Purposeful Gifting for Babies

Are you seeking a good gift for babies? A gift which can be of great use to the baby and the parent? 

Though ample gifting options are available for babies, it may be tricky to select the perfect one. The selected gift should simultaneously be unique, valuable, and impressive. 

  1. It is better to seek a gift that can be used well till the baby is of a particular age. To lend you a helping hand in the process, let us review some of the perfect gifts for little ones found on  Amala Earth.

Baby Clothes

  1. Clothes can never go out of fashion when you want to give something to a baby. However, since their skin is very soft, it is always better to go for organic gifts for kids, such as organic cotton clothes for babies. Amala Earth brings a collection of organic cotton gift set, including a set of two jablas and one pant made of 100 percent organic cotton. 
  2. Another option is a cotton jabla set for kids from zero to 5 years old. Available in beautiful blue and beige colours, the jabla is perfect for ensuring a breathable clothing piece for the baby. If you want a wider variety, select an organic cotton muslin gift hamper containing clothes and muslin napkins, caps, bibs, and socks.

Baby Cot Bedding Set

Baby cots are an imperative aspect of kids' rooms, and every household with a baby is sure to have them. You can always think of gifting a baby cot bedding set for newborns. It will make the baby more comfortable while sleeping.

  1. Amala Earth brings a beautiful and comfortable organic cotton baby bedding set. The set includes a rectangular pillow, bolsters, and a summer blanket. The best part about the bedding is that all the items included are filled with antibacterial, soft, and hypoallergenic fillings, making them safe for babies.
  2. Also, you can go for organic cotton baby cot bedding set, one of the suitable options for purchasing eco-friendly gifts for kids. The bedding set includes all the essentials, such as a cot mattress, baby quilt, baby pillow, bolsters, and cot bumper. 

Baby Toys

How can we not talk about toys when we talk about baby gifts? Baby toys are in much demand, and many major brands have ventured into this field. Eco-friendly gifts for kids, like wooden toys, are harmless for the kid and the environment, making them an excellent option. 

  1. Amala Earth brings you a collection of impressive wooden toys, for example, wooden peg dolls for kids. Each piece of the toy is handcrafted and thus unique in its own way. The best aspect is that these toy dolls are available in 10 colours and do not contain any chemicals or plastic. 
  2. You can go for wooden building baby blocks too. However, this gift would be suitable for kids 3+ years old and not for very young kids or babies. The wooden set includes 18 wooden blocks available in simple sizes and shapes. 

Muslin Swaddles

It is a well-known fact that babies' skin is very soft. Products made of harsh materials and chemicals can harm their skin.

  1. Selecting only the best quality, organic, and cotton products is always better for them. Amala Earth offers a cotton muslin baby swaddle as a gifting option and so much more.
  2. The set includes a pack of four muslin swaddles. The material used is highly soft, breathable, and prewashed. Also, you can get a sizeable organic muslin swaddle wrap, which is perfectly gentle for the baby's skin.

Final Words

  1. When selecting gifts for babies, you must keep a few things in mind. The gifts should be soft, innovative, and impressive enough. It is always advisable to take some time and select the best gift for babies that their parents can use without hesitation. So, use the gifting suggestions mentioned above and bring them the perfect gift. Happy shopping!