Kodo Millet for Summers

Millets are gluten-free grains filled with antioxidants, protein, and soluble fibres. While jowar and ragi are popular names, we will help you know a few more. Millets are not a recent phenomenon and have long been a part of our culture. However, they are making a fast comeback due to their numerous benefits. With summer approaching, its natural cooling properties can be of great help. Besides, you can make tasty millet-based summer desserts to satisfy your taste buds.

5 Millets for Summer Season

Since summers are here, it is important to make certain changes to your diet and add ingredients that are cooling as well as nutritious. This is where summer millets come into the picture. Here are five different millets for summer season you should try.

1. Sorghum Millet (Jowar)

Sorghum is a nutritious millet that can be consumed during the summer. It is a popular option in India to make rotis and bread. The presence of policosanols makes it full of protein, iron, and fibres. One of the sorghum benefits for summers includes lowered cholesterol levels.

Jowar or sorghum is excellent for the brain and also helps in weight loss. People allergic to wheat can consider sorghum millet as a healthier alternative. It is rich in vitamin B1, calories, and macronutrients and can be consumed to enhance your metabolism. You can consider snacks like crackers, noodles and namkeen made from jowar millet for a wholesome experience.

2. Foxtail Millet (Kangni)

Also referred to as kangni or kakum, foxtail millet is available in rice flour or semolina. If you want to improve your overall immunity, foxtail millet can be an excellent addition. This cooling millet is rich in iron and carbohydrates and helps maintain blood sugar levels. You can try cookies, noodles, dosa mix, etc., made from foxtail millet for a taste of health.

Its lightness and easily digestible features make it an excellent option for the summer. Besides taking care of your heart, it will also benefit your skin and hair. So look for delicious foxtail millet recipes for hot weather and say no to heavy meals.

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3. Kodo Millet

Another digestible variant, kodo millet, is high in lecithin amino acid. Also known as kodon millet, it is renowned for its effects on the nervous system. Kodo millet: a summer superfood rich in B vitamins like B6, niacin, and folic acid, can save you from a heatstroke.

Since it is gluten-free, it is a fantastic option for individuals with gluten intolerance. Women can consume it to manage cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. The various kodo millet salads for summer weight loss can be tried by people wanting to get back in shape. You can eat the yummy kodo millet veg pulao while managing your weight effectively.

4. Finger Millet (Ragi)

A common term among fitness enthusiasts, ragi is a popular alternative to rice or wheat. Rich in proteins and amino acids, ragi or finger millet is another gluten-free variant. Try ragi recipes for summer nutrition, like ragi porridge, to keep the body cool. Ragi noodles and pasta packs are also available, loaded with plant-based protein.

Ragi buttermilk is a great finger millet (ragi) drink for summer hydration. Ragi is also widely given to growing children to facilitate brain development. It is high in calcium and has a perfect combination of iron and minerals.

5. Barnyard Millet

The last on our list is barnyard millet, also called sanwa. It is rich in vitamin B, calcium, iron, and minerals and falls largely in the fasting food category. The massive amount of dietary fibre in it makes it ideal for improvement in bowel movement and weight loss. Besides, the presence of phosphorus also helps increase bone density.

The health benefits of barnyard millet in summers include its low carb levels. It reduces the risk of heart disease and significantly benefits people with Type 2 diabetes. Try the barnyard millet porridge recipe for summer and enjoy the tasty treat.

The Takeaway

  • Millets are gluten-free grains filled with antioxidants, protein, and soluble fibres.
  • Sorghum, foxtail, kodo, finger millet and barnyard millet are popular types of millets grown in India.
  • Millets are nutrition-oriented grains with various health benefits like controlled sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • It is recommended to consult a professional health expert before including millet in your diet.

Nutritionists and dieticians are vouching for the numerous health benefits offered by millets. However, a crucial piece of information to know is millet may not work for everyone. An individual's dietary needs may vary, and it is best to consult a professional before making significant changes in your diet.

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