 3 grams) of Sātmya Neem Giloy to approximately 150 ml water.
  •       Let the water boil until it is reduced to half.
  •       Strain the brew in a cup and drink warm.
  •       You can also add some honey to the brew (if needed).


  1.       Mojito Mint Lime Green Tea

One of the best blends of lime leaves, green tea, and mint, this brew will refresh you in a jiffy! Packed with some excellent health benefits, it is a must-have tea this winter.


Health Benefits

  •       Promotes digestion
  •           Neutralises free radicals
  •       Increases metabolism
  •       Fat-burning potential


  •       Green Tea
  •           Lemongrass
  •       Lime Pieces
  •           Peppermint
  •       Lime Leaves


  • Green Tea      Take 2.5 grams of the tea and add it to 220 ml of water.
  •       Let it mix well for 3 to 4 minutes at 80 to 90 degrees Celsius.
  •       Strain the mixture and serve warm.



  1.       Ganga Jamuna Mix Herbs Kadha

Formulated with 14 adaptogenic (a herbal or natural substance that helps the body in adapting to stress) spices and herbs, this rich blend is a boon for your health and wellness.

Health Benefits

  •           Strengthens the immune system
  •       Improves memory (both short and long term)
  •       Keeps infections at bay
  •       Improves digestion
  •       Reduces nausea
  •           Alleviates cramps


  •       Holy Basil (Tulsi)
  •       Black Cardamom
  •       Brahmi
  •       Fennel seeds
  •       Dry Ginger
  •       Ceylon Cinnamon
  •       Black Pepper
  •       Liquorice (Mulethi)
  •       Cardamom
  •       Arjuna Bark
  •       Bay Leaf
  •       Nutmeg (Jaifal)
  •       Star Anise
  •       Banafsha


  •       For a balanced and flavourful kadha, boil 150 ml water in a pan.
  •       Add 1 teaspoon (3 grams) of Sātmya Ganga Jamuna Kadha, and cover the pan with a lid.
  •       Allow the mixture to brew for 2 to 3 minutes.
  •       Filter and enjoy your healthy kadha.
  •       If needed, you can sweeten it with honey or jaggery, and you can also add a lemon wedge to it!

Quick tip

Try adding a spoonful of this kadha to milk while preparing your regular cup of morning or evening tea. It will give you an even more flavourful cup of tea.


  1.       Sweet Cinnamon Masala Chai

You must try this delectable blend of the flavourful and robust Assam black tea that comes with a tangy hint. With the essence of cardamom and cinnamon, the malty flavour of Assam tea promises nothing but an exclusive joyous experience!

Health Benefits

  •       Aids weight management
  •       Helps in controlling sugar levels


  •       Black Tea
  •       Cardamom
  •       Cinnamon


  •       Add one tea bag in 200 ml of hot water (80 to 90 degrees Celsius).
  •       Let it brew for 2 to 3 minutes.
  •       You can even try adding milk instead of water. If required, add some sugar or honey as per your taste.




Are you looking for alternatives to your regular milk tea? Check out this list of our top picks of tea and beverages that will keep you warm without adding any extra calories. These healthy drinks will also help ward off flu, cold, and cough tendencies.

We hope that you make the best of these chilly winter days with some of our amazing teas.