All That You Wanted to Know About Baby Toys in Natural Materials

Making the earth a safe and environment-friendly place will benefit humans in the long run. It's essential to choose everything after evaluating its effect on the environment to achieve sustainability goals. 

  1. Everything from your clothes to baby toys is an integral aspect of your contribution to the planet. Rattles for newborn babies made of natural materials are excellent for keeping your little ones happy and occupied. They come in unique colours, are soft to the touch, and are small enough to fit your baby's little hands perfectly. 
  2. Here is a list of cute and environment-friendly toys for babies

Wooden Rattle

  1. Wooden rattle isn't just a toy but is essential for your child's sensory development. Parents often buy wooden rattles to build their toddler's fine motor skills. Soft rattles for babies are safer and healthier alternatives to plastic toys. Since kids have a habit of chewing everything, it's best to select toys made of natural and eco-friendly materials for no harm. 
  2. Wooden rattles for babies are just that; it is available in various colours, designs, and shapes. For example, these handcrafted bear-shaped rattles for 0-3 months old toddlers can draw your child's attention and produce a gentle sound that keeps them happy.

Baby Teethers

Ask any parents, and they will tell you the struggle they face when their toddler's teeth erupt. It's painful for the child and the parents. Buying them soft baby teether toys they can hold in their mouth can help relieve the swollen gums. 

  1. It also feels comfortable on their soft skin. You can buy a rattle cum teether for toddlers. The suitable teether toy will help develop your toddler's facial muscles. So, buying wooden teethers that are safe for your kids is suggested.

Wooden Danglers

  1. Offering incredible visual stimulation, danglers are other rattles toys for kids that divert them with their colourful design and soothing sound. The hanging rattles for babies are hung on the ceiling or the wall hooks. It's best to hang them far from your child's reach yet close enough that your child gets a perfect visual. 

Wooden Spinner

  1. Another wooden toy that attracts your child's attention with its colourful design is this wooden spinner from Amala Earth. It's 100% eco-friendly, safe, and a perfect toy for your child during their food time. 

This spinner is fun and has many exciting benefits for your child's overall development. It improves their hand and eye coordination, colour recognition ability, and overall visual development—all of which are important for their physical and mental development. 


Cotton Stacker

  1. If you are concerned about your toddler's soft skin, try this cotton stacker set with a doughnut-like shape and design. Made of hand-picked fabric, cotton stackers are soft toys for toddlers and a great learning tool. 
  2. The soft fabric is skin-friendly and keeps your baby safe. You can teach them how to stack these pieces on top of each other. Like other wooden toys mentioned above, the cotton stacker toy set is washable and can last for years if maintained well. Not just for toddlers, but this cotton stacker set is best for children up to 6 years. 

Maracas for Kids

  1. Your toddlers will love to play with this musical instrument. Made of rubber wood, a pair of maracas with environment-friendly qualities are safe for your children. They are an excellent choice for parents who want safe and colourful toys for their little ones. 

It offers an excellent grip, allowing your toddlers to hold and shake them easily. This newborn toy can also be a perfect gift for your friend's or relatives' babies. It develops their senses and helps them understand music without harming their health.


Bottom Line

This was the list of unique baby rattles and other soft toys for baby between 1 and 6 years old. These are also perfect for newborns and are entirely safe for the environment. They will benefit your baby’s growth with their fantastic advantages.