An Ode To Skilled Artisans Of India

There is something extraordinary and unique about the skilled artisans of India. These artisans create and design beautiful pieces made by their hands that are exceptional and truly one of a kind. Indian artisans are genuinely unmatched in skills and creativity. Because of them, preserving exquisite work and traditional art is possible. 

Handblock printing is one of the many skills used by talented Indian artisans. At Amala Earth, you can find various varieties of hand-block printed cushions, table covers, floral printed cushion covers, and much more. By purchasing these products, you will not only be supporting the artisans financially,  but also the environment. It is because these items are eco-friendly and create less to no waste. These products are not mass-produced, they are made to order and each piece is carved distinctly, thus showcasing the actual expertise and talent of the artist. 

What are Artisan-made Products?

Many people wonder about the difference between regular and artisan products. Artisan products are those which are made by a person with their own hands or hand tools. These products are not manufactured in bulk and do not use any machinery. Artisans do block printing on cushion covers or fabric printing or hand painting to showcase their skills and create artistic products. Simply put, these products are made using traditional methods.

Let’s look at some of the different products on Amala Earth:

Bedding Items

Bedding is one category where you will find many products made by artisans. You can find almost everything in this category, from bed sheets to cushion covers and AC blankets. Artisans use organic and eco-friendly fabrics to produce these products. You can check organic cotton bed sheets or hand-block printed cushion covers made using organic colours and ingredients.

Table Items

Check out some fantastic hand-block printed table covers or cotton table runners if you have a dining or centre table. They will look beautiful and elegant and enhance your room’s overall look. You can keep papier mache coasters and cotton-printed table mats over these covers. Placing them will ensure your covers are not spoiled easily and can last longer.


Table lamps add a classy and elegant touch to your room. You can get wooden table lamps made of cotton and mango wood. Since these are artisan products, you will not find them in regular stores. You will also not find two pieces of the same style and design as each piece is handmade and therefore is unique.  


Why Go For Artisanal Products?

Artisan-made products are making a new trend in the market, and people have started to recognise the hard work behind creating them. It is eventually making them support local artisans and sustainable lifestyles. Below are some of the reasons to go for artisan products:

1. They are made of artisanal fabrics, which are generally more eco-friendly and sustainable. For instance, a 100% cotton printed cushion takes less water in its production than its counterparts. 

2. Buying artisan products would mean preserving the traditional art of India. The beauty of a hand-blocked cover can never be matched with a machine-made cover.

3. All these products are authentic and display a story behind their design and creation.

4. Local businesses often make artisan products. Buying an artisanal product will help create and support a more extensive community.

5. When you purchase an artisan product, you ought to buy one of a kind item. Since all these are handmade, no two products will be alike. Thus, making sure every piece is original and different.

6. Additionally, since these products are eco-friendly, you can use them for gifting purposes, leaving an impression on your friends and family.

7. Most importantly, since these are handcrafted products, they are all made with love and effort. It reflects in the products that make them stand out. 

The Takeaway

Being an artisan is difficult and takes a lot of talent and skills. Artisans create every item using their hands or hand tools. Since these have no machine usage, the products are chemical free, thus, good for your health and the environment. 

You will never find a product whose quality is not up to the mark. That is the beauty of artisan products. Check out more such artisanal products on Amala Earth and support the Vocal for Local campaign that promotes the skilled artisans of India.