15 Healthy Christmas Recipes to Keep the Festivities Light

Christmas is just around the corner, and most of us are looking forward to having a memorable time with friends and family. After all the hardships we have been through in the past two years due to the pandemic, this festive season will be even more special for us. We hope you take all the necessary precautions, including wearing a mask and using a sanitiser while enjoying the festivities.

And to help you with that new year resolution you took at the beginning of the year about eating healthy and staying fit, we have curated a list of 15 healthy recipes for Christmas.

So, without any delay, let's get into the 15 recipes that will help you stay healthy while also treating your taste buds.

Pasta with Greens

If you want to prepare a filling meal in a jiffy, you can’t go wrong with this pasta with greens recipe. You can give this meal an additional visual flair with multitudes of pasta sizes and designs such as tubes, ribbons, spirals, shells, bows and wheels.

Vegan Madras Curry Vegetable Soup

The flavour of Madras curry vegetable soup is rich and spicy, and it tastes nothing like other curries you might have had. This simple soup has a velvety texture and plenty of nutrients, thanks to the addition of veggies and coconut milk. Serve it with rice, bread or naan for dipping.

Low Carb Gluten-free Stuffing

This sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free, and low in carbs Keto stuffing is ideal for people with gluten or nut sensitivities. Fresh herbs and stir-fried vegetables are mixed before being baked in the oven to prepare the stuffing. The filling is flavourful and packed with nutritious ingredients.

Cinnamon Sweet Potato and Squash

Are you looking for an all-rounder Christmas dish that is healthy and goes well with almost anything? You should go with this cinnamon sweet potato recipe

Malai Kofta

This malai kofta recipe is a perfect choice for vegetarians at your Christmas dinner table. It is so good that even meat-eaters will be clamouring for seconds. Malai kofta is a delicious meatless alternative to meatballs. You can serve it with naan or jeera rice.

Low Sugar Pumpkin Cheesecake

This Pumpkin cheesecake recipe is sugar-free, gluten-free, and nut-free. It is a perfect choice for health-conscious people who want to savour a good dessert after a meal.

The cheesecake derives its exquisite flavour from the coconut crust, cream cheese, spices, and pumpkin puree. This one is the perfect sugar-free healthy dessert for festive times.

Salad with Delicata Squash, Pomegranate, and Kale

This salad is not just a treat for the taste buds but your guests' eyes too. All the colours - Orange, purple, red, and green can make anyone fall in love with this healthy salad just by looking at it.

And it is not just a visual treat but also equally delicious. All the different flavours from the veggies and fruits merge to create a flavourful extravaganza. You are sure to get a lot of compliments for serving this to your guests.

Gobi Makhani (Whole Roasted Butter Cauliflower)

This is a unique vegetable meal that is both easy to prepare and tasty. The crunchy vegetable is roasted till soft and then caramelised with melted butter and seasonings.

Hara Bhara Kabab (Vegetarian Kabab)

Hara Bhara kabab is prepared using spinach, peas, and fresh coriander leaves. When potatoes, ginger, and chaat masala are mixed, you get a tasty and hearty vegetarian patty that is excellent for a snack or supper.

Crispy Beet and Mozzarella Salad

The beets and cucumbers are delicious, but the mozzarella is the true star of this salad. Roasted beets bring out the natural sweetness, while spicy radishes and arugula add crisp and contrast. You can use a variety of different coloured beets to prepare a stunning salad platter.

Green Tomato and Apple Chutney

This green tomato and apple chutney recipe is a great way to use up those extra green tomatoes. Green tomatoes have a tangy taste that pairs well with apples and spices to create a unique chutney. It may be served as a side dish with curries.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka Kebabs

This dish provides a tasty and texture-rich option for non-meat eaters. Paneer pieces are marinated in a tandoori masala and yoghurt combination before being skewered and grilled with veggies. This vibrant meal, which is brimming with rich flavour, is perfect for your next BBQ.

Sweet Corn Oats Masala Vada

Who does not enjoy Vada's before a meal to enhance their appetite? They are delicate and intriguing little bites that stimulate our curiosity, whet our appetites, and get us ready for the filling voyage of the main course.

Sorghum-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

We would not particularly call this a diet food, as it is baked using sweet sorghum, Dijon mustard, and apple cider glaze. But, you can use this dish as a side dessert. It will provide you with healthy nutrients while satisfying your sweet tooth cravings. Because what is Christmas without potatoes, right?

Baked Vegetarian Samosas

These baked vegetarian samosas can be served as an appetiser or with rice and dal. Don’t hold back if you like eating your samosas with a dipping sauce. This vegan and vegetarian baked samosa is lower in fat than regular fried samosas.

We hope that by curating this list of delicious yet healthy recipes, we have presented you with enough options to keep your new year’s resolution intact. 

Even if you didn't pledge to eat healthy this year, there is no harm in eating some delicious and nutritious meals with your friends and family. We all need to boost our immunity and keep a check on our eating habits, after all.

Do let us know, out of all the 15 Healthy recipes, which one did you choose to go with this Christmas. 

Till then, have a good time!