Celebrating the Traditional Weavers of India

Way before the inception of machines, our ancestors used to weave the required things for their use. Many age-old traditional weaving techniques in India differ from state to state and region to region. You will see the minute details when you look at the different handwoven products. Most notably, you will witness the love and passion with which it has been made.

Indian handloom is known for its unique weaving, hand printing, and spinning techniques. Today, people have started learning age-old practices and understanding the importance of handcrafted fabrics. You will see a massive demand for hand-woven products such as handwoven cushions that give you the comfort and warmth missing in the machine counterparts.

Handloom weaving is a step towards responsible fashion since it reduces wastage and focuses on eco-friendly production methods. 

What Are Handwoven or Handcrafted Products?

Hand-woven is a technique that has been in use for years. Hand-woven or handcrafted products are made using a handloom and do not require electricity. They are eco-friendly since they do not release pollution into the air and promote less waste, sustainable living as well the talents of the artisans. 

Moreover, since these products are handmade, they are unique and not produced in bulk. Thus giving a distinct feature and appearance to every product. You can check for some fantastic options at Amala Earth. Check out some brilliant handcrafted and hand-woven products you can purchase.

Bedsheets And Cushion Covers

A comfortable sleeping space is what you would want after a long tiring day. The warmth of the fabric will make you feel relaxed and let you enjoy your good night's sleep. That is the magic of a handwoven bed sheet which will transport you to the world of comfort. You can pair these with handspun cushion covers and add charm to your room. Besides hand-woven, you can also check out pure cotton bed sheets that are earth-friendly and promote sustainability.


Throws have gained a lot of popularity lately. Throws made of artisanal fabrics such as organic cotton will give you the warmth and softness needed for that perfect snug. You can check out an organic cotton throw to keep near your sofa. Use it on a lazy afternoon and feel comfortable. Unlike blankets, they are lightweight and easy to carry, making them your perfect travel partner. 

Storage Box

You can also purchase handmade earth-friendly storage boxes. Please check out the beautiful handwoven plastic and cotton ropes storage box on Amala Earth. It will surely take you back in time. It is a little storage box that you can use for gifting or keeping your exclusive jewellery pieces. Well, that is the beauty of the weavers of India; they can make anything with magic in their hands. This storage box will make an ideal match for your home decor.

Serving Trays

No one can imagine kitchenware made using woven techniques. And yet there is something gorgeous and elegant - the serving trays. When looking for brilliant handcrafted products, check out the upcycled jute and metal tray that will make you forget all your other trays. Made using the hand-woven technique gives your serving experience a unique touch.   

Decorative Items

You can find everything made using traditional weaving methods, including decorative items for your walls. If you plan on using the hand-woven cushions and throws in your living room, decorate your walls with handwoven jute wall art. They are made of eco-friendly materials and will look great on any colour scheme. Using hand-woven products will enhance your home’s beauty and give Indian weavers a reason to smile.

The Takeaway

India is known as the land of weavers, and you will see different weaving styles and techniques across the country. You will be amazed to see the various products that our weavers create and design. These products are made of natural fibre and promote healthy and sustainable living. Support and celebrate Indian weavers and their traditional weaving techniques by exploring the Vocal for Local collection at Amala Earth.