Diabetic-friendly Foods

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels while enjoying tasty food is the dream of every diabetes patient. Diabetes can make you give up on some of your favourite food items. But that doesn't mean you can't indulge yourself with delicious food. So, today we are here with a list of diabetic-friendly food items you can add to your daily diet and open doors to healthy and flavourful food!

Add Ragi to your daily diet

Ragi, also known as finger millet, is referred to as a "Super Cereal" because of its high nutritional value, making it an extremely potent source of nutrients for those with diabetes who are searching for Diabetic Recipes.

With the growing trend of incorporating ragi into our daily diet, several ragi snack options have made their way to our plates! One such ragi snack is amaranth and ragi nachos. These nachos are made using ragi flour and amaranth flour. Nachos from Amala Earth are super flavourful and perfect for a healthy twist!

Amala Earth houses other healthy and tasty ragi food options, including choco ragi pancakes mix, choco ragi carrot muffin mix, choco chip oat clusters & Ragi flakes with banana, ragi dosa, ragi upma mix, ragi instant milk mix, ragi chivda, etc. Or you can do your delicious food experiments using Amala Earth gluten-free ragi flour.

Choose Amaranths as a food alternative!

In north India, amaranths are most famously known as ramdana, loosely translated as "the lord's grain" or "the grain gifted by god." This ancient grain contains significant amounts of protein, fibre, and other crucial micronutrients.

One of the flours regarded as healthier than wheat flour is amaranth flour. The ancient pseudo-grain, known as amaranth, has gained attention since it is a nutritious substitute for processed flours.

A further factor driving amaranth's popularity is the steadily expanding gluten-free diet.

Amaranth flour can do wonders when included in daily diet.

Other food options that include amaranth flour or amaranth seeds are amaranth bars, amaranth nachos, amaranth laddoo, amaranth namkeen, amaranth cookies, amaranth dosa, amaranth cheela, roasted amaranth, etc. You can easily find these on Amala Earth. And the best part is that Amala Earth also offers an instant mix of dosa, cheela, etc. So tasty and healthy eating is now convenient too!

Pick a healthy habit; pick nuts!

Our grandmothers and mothers have always emphasized the importance of consuming nuts. So, we all are fully aware of how beneficial dry fruits are! But what dry fruits to include that are diabetes-friendly in your daily diet?

The answer is almonds, walnuts, figs, peanuts, etc. You can easily get your hands on quality dry fruits at Amala Earth. They promote organic farming and hence offer several organic dry fruits that can help you take care of your daily nutrition count!

Include tea and stay stress-free!

Adding tea can do miracles for people with diabetes. Including tea in your daily routine is a great carb-free way to provide your body with hydration and antioxidants!

Here is a list of teas that can be included for fruitful results. You can try all the teas on this from Amala Earth, including:

So, are you already excited about the above-mentioned diabetes-friendly food items? Try out all of these. We hope these dishes delight your taste buds while moving closer to healthy eating!

Gift yourself the delight of healthy eating that Amala earth offers! Check out the website for all the details.