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There are innumerable reasons to choose eco-friendly gifts for your little ones. They are not only beneficial for the environment but also for the health of your toddler. As you are already aware, the kids put their toys and clothes in their mouths no matter how much you run after them. So, why not switch to a safer option?

Here is a list of 12 eco-friendly gifts for babies and kids that even their moms will adore.

  • Comfortable Outfits
  • There is a range of outfits made with natural fabrics for kids to choose from like a romper, blouse & skirts, dress, pants, shirt, shorts, and many more. The best part about them is that they are impeccably handcrafted and will make the kids feel comfortable. Babies and kids of all ages will love these outfits. The fabric is super soft and easy to wash, which will work in the favour of the moms. You can always add cute accessories to go with these outfits. 


  • Handcrafted Toys
  •  Wooden & handcrafted toys are the go-to universal gifts for all toddlers. Kids love to carry them around, play with them and stay engaged for longer period of time. So, to win their and their mother's hearts, the safest option to go with is handcrafted toys & activity set that are interesting, engaging and educating as well.

    The added advantage of eco-friendly toys is that they are made of natural materials and not plastic. Thus, even if the kids put the toys in their mouths, they will not be harmed. The toys made from sustainable materials are even better considering the environmental factors.

  • Wooden Rainbow Stacker
  • Puzzles like stacking toys are pretty popular among kids. The challenging puzzles help them keep engrossed, which is crucial for developing their brains. The moms can focus on their work while the children are busy playing with a brain teaser. The colorful parts make the complete set more attractive and will brighten up the kid's room. Furthermore, all the pieces are made out of wood, which makes them a safer option. Even if they try to chew on it a bit, you can take a deep breath and relax; it will not harm them.

  • The Softest Nightwear
  • Along with the bedding, pillows and blanket, you should take care of kid's nightwear to ensure that they are comfortable while sleeping. The fabric should not cause an itch or a rash.

    Even the cap & booties for infant should be made with breathable and natural fabric for their comfort. This gift will not only reflect your care and generosity but also leave an impact on your high taste in fashion.



  • Gardening Kits 
  • Do you know that kids can be interested into gardening at an early age? Well, hobbies can be formed as they are growing up, and gardening is one of the most interesting & calming hobbies to have. Get them a Gardening Kit that can motivate them to make their own little garden in the house. Each Grow it Yourself Kit contains a biodegradable pot, coco coins as growth medium, seeds, organic micronutrients and a marker stick.

  • Organic Cotton Cot Set
  • If you are looking for a wholesome gift for a newborn or a new mom, a cotton bedding set would be the perfect fit. The complete collection is curated intricately for an infant's requirements to get a good night sleep. The pillowcases provide support to their neck whilst ensuring that their head does not bump into the bed.

    cotton cot set made with the softest cotton fabric would be impeccable for the baby's sensitive body. The soothing colors and graphics on the baby's bedding help them keep calm and have a sound sleep. What more are you looking for? Order a comfort set for the little one today!

  • Ethnic Wear for Toddlers
  • Is there a family function approaching and you want your toddler not to miss a thing? Here are a few adorable selected ranges of Indian wear for babies and kids. The entire outfit is 100% organic cotton. So you need not worry about any rashes from the ethnic clothes. The clothes are all hand-block printed, giving the outfits a unique aesthetic look. Adding to that, the clothes can be paired with accessories for enhanced look. Thus, you don't need any extra gifting material. Just get it delivered and be their favorite.

  • The Goodness of Ginger Honey
  • Don't the kids love twirling their fingers in a jar filled with honey? Here is a more nutritious option for your gift. Not only will this bottle of honey give them something sweet, but it also takes good care of their sore throat. Moms, too, will use this product to pour the syrup onto freshly made pancakes or waffles in the morning and umpteen other ways.

  •  Organic Muslin Swaddle & Blanket
  • Just imagine your infant playfully snuggling in comfortable muslin cotton swaddle or a muslin blanket that is airy enough to ensure that the baby does not feel overheated in the blanket. It is reversible, which makes it a fun game for the kids. Along with the fact that it will take special care of their baby-soft skin, it is eco-friendly. This is the right fit for a new mom as their infant will love the soft touch of the snuggle blanket.


  • Sleeping Bags
  •  A sleeping bag is a huge step up when compared to a blanket. These sleeping bags can be worn by babies all night long. Hence, mothers do not have to check if they are covered by a blanket or have kicked it off. The organic muslin cotton sleeping bags will protect the babies from the chilly winters and ensure that they get a good night's sleep. It is a complete care package for your little one, available in several sizes according to your requirements.



  • Milky White Dotted Handloom Outfits
  • If you are searching for outfits that kids can wear comfortably to a park, your search comes to an end. These are the milky white, dotted handloom dress and shirt that would look great on your kids. The clothes are loose and breezy so that they do not suffocate the toddlers and are comfortable while playing. The 100% cotton makes them a must-buy.

  • Baby Care Kit for Day & Night
  • A complete baby care kit for new born babies packed with everything needed to look after the baby's delicate skin and hair. These kits includes a baby massage oil, baby face moisturizer, baby hair & body wash & baby diaper rash cream. Moreover, these baby care products are chemical-free, eco-friendly and safe for the gentle, developing skin of the baby. With the night time kit, it allows the skin to repair and heal better with these gentle & nourishing products. Thus, it is the perfect giftable item.



    To Sum Up

    Selecting a gift for kids that even their mothers appreciate can be a tedious task. However, we have narrowed it down to the 12 best ones! The benefits of these gifts are two-fold. They will be an absolute delight for the babies. Further, they are eco-friendly, which suffices the need of the hour.

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