How to Take Care of Naturally Dyed Garments?

What is so good about Natural Dyes?

They do not contaminate the environment or produce hazardous waste in the same manner; they are lovely to the touch and have a life and soul that cannot be compared to dyes created from chemicals. Like the vast majority of valuable items, they need maintenance to preserve their elegance and extend the length of their useful lives. They are alive colours found in nature by their very nature. Natural and botanical dyes provide a delightfully long-lasting colour and, with proper care, will continue to look their best for a very long time.

How to care for Natural Dyes?

Wearers of naturally coloured clothes often are concerned about the longevity of their garments and the upkeep required for them, particularly if this is the first time they have ever had one. By adhering to these simple procedures, one will be able to increase the materials' resistance to wear and tear:

  • Exposure to light is the most damaging factor for natural dyes. The cloth will fade if it is subjected to direct sunshine or even artificial light that is too bright, such as in houses or closets. Long-kept natural dyes might witness cases of colour bleeding. To prevent this, a simple wash with a mix of vinegar and salt will hold up the colours.
  • Individuals must appropriately keep their clothing to minimize the consequences of discolouration. It is essential to fold the naturally coloured saris like Chanderi sarees and materials inside out before storing them.
  • The way these fabrics and saris are laundered requires extreme caution like that in the case of Chanderi sarees, linen shirts, cotton shirts etc. It is advisable to wash delicate items by hand and dry them in an area that is shielded from direct sunshine.  
  • Cotton and silk clothing like bodycon dresses, cotton shirts etc. need different treatment while being laundered. Dry cleaners are the most appropriate cleaning method for silks. It is generally a good idea to verify the colourfastness of the clothes before washing them as they all have different properties for different materials. The properties of a midi dress will vary from that of a bodycon dress or linen shirt.
  • When doing laundry, one must also take into consideration the quality of the water that is utilized. It is guaranteed that the fabric will be harmed if the water's salt is very high, especially in linen clothing and midi dresses.

Best Naturally Dyed Garments from Amala Earth

  1. Cotton Naturally Dyed Dress | Olive Green

This astonishing olive-green dress is made of naturally dyed cotton for days whenever one wants to feel the most comfortable. The belt at the high waist is perfect to emphasize the narrow portion of the waist.

  1. Handwoven Cotton Naturally Dyed Midi Dress | Sage Green

Check out this hand–woven and naturally dyed midi dress on Amala Earth. The dress comes in sage green colour and is a perfect attire to pull off the classiest look one can carry.

  1. Cotton Dyed Bodycon Dress | Indigo & White

This cotton-dyed bodycon dress comes in a blend of indigo and white and is a perfect fit to get the most compliments. It is a timeless outfit that one will find themselves coming back to again and again.

  1. Pure Cotton Tie & Dye Maxi Dress | Blue

Check out this beautiful blue maxi dress made of pure cotton tie and dye. The dress has been trimmed with cotton lace giving it the perfect look. The dress is ideal for both casual and formal setups.

  1. Festive Wear | Natural Dyed Blue Dabu Printed Chanderi Saree

Check out this beautiful naturally dyed Chanderi Saree on Amala Earth, perfect for festive wear. A classic statement and not just a garment, this Chanderi Saree is the perfect attire to pull off when one wants to go ethnic.

Where to buy the garment from?

There is a huge variety of natural dyes available across the globe, each of which has a brightness and wash fastness that is unique to itself. These are only a few suggestions that may be used for the natural dyes used most often to maintain their beautiful appearance for many years to come. Here one can see the unique assortment of organically coloured gowns and a great deal more from Amala Earth.