How to Choose the Perfect Quilts & Blankets for Winters
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Jan 03, 2023

Brrr! It's freezing out there! What is the most inviting thing in your home as you enter? 

A warm, cosy bed. 

A warm bed, just waiting for you to jump in and snuggle down. 

With a hot cup of chocolate, maybe? 

But for a nicely prepared winter bed, just a blanket is not enough. 

Check out our pretty and cosy best blanket for heavy winter and Quilt at Amala Earth. Shop from a wide selection of AC blankets, dohars, mul, cotton and linen blankets for winter.

How to choose the perfect winter quilt

Both linens and mul fabrics are good for winters as well as summers. They keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. They help your skin to breathe and also help in regulating your body temperature. To choose a perfect Blanket For Heavy Winter and a winter quilt, here are some tips:

  • Choose a fabric with higher thread counts. They not only look and feel luxurious and beautiful, but they also keep you warm in winter by retaining body heat.
  • When buying a winter blanket, pay attention to the TOG rating. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the quilt. TOG is the universal unit used to measure the warmth of the fabric of a heavy winter double bed blanket.
  • The dohars and quilts created at Amala Earth are layered fabrics. Research has shown that a single thick layer is not as effective as multiple thin layers in warming the winter blanket. Then multiple thin layers do a better job of customizing the winter blanket to individual comfort levels. 

Amazing blankets for winter and heavy winter double bed blankets

    1. It is a light, breezy winter, and you come home from a hard day at work to an amber, block-printed muslin cotton quilt. A quilt blanket is just right for Indian winter.


  1. If you are the one who prefers cotton and natural, then check out our navy blue organic cotton blanket. Intricate quilting and a good drape afford you a premium experience. It's the best blanket for heavy winter.

  1. A pretty and dainty blue floral design printed on white organic cotton muslin dohar gives a fresh look and feel. Made from the finest muslin, it keeps the tradition of Indian fabrics alive.




  1. Floral geometry! A mix of green and maroon floral and geometric print on a white mul cotton reversible quilt. It can be used with either side facing as it is reversible. Two great designs at the price of one winter blanket for heavy winter!




  1. Linen is the fabric of kings! A warm golden yellow pure linen quilt, a quilt blanket to keep you warm and comfortable in winter.

    1. Relax on your sofa with a mug of hot chocolate and feel like royalty with this pure cotton winter double-bed blanket. Check out some amazing blanket and cushion cover sets. Gold and gray print on white with a complement of rose on the borders and tassels make this grey winter blanket a must-have for a cosy feel. 

    • Check out Amala Earth's mul cotton reversible quilt blanket with a beautiful floral design. It has blue and pink designs on one side and geometric blocks on the other side. It can be worn both ways, and you have two unique designs for the price of one. 
    • You need a white angora quilt weaved by hand. Made with pure linen, it wraps around you like a sheath. Imagine you come to your lovely home after roaming around in winter. And this handcrafted, soft quilt is lying on your bed. It just perfectly waits to embrace you in its warmth.
    • Get yourself a white and blue muslin cotton quilt which is more of a heavy winter double bed blanket with a pineapple design and dainty striped border. Muslin has a softness and malleability to its texture. It envelops the wearer in its folds. The clean looks of this handcrafted quilt are enhanced by designs made with pottery blue and white. You can also see little details all across the quilt in dark grey, which gives the quilt an aesthetic look.
    • You need a single-bed-sized, dark grey, organic cotton winter blanket. The unusual texture helps to permeate warmth in the material, making it a cosy to-use quilt.
    • Check out mulmul cotton dohar in blue and grey animal and paisley print. This beautiful heavy winter quilt is perfect for enjoying a lazy noon on the bed or sofa. The elephants and birds daintily printed on this soft mulmul dohar seem to prance around you as you tuck yourself into bed.

    Why Amala Earth?

    You may have prepared your bed for the coming winter and the biting cold, but if you think a thick winter blanket or quilt will suffice, then you are wrong. Doing just this is not enough to drive away your winter woes. Check out the winter bed blanket essentials from Amala Earth and the number of choices they offer. The lightweight and heavy blankets come in different earth-friendly and organic materials like mul, linen and muslin. Crafted in layers, they drape well to the body contours to give an optimum experience.

    At Amala Earth, we believe in sustainable living. We are sincere about our ancient Indian traditions of living and co-existing with all living beings peacefully. With this goal in mind, we have brought together different brands, products, experts and individuals to move forward with our vision of sustainable earth and creating earth-friendly products. For example, our blankets for heavy winter, including quilts, are not only eco-friendly but also of top quality.

    Amala Earth strives for a value-based community. We prefer locally sourced products and vouch for their authenticity. 

    We pride ourselves on being the driving force to create a change for a more sustainable future and form a movement to propel forward our mission. 

    How Amala Earth supports the community?

    Amala Earth supports the community by:

    • Consciously supporting the welfare of the community.
    • Supporting the environment by curating only those raw materials, products, and packaging materials that are responsibly environment-friendly or have a commitment to moving towards that goal.
    • Believing the best way to do that is by building a platform of like-minded people who work together to attain our collective goals.

    Amala Earth works on the principle of developing authenticity and building consumers' trust by offering true-value products. We encourage you to make informed choices. Our partners have pledged to choose responsibility for creating earth-friendly products, packaging them and marketing them.

    We only choose those entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making eco-friendly products.

    And the best part is you can be cosy and guilt-free.

    At Amala Earth, we believe in letting the language of the earth become the language of love.

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