How To Encourage Your Baby To Smile

Watching your baby look at you and smile is the most precious moment in parents’ lives. When your toddler turns 10-12 weeks old, they will start smiling at things that make them happy. That is the perfect time to experiment with new baby products and fun activities to bring that million-dollar smile to their face. 

Your baby will smile more frequently over little things as they grow older. Everything you buy for them—from baby shampoo to their toys—will make your little one happy. The more you try new things and care for them, the more they smile. 

Let’s check out some tips on encouraging your child to smile more. 

Bond With Baby 

Do you know babies learn smile-talking just when they are three months old? Smiling at them and making eye contacts are highly efficient ways to get your baby to smile back at you. Playing with them is also a great way to strengthen your bond and make your baby feel valued. 

Giving them attention or spending quality time with them will help your baby connect with you. And it’s not that difficult. You can use baby toys, like wooden stacking blocks, Wooden puzzles, and push toys, to keep your little ones engaged in healthy activities. Choosing to pile these blocks or using other safe games can build a strong bond with your toddler.

Indulge In Healthy Eating 

Babies need more healthy and nutritious food in their development age. A healthy child is a happy child. Your baby will flash a smile more frequently if fed its favourite baby foods. Since toddlers are picky eaters, cooking food that offers vital nutrition and a taste that your toddler will enjoy is hard. 

The biggest issue with toddlers is that they have the habit of picking food from the floor, especially when developing teeth. They also start thumb-sucking. Some newborn rubber toys might be handy for kids who suck thumbs or eat stuff off the floor.


Comfortable Clothing

Baby comfort should be your priority when looking for baby girl dresses or baby boy clothes. Buying comfortable and soft clothes for your toddler will encourage them to smile often and be happy. Instead of following the trend, it’s best to consider your baby’s needs and comfort before choosing clothes. 


Sleep Schedule

A baby smiling in their sleep could be a reflex reaction. When they smile while awake, that’s a sign of their social development. Your baby smiles when they get adequate sleep. So, fixing their sleep schedule is the most prominent step in keeping them happy. For a healthy sleep routine, you can create a sleep-friendly bedroom environment by using soft baby blankets, and changing their diapers before putting them to sleep.

You can also buy a comfy baby bed where they can sleep peacefully. It is recommended to look for a material made of non-toxic and non-irritating products. 

Engaging Outdoors

Your child needs outdoor activities daily. Playing with them or making them walk with a wooden activity baby walker or other walking aids will keep them active. Watching babies take their first steps with cute baby shoes is the most beautiful feeling for a mother.

There couldn’t be a better way to bond with your child and make them smile than by playing with them. Experts opine that you should give your child some physical activity by engaging in outdoor activities. 

Safe Toys

Toys build your kid’s social and communication skills. Soft toys, like stuffed animals, are pretty soothing for your little ones. Moreover, it’s easier for them to sleep with soft toys around. Find some latest safe and smooth newborn baby toys or Wooden toys for kids at Amala Earth and witness the beautiful smile on your kid’s face. You can also use a baby play mat to organise all their toys in one place and give them a small play area. 

There you have it, the 6 easy tips for encouraging your child to smile often and stay healthy and happy. You can choose soft toys and feed them the most nutritious food to promote your child’s growth.