The Comfiest Summer Dohars For Babies And Kids

Keeping your kids cool in summers is vital with the rising temperature and soaring heat. That is where breathable and lightweight dohars come in, as they are the best options for the summer season. A dohar is an Indian summer blanket usually made of three layers. If you want a cosy and lightweight blanket for your little one(s), an organic cotton dohar is an excellent choice. Its soft touch makes it ideal for babies and kids. This thin quilt can last for years if well cared for. Besides, you will be amazed to see the variety of designs and skin-friendly fabrics when buying a dohar.

Here are our top picks if you are wondering which one to go for. 

Pure Cotton

Your kid will never say no to sleeping with the soft, pure cotton dohar. From the pink hearts to glow and glide print, there are endless options for summer dohar for babies at Amala Earth. These blankets are crafted from fine, soft, and luxurious cotton. The unique whimsical prints give them an enhanced look. 

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These ultra-soft dohars are three-layered. The outer layer is designed with the mul fabric and appears sheer. Do not miss the contrast piping that elevates the entire look. Made from 100 % premium cotton, they are available in various sizes, from infant to large.

Organic Cotton

If you want a perfect summer AC blanket for your kids, a soft cotton dohar will work. The soft, comfortable dohar crafted from organic cotton is best for all-night snuggling. Some of these blankets are also blended with Bamboo therefore providing antimicrobial features. The unique red heart pattern, whale print, giraffe print, and dinosaur print are only a few from an array of products.

Get handcrafted and breathable dohar for babies for optimum comfort. This lightweight dohar for summer is easy for travelling purposes and can also be used as a stroller blanket. They will allow easy airflow and reduce the risk of overheating.


Is your baby struggling to have a good night’s sleep in the summer? A Muslin dohar can come to the rescue in this regard and take your kid to a dreamy land. Blankets with elephants or other prints please not only the eyes but also the mind of the infant. You can also get these ultra-soft blankets with embroidery for an enhanced appeal.


Some dohars feature hand-drawn prints and are hand sewn to ensure optimum comfort for your baby. So get a comfy dohar for kids like this and let your child experience a restful sleep. 

Bamboo Cotton

It is believed that when a child sleeps better, they also grow better. So why use an average blanket and compromise on your baby’s sleep? The bamboo cotton dohar is immensely soft and feather-like-weight. It will surely become your child’s favourite baby quilt in no time. It will keep them relaxed and secure and offer sound sleep. 


These eco-friendly blankets are safe for your child’s skin and the planet. Your kid will be spoiled for choices when it comes to prints. From cute animals like rabbits to the mighty lion, the dohars feature many prints. A natural cotton dohar is excellent for kids in ensuring comfort and care. 


Final Thoughts 

Takeaway -

  • Lightweight and breathable dohars are ideal for keeping kids cool in summer.
  • Muslin dohars are breathable and can help babies have a good night's sleep.
  • Bamboo cotton dohars for kids are soft, featherweight, and eco-friendly.
  • Invest in high-quality, soft cotton dohars for your child's optimal comfort this summer.
  • Choosing the right dohar ensures a comfortable and restful sleep for children.

Finding the comfiest dohar for kids is essential for their sleep and overall well-being. We have mentioned the top options for your kids, keeping in mind their comfort and breathability. Whether you prefer muslin or bamboo cotton dohar, different options are available for your child’s needs. So, get a soft cotton dohar for your kid this summer and make their bedtime a delightful experience. 

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